Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New president

We now have the first black president in America. What's that mean? Well, for men it is disaster considering how much Obama excuses single mothers while holding only men accoutable which is typical of democrats. As for veep we now have Joe VAWA Biden and with these two,one controlling the white house the other controlling the senate you can be assured these two will come out with more anti-male crap. One the son of a single mother,the other a victim of an older abusive sister who internalized his suffering and both feed the matriarchy. I don't think McCain really wanted it considering whom he chose as his veep,a woman. Didn't McCain see what happened to Walter Mondale after choosing Geraldine Ferrero as his running mate? If not they failed miserably. There was never a real choice for men only Ron Paul and that didn't work out but I hope it made a statement. What does this mean? It is the start of a long and bumpy road and it will be blogged here.


Anonymous said...

It is becoming clear that the US is moving to the Left with the election of Barrack Obama. The web site of points out that many of Obama's Voters have no clue of any kind about the issues.

The Zogby polling group did the study. And a Documentary is being made about this election. It was Ben Franklin who said "It's a Republic if you can keep it".

The American Experiment in self rule requires Citizens who are engaged and who know the issues. The vast majority of Obama supporters are clueless idiots.

Howard Stern sent a reporter to Harlem asking Obama supporters questions. And they responded to a question that Sarah Palin was a great running mate for Obama. And that the Republicans controlled the Congress, in fact the Democrats did.

Liberals promoted a Beauty contest. And the issues were masked under the slogan of Change. What we are getting is Clintons vs. 2.0. All recycled Clinton Officials, and Hilliary herself as Secretary of State. To push a Global Feminist agenda. That is hostile toward Men. And that will make it more difficult to date and marry Foreign Women.

Randall Shake

Michelle Therese said...

I blogged about Obama and his wife's "Mom Friendly America" crap. We are in for some serious trouble with "The First Black Man President" running the show! Sugar Daddy Government that panders to money-grabbing Feminists and Liberals anyone??

Anonymous said...

It's more apparent than ever that civil war is dead ahead in our lifetimes. If it comes to that, the bloodshed and destruction will make the last Civil War look like a story from Dr. Zhivago. This is at least the second president who's the son of a single mother, and anyone who has two brain cells to call their own knows how kids of single mothers often turn out. Namely, rotten, unstable, violent, criminal, psychotic and a long list of other negative attributes that can be linked to a person by name. One thing is for sure, the US is already finished as a country, like a person who absorbed a lethal dose of radiation but hasn't started showing symptoms yet of radiation sickness. But like a doomed person in that unfortunate situation, most people are unaware that their lives as they've been are going to be over and they will never see it coming until it's far too late for them. I would if I had the means right now get off the sinking ship before it sucks me down with it.