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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tonight on VH1

I don't usually watch VH1 but I wanted to take a break from basketball. On one show I believe it is called "Celebrity sober living house" or something to that effect. On the show I saw they had a feminazi house manager who had problems with the people there especially the men and she said she did. She was hassling one guy living there by getting in his face and she is lucky he didn't make her feel like snookie. The doctor for this sober living house is none other than Dr. Drew. Anyone who has ever watched the Man Show knows what jokes they made about Dr. Drew,insinuating he is a mangina and he is because he hired a second feminazi lesbian to assist the first one to implement order in the house.

The second show I watched was "Tough love boot camp" where some mangina and his mother tell you (if you are the man) how much of fuck up you are while excusing the women not only that but other manginas and their female owners criticize you for not manning up. The whole shows premise is to lecture men how to please women and if you can't or don't some mangina who is probably fucking his mother will tell you you must. This show is an insult to real men who get dragged by the women they were stupid enough to call back after sex and now the bitch thinks they have a relationship. Who wants to be lectured by some feminist and the son she is fucking? No one,that's who.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tonight on MSNBC

I was watching MSNBC's Locked Up Raw and it showed the female producer antagonizing male prisoners and some of these guys were in for heavy crimes and doing heavy time,one was in for murder and sentenced to life without the possibility of parole and she antagonizes and pushes her holier than thou attitude upon them. One guy was smiling while she did it but he was a smiling killer. This show is an indication of how far women think they can go to push a man,when that man is in an environment he can't fight back without getting beat because of her and because she is a civilian and a woman she thinks she can push men around. This is the feminazi mentality where a female feels she can do what she wants and has her pussy whipped mangina agents at her beck and call just in case some man says fuck you bitch and fights back. I wonder if she does this in women's prison or just saves her hatred for men.