Friday, June 10, 2011

Reexaming rape

Rape,it's a complex subject. When we think about it we visualize an innocent woman being brutally attacked by an evil man,at least that is what most cop shows will depict but that is a simple answer to a complex issue. There are certain variables that a lot of people don't consider and that when it does come to rape society may or may not look the other way depending on the gender of the assailant and victim. I've posted that when rape victims are boys and/or men society doesn't care. If they did they would go after the assailants no this war on rape is a con job. I've written on this being the war on men under the guise of going after supposed rapists but on this post I want to throw different things out there,giving various views of this subject. Now according to conventional wisdom ("conventional" yes,"wisdom" no but that is for another post) the "victim" is always depicted as some innocent girl and the rapist some vile man but like I said let's throw some variables out there. Now instead of the "victim" being a sweet,innocent girl she is a female pedophile who has no remorse for the children she has harmed and supposed the "rapist" was a father of one of the victims and wanted her pay for how she hurt his son. Now if he took vengeance against a male pedophile no one would care it fact they would call it "justice". Now if hurting the male pedophile is okay but you balk about hurting the female one then congratulate yourself because you are a man-hating bigot scumbag piece of shit. Now on the other hand if you said both are deserving because both are vile criminals then yes,you genuinely hate pedophiles. Now that we've brought this up let's expand on it. If a woman was the most evil,vile person in some man's life wouldn't he be justified to seek vengeance,perhaps even rape and in this case wouldn't rape be just another ass-kicking just like if an ass-kicking he would do to a man? Do I dare say that there are times when rape is justice? I would say so. Now before somebody gets their panties in a bunch I just want to point out that rape is already semi-legal,for women anyway. Also a lot of women have rape fantasies so if rape were truly this horrible thing that women fear the most,according to feminists,why are so many women turned on by it? Also there is prison rape and that is something society doesn't give a fuck about,unless it is happening to women then of course we can't possibly tolerate it. Oh the hypocrisy.

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