Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Attention men of Missouri

Perhaps Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) shouldn't be shooting her mouth off. There were men who voted for her too but she doesn't give a fuck about them. Don't come off with some mangina/white knight bullshit about this being a "joke". No male senator would have made the same comments about women. If he did these same mangina/white knights would be storming the castle. McCaskill's re-election won't happen until 2019. But why wait? I say we contact McCaskill (click on opinion of legislation)and tell her we are not amused by her video. If you are a resident or are legally able to vote in Missouri vote for her Republican challenger. We don't need this misandrist in office.

UPDATE: Senator McCaskill has laughed off the video as a joke. Tell her you don't think it is a joke. If a male senator had said the same thing about women McCaskill would be leading the charge to make him apologize. If you have already emailed her then please do so again and demand that she apologize to the men of Missouri and America.

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