Monday, December 31, 2012

Brian Banks talks about his ordeal

We covered the plight of Brian Banks now we are glad we were able to assist in getting Banks' story out there. Thanks to Jay Leno for having Brian Banks on his show that goes to show what a stand up guy Leno is. Good luck to Brian and his future with the NFL may it be bright. To CNN and the Today Show,thanks for giving Brian Banks a chance to tell his side. Thanks to Project Innocence for assisting Brian Banks. This is what activism can accomplish,don't let anyone tell you different.

To his false accuser and her family: may they get there's and may they get it royally. Karma will repay them especially little miss liar. May she get a prison term and may it be the same Brian would have received if he were found guilty. So that means she would not be going anywhere for 41 years. May those who enriched their wallets yet impoverished their souls at Brian's expense may they also receive what is their just dessert.

Brian Banks on CNN:


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Men don't tell campaign

2013 is not here in the western hemisphere yet we already have a project to launch on January 1st. We are joining in with a campaign to make CBS rebroadcast the movie "Men Don't Tell" about female-on-male domestic violence. For more information go here. Feminist groups demanded it never rebroadcasted or released to the public IOW it was censored by lunatic groups to keep the world from viewing it. Who are these lunatics to tell me what I can read or not read. I didn't ask for them. I'll think for myself. If you agree click on the link.

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Anglo Saxon pussies

This guy is right on and has been echoing what I've been saying for years. Anglo Saxon men are pussies when it comes to women and Steve has them nicely pegged. I've seen this attitude a lot,especially at "men's rights" sites where you would think they would know better. These guys will even cry over pro-castration feminsits. How bent over is that? If you got pissed off watching this chances are what he is saying fits you.

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Impeach Judge Lori B. Jackson

Judge Lori B. Jackson seeks to gag AVfM by Paul Elam:

As many of you who follow this site are aware, Lt. Col. Joel Kirk and his two minor children have been going through an unjust ordeal at the hands of the West Virginia Family Court presided over by Judge Lori B. Jackson.

In several articles published here, we have presented documentation of the abuse of those two children at the hands of their mother, Tina Taylor Kirk. We have also provided proof, through court documentation, that despite their mistreatment by a mentally unstable, alcoholic mother, that Jackson reversed a previous judge’s ruling giving custody to their father, and instead issued an order that effectively gave full custody to their abuser. Simultaneously, Jackson issued a gag order on the video documentation of the children’s abuse in order to keep it from public view.

It has been through the activism of AVfM’s Judicial Accountability Committee (JAC), that the audio portion of that evidence, as well as all relevant court documents, have been made available to the public through the website.

In what we believe is an effort to reverse that activism, and censor free speech, an injunction was filed today with the intent of enjoining both Lt. Col. Kirk and from publishing any more references to the Kirk children, and compelling to remove materials already present on the site.

Download Injunction

The injunction was filed by Attorney Mary Snead, Guardian Ad Litem for the Kirk children in the divorce case.

At this point we can only speculate why Snead, who was the one who originally documented the ongoing abuse of the Kirk children by their mother, is now seeking to have that report gagged from public view.

Well, actually we can do a little more than speculate given the following actions by Judge Jackson.

In a stunning move, Jackson issued an order that Joel Kirk appear in her court this Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 9 A.M., effectively giving him two days to secure council to represent him there. We happen to know that Judge Jackson is aware that Lt. Col. Kirk’s lawyer lives more than a two-hour drive from her court, and that the possibility of getting him there on such short notice would be near impossible. She also knows that there are few to no attorneys in Kirk’s immediate area suitable to represent him in this matter.

In fact, she tips her hand and demonstrates this awareness in a handwritten note to Snead on the order, informing her that Kirk would be in court representing himself. She decided, before the hearing was even scheduled, that Kirk would stand before her without legal representation.

In other words, she is railroading Kirk into her court without representation so she can use the full authority of her position, unimpeded, to extract revenge against him for going public with his case.

Download Order

Similarly, Jackson also wants to intimidate AVfM into cowering and surrendering our rights to free speech, as well as freedom of the press.

We have no intention of allowing that to happen.

One thing appears abundantly clear. From a personal standpoint I will tell you, readers, that I no more believe that Mary Snead was the actual source of filing this injunction than bricks float. It is evident, in the power play of local politics, that Mary Sneed has been cornered and is now protecting her standing in her own peer group. I fully believe she acted under the direction of Judge Jackson, selling out the children she once tried to protect as Guardian Ad Litem, in order to comply with Jackson’s wish to erase the public record of her malfeasance.

Dr. Tara Palmatier, who has done much research and writing on this story, had this to say:

Ms. Snead claims that publicizing this case is hurting the children. This is absurd. Snead (or Judge Jackson using Snead as her mouthpiece) is asserting that reporting the truth of the children’s abuse by their mother is harming them, while neglecting the fact that what is most harmful to the children is their continued abuse by their mother. The logic is completely backwards.

The Kirk children already know the truth about their mother. They are being forced by Judge Jackson to live with their abuser every other week and full-time when their father is deployed. The truth is not hurting the children. Having to live with their abuser after telling Ms. Snead, their therapist and other evaluators the truth about being abused by her is what is hurting the children. Judge Jackson’s malfeasance, incompetence and abuse of power are also hurting the Kirk children.

The only people being hurt by reporting the truth about this case are Judge Lori B. Jackson, Tina Taylor Kirk and her attorneys, Thomas G. Smith and Jamison Cooper. It wouldn’t be the first time corrupt family court officials tried to silence the truth and protect themselves by dressing it up in “the best interests of the children.”

If Judge Jackson truly cared about the welfare of these kids, she would not have given any custody beyond supervised visitation to their abuser. It is also very telling that Judge Jackson completely disregarded Ms. Snead’s original incredibly damning report that full custody be awarded to the children’s father, yet has made the time to haul the Lt. Col. into her courtroom in less than 48 hours at Ms. Snead’s recommendation that the truth of Judge Jackson’s rulings be suppressed. Very telling indeed.

As we have from the beginning, AVfM and the JAC will stand behind Lt. Col Kirk and his children. We have not been served any legal notice in accordance with due process and are currently under no obligation to remove or amend any material on this website.

If we do face any legal actions designed to censor our Constitutional right to free speech, we will fight it vigorously. We do not believe that a family court in West Virginia has the injunctive authority to censor a website in Texas for publishing properly redacted court documents even if it attempts to do so under the disingenuous guise of protecting children. Nor do we believe that any laws that may give them that authority are Constitutional.

This is a very important fight. The purpose of AVfM and the JAC is expose corruption and bias in our family courts. If that corruption is allowed to be cloaked from the public view, under the false auspices of protecting children those courts are actually harming, the battle could be lost.

We will provide more information and court documents as they become available.

To all websites and bloggers. AVfM extends blanket permission to reprint all articles on this site associated with the Kirk story and to download and distribute all the supportive documentation. No need to ask. Just proceed with our thanks, and the knowledge that the truth about our family courts cannot be hidden from the public any more. Also, the AVfM petition call for an impeachment hearing regarding Judge Jackson’s conduct is nearing the 1,000 signature goal. There was never a more important time to sign if you have not already done so.

If you have signed, please post the petition to your facebook and other social networking pages, to your blogs and websites. There should be many thousands of signatures on this petition, and there will be if enough people of good conscience get involved.

Click here to sign

If this petition gets rid of a misandric jurist then I'm all in favor of signing it. If it gets a man back his kids and some justice then it is worth it to sign. Let's let the feminists and their ilk run from the light of day like the slugs they are. Expose them for the vermin they are.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Not all those that want to shoot up schools are males

Posted: 12/20/2012

By: Erisa Nakano

MESA, AZ - Authorities say three guns were found in the home of a Mesa high school student arrested Thursday for threats to kill herself and some of her peers. According to Sgt. Brandon Jones with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the 16-year-old girl is a student and teacher's assistant at Red Mountain High School, near Brown and Power roads.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said the girl had been asking her parents where the guns were kept in the house, so her father was "alarmed" and put trigger locks on each gun. Jones said the girl posted threats three days ago on a YouTube channel owned by a transgender community in Toronto, Canada.

The owner of the channel contacted Toronto police, and they then tracked down the poster, Jones said. Toronto police then contacted MCSO, which launched an investigation at 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. Part of the post reportedly said the following: "I now literally have a plan of seriously hurting... killing... murdering people in my high school. And a playlist to do it."

According to Jones, the post went on to say, "I WORK at the high school as a student teacher basically... which is why no one can find out about me somewhat accidentally planning to blow up the school. (and yes... it would be super easy...)"

MCSO went to the home of the girl's parents where the girl admitted to making the post among other statements, Jones said. Jones said detectives entered the home and found a semi-automatic .40 caliber, a .357 revolver, and a .22 revolver. Detectives also seized two computers in the home to process more evidence, Jones said.

Arpaio said in a news conference that the girl planned to bomb the school and shoot others. The girl told detectives she had been planning this before the Connecticut school tragedy last week, Arpaio said.

In interviews with detectives, the girl's parents said she has a history of mental health issues and has been seen by a psychiatrist, according to Jones. The girl was taken to the Maricopa County Juvenile Detention and will be charged as a juvenile, Arpaio said. The girl is facing charges of one count of computer tampering and one count of threatening and intimidating.


She is not being named,if she had a penis she would be. In a related story she is already painted in a sympathetic light. She will be ignored when it comes time to assign blame to the shooters or those that made an attempt. No,that infamy will be left to males only as they are drugged into submission with the same stuff or stuff brought to you by the same people who damaged them previously. Men will be the guinea pigs while women reign as queens.

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Let's take a bite out of misandry at the collegiate level

For all 20 videos click here

Who's going to stand up for boys and men? We are. Let's write to our elected officials and protest this misandry. You can contact your Representative and Senators here. You can also email Speaker of the House John Boehner,House Majority Leader Eric CantorCongressman Darrell Issa,Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell,Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Rand Paul. Also email Arne Duncan: and let him know about this and to vacate the "dear colleague" directive.If you can think of contacting anyone else feel free to add it to the list.

Also feel free to include this and this from SAVE in your emails. We can cause things to change for the better but we have to stick together. Who's with me?

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The REAL father of the men's rights movement

Let's get one thing straight: Richard F. Doyle is the FOUNDER of the men's rights movement. A lot of MRA's have never heard of him which is a shame. The following is from Doyle's website Men's Defense Association:

Richard F. Doyle was born December 3, l930 in Rosemount, Minnesota. He attended St. John’s Prep. school, Collegeville, Minnesota; White Bear High School, White Bear Lake, Minnesota; and St. Thomas College, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Heavily into athletics as a youth, Doyle served four years with the U.S. Air Force during the Korean War and three years with the Marine Corps Reserve, including a stint at officer training school in Quantico, Virginia. He was an air traffic controller for l7 years and an active commercial pilot and flight instructor for 3 years. He coached two U.S. Tug of War teams at the 1986 World Tournament in The Netherlands.

Divorced in l957, and now happily re-married, Doyle was shocked by the anti-male prejudice pervasive throughout the court system. He formed the Men’s Rights Association (now Men’s Defense Association ) in l972 and Men’s Equality Now (M.E.N.) International , an international coalition of similar organizations, in l977. He became an author and lecturer on gender issues, especially divorce. His best known work is The Rape of The Male (Poor Richard’s Press, l976. Now out of print). He has appeared on national TV shows, as well as many local TV and radio programs throughout the country. From 1972 until 2004 he edited and published The Liberator, première monthly newsmagazine of the legitimate men’s/fathers’ movement with international circulation. A brief biography of Doyle can be found on the Wikipedia website.

--------------------------------- “To Dick Doyle, who for years has been the backbone — & brain & muscle — of the Men’s Rights Movement…” Professor Emeritus (USCLA) Daniel Amneus (From his autograph in the author’s copy of the Amneus book “Back to Patriarchy”

--------------------------------- Richard Doyle is the proud recipient of an award from the National Coalition of Free Men (NCFM) bearing this inscription, “With sincere gratitude for a lifetime of selfless service to the men’s and fathers’ rights movement.
– From your brothers at the National Coalition of Free Men.”

Source:click here

George Santayana said "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" (plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose). Anyone serious about the men’s/fathers’ movement and means of assisting it should become familiar with its past. Hence, this section.

Organized attempts at improving the status of men have developed over the years, differing according to various perceptions of the problems. In America, this began in the 1800s with small groups scattered about. The National Sociological League was perhaps the earliest large organization. In 1931 its Executive Director, Dr. Alexander Dallek, claimed 25,000 members, from every state in the union. They attacked shotgun marriages and unreasonable child support. In 1932 an organization called The Family Protection League lobbied state legislatures. No details of its demise are recorded.

With the exception of founders of USDR, no others in the Fathers movement could rival Charlie Metz intellectually until Professor Amneus came on the scene in the late 1970s. Charlie was the practical expert, Amneus the theoretician. Today’s leaders have forgotten, actually few ever knew, whose shoulders they’re standing upon.

Reform requires developing mutual respect, confronting inherent egotistical organization problems and restoring continuity. It is imperative that the movement honor its founding fathers and theoreticians, most of whom are deceased, men such as Reuben Kidd (who died 2/26/07 at age 94), George Partis, Jay Burchette and Charlie Metz. Reform requires developing mutual respect, confronting inherent egotistical organization problems and restoring continuity. It is imperative that the movement honor its founding fathers and theoreticians, most of whom are deceased, men such as Reuben Kidd (who died 2/26/07 at age 94), George Partis, Jay Burchette and Charlie Metz. Reform must be more than a notion; a modern crusade against the anti-male jihad must be mounted. The huge feminist swamp must be drained. Hear Frederick Douglass: “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation are people who want crops without plowing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.”

Samuel Adams said “It does not take a majority to prevail ... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” Margaret Mead said “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has.” Reformers need more of what Tom Wolfe called “The Brotherhood of the Right Stuff,” men with cajones.

Source:click here

These are the roots upon which the movement is based. Unity eluded the earlier groups it must be embraced by us if we are to succeed. Petty differences are just that,petty. They can be overlooked for the greater good and for the greater good they must be overlooked. If you insist upon magnifying atrocities then magnify the feminist's atrocities. Infighting accomplishes nothing. Meanwhile a unified assault upon the enemy will accomplish a lot. Never forget that.

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Are women an impediment to a stable society?

There has been a lot of talk about men exploding in our society today. These are treated as isolated events which they are not. They are a reaction to drugging down of boys in schools becaused women are threatened by them. It seems that women are so taken in by lesbians and other man-haters that they view anything male as "evil". There is a cause and effect that women and the matriarchy somehow fail to grasp. They can successfully grasp straws yet the "cause and effect" thing seem to constantly elude them. Back in the '90's young boys were doped up so that female teachers could control them more easily. Women's unfounded fears stirred up by lesbians are what started this mess of drugging boys into submission. Next the family courts remove the fathers based on fears created in the government,courts and society by lesbians that men are evil and that they must be kept away from children. The only ones that protested this were small father's groups but society at large couldn't give a shit. They were so mesmerized by incoming matriarchy or too scared to speak up. Our silence has served the lesbians well as they wish to destroy men due to their penis envy. Female fears are taken too seriously by this society. Even to the point that due process is threatened. When it comes to rape cases or any "he said/she said" situation the rights of men are either threatened or dead. Women's fears are a detriment to men's happiness. In order to preserve men's happiness women's fears must be contained. The best way to implement this is place women in internment camps. This way,under heavy male supervision, they don't get into trouble or if they do the damage can be contained. If the detainees require treatment they will be able to receive treatment as deemed necessary by the staff. The outside world is dangerous to women so to be placed in a secure environment such as one of our camps would be in their best interests. Because of women voting there are more wars,because of female vanity little boys are barbarically mutilated and the ground water is seeped with estrogen poisoining. The excesses of the female will destroy all life on this planet that is why the evil must be contained before life on this planet becomes extinct. If you want all life on this planet to become extinct due to estrogen poisoning then do nothing but if you want to preserve not only dignity but the very lives of our young men then do the right thing and contain the evil right away.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Tell Congressman Cantor to insist upon presumption of innocence in VAWA

From SAVE Services:

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which is being discussed by House Leader Cantor and VP Biden could include this proposed definition: "sexual assault means any nonconsensual sexual act proscribed by Federal, tribal or State law, including when the victim lacks the capacity to consent."

Due to changes in state laws, innocent men have been convicted of sexual assault and imprisoned, even though there was no DNA, no witnesses, and no forensic evidence. Learn more here: click here

Do we really want VAWA to shift the burden of proof to the defendant? No law should remove the presumption of innocence.

Call House Leader Eric Cantor right now! (202) 225-2815 Tell him to restore the Presumption of Innocence in VAWA!

Thank you for your attention to this matter,


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Let's tell Cantor to back us on this one. You can email him as well and let him know to uphold the presumption of innocence in VAWA. Too many falsely accused men have gone to prison as it is. Let's let him know about David Bedoya's situation. About Vladek Filler and his ordeal. The more of us that let Cantor we're serious about this the better.There are facebook forums that deal with false accusations of domestic violence:here,here and here. Let him know about those at well.Also tell him to free David Bedoya. Email today.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let's tell CBS to rebroadcast "Men Don't Tell"

Feminist censorship

On March 14, 1993, CBS aired "Men Don't Tell", a TV movie about domestic violence in the home. After its initial broadcast, CBS came under pressure to never show the movie again, or allow for its release on VHS. Nor has any other movie of its type ever been made again.

WHY? The movie had a twist to it. Based on a true story, the main character, construction executive Ed MacAffrey, was being abused by his wife, Laura.

Starring Peter Strauss and Judith Light, the movie was the first of its kind to ever be made addressing the problems and issues of 40% of domestic violence victims, who happen to be male.

March is the 20th anniversary of the original broadcast. Join the effort to get CBS to rebroadcast the movie, and bring together the still surviving members of the original cast and the director, Harry Winer, for interviews of the making of the only movie ever made addressing the problems of male victims of domestic violence.

Source:click here to send email as well.

Let's break the feminist stranglehold on the old media and send in emails in support of rebroadcasting "Men Don't Tell". If the genders were reversed the feminists would demand this be broadcasted everynight but since it shines a light on something they don't like,that they abuse men too they don't want it shown. Too fucking bad,I don't care what they want they can go fuck themselves. I want this movie to be rebroadcasted and released on video and I don't want some fucked up bitches deciding what I can or cannot watch. That may have gone down when I was a child but now that I'm a grown man I'll make my own decisions and if someone has a problem with that fuck them. There is a lot email to write but I'm up for it,I'll do it. Are you on board?

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Join with the NCFM to oppose VAWA

From the National Coalition For Men:

The “War on Women” essentially is a power and control grab and guilt trip diversion by the National Organization of Women (NOW) cartel. No one is waging war on women. However, it is impossible to rationally conclude that political forces are not waging “War on Men.”

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is center stage to the War Against Men. NCFM Advisor Phil Cook and I over a decade ago discussed what I call the Women Industry Wheel (WIW), though it might be more aptly called the Women Industry War Wagon Wheel (WIWWW).

Phil thought VAWA was the hub of the wheel while I still think VAWA is the grease that keeps it turning. The hub, in my opinion, is radical feminism’s “politically correct” influence and resulting control of our educational system, especially in higher education. Looking at things rationally, Women Studies, female oriented graduate schools, misuse of Title IX, and so forth, though such influences are broader and more debilitating mechanisms of social control and cultural revision.

Every American and millions of others around the world have been impacted by VAWA directly or indirectly. If you think not, then take a few minutes to think about that which you take for granted regarding relationship violence, that which you have been taught to believe as true. Think about it in the context of those you care about, know, or have heard about, who have been involved in a situation involving family violence. It is precisely that reason – every American and more being impacted – that pressures applied by a group of independent men, women, and family organizations finally were able to apply the brakes to slow VAWA down long enough to check the grease.

For the first time in the history the reauthorization of VAWA is stalled in Congress.

As I type, Congress is in the final throes of the current session and headed for holiday recess. Washington wants to go home. It’s rumored that secret negotiations are taking place; specifically it is rumored that Vice-President Biden – father of VAWA – is putting the bum’s rush on House members to pass the reauthorization before the recess. Hence the letter above to Congress.

Hopefully the letter will remind our all Senators and Representatives that everyone bleeds, everyone needs services, and everyone needs protection from violence, even violence committed by women.

There is no more absurd legislation than VAWA. As Dr. Finley says in the letter above;

“…the ideological foundations of VAWA discriminate against men. Conceptually, VAWA is based on the Duluth Power and Control Wheel model, which falsely presumes that all domestic violence is perpetrated by evil patriarchal males against virtuously innocent females. There is no research support for this false gender ideology.”

If you took the time as I suggested above to think about what you think you know about VAWA and relationship violence, including those you know or may know of who have been impacted by it, know this too… The Duluth Power and Control Wheel and associated programs condemn the use of guilt, power, and control. Exactly the same concepts used today by NOW and their cartel to continue to wage their war on men. The identical power and control tactics are used by VAWA supporters to bully Senators and Representatives into compliance.

Such bullying mocks claims of evil patriarchal males and virtuous innocent females, but yields insight into the darker power and control psyches of radical feminism. They have to keep the wheels of the War on Men wagon freshly greased at any and all costs.

VAWA is a farce of incredibly dangerous proportions in its present form. Let us hope that our elected officials are not bullied into reauthorizing VAWA this session, especially if it continues to discriminate against half our population. Better to wait until the next session when more considered and well reasoned negotiations might result in a non discriminatory version of VAWA, a version that protects all of us.

Please call your elected officials and demand it.

It could happen.


Become part of the solution…

To contact your Congresspersons and Senators click here

Also check out Gordon Finley's War on Men article. It is very good.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

U of T anti-male bigots gain new ally

Michael Laxer

As with so many liberal, seemingly "free speech" oriented statements, it gives equivalency to both sides as if this were a "debate". By doing so, the statement, in fact, legitimizes the Men's Rights Movement, in the same way that the American media legitimizes creationists by giving them air time.

-Michael Laxer

Source:click here

In the ongoing battle between us MRA's vs. U of T feminists there is someone else who threw his hat into the ring,Canadian socialist Michael Laxer. Laxer is siding with the feminists. He doesn't hide the fact that he hates the MRM,in fact his quote at the top should be very telling where he stands and what he represents is a PC Dark Ages. Read his ominous quote at the top and you'll see the mindset Laxer has. According to Laxer the MRM is an illegitimate movement that needs to be CENSORED. Let that sink in: HE FAVORS CENSORSHIP OF THE MEN'S RIGHTS MOVEMENT. Whatever does not conform to the biases of Michael Laxer doesn't exist or shouldn't be allowed to exist. Yes,Michael,it is a debate not a mandate because I will never accept your judgement,in fact I will resist with every ounce of strength I have. With you and those like you feminism is the absolute good and we are the absolute evil and nothing will change your mind so I'm not going to bother. I want everyone to read your quote and get an insight to the mind of socialist statist. I want them to see that the last thing socialism favors is freedom. Freedom does far better with me than feminist socialism ever will. I guess it only natural that an anti-male bigot such as Michael Laxer has no problem siding with the anti-male bigots at U of T. After all birds of a feature flock together. These aren't ordinary birds but the foulest,filthiest birds of all with a foul stench to go with it.

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Kate Harding's rant and my response to it

Fuck You, Men’s Rights Activists
Kate Harding
This is Fuck You Week, Jezebel's first annual week of desperate emotional cleansing and unhinged psychic purging.

I don't believe for a minute that this is jezebel's first time doing something "unhinged".In fact I believe "unhinged" is business as usual for jezebel.

Fuck you, first of all, for making it nearly impossible for decent men struggling with abusive partners or unfair custody arrangements to get the help they need and deserve. You have forever tainted those issues with your rage-filled, obsessively anti-woman horseshit, to the point where it's become difficult for any rational, compassionate person to trust a man who claims he's been screwed over in family court or abused by a female partner, even if he has.

We're the ones that bring men's issues to the light of day your side trivilizes our problems and deems them "unworthy". We're the ones championing men's rights and we will continue to do so. The faster you learn that the better. Now all of a sudden you care about us? You haven't given two shits about men in the past so should we give two shits about you now? You're not some queen that deserves male subservience. You've championed Lorena Bobbitt made light what Katherine Kieu Becker did to her drugged husband,done your best to curb men's freedoms and now we're supposed to give a fuck about you because you have a vagina? Fuck you,get a clue.

That's right—I fully understand that those things happen. I fully believe that men in those situations deserve help, and I know they're generally less likely to ask for it than women are, not to mention less likely to find help there for them when they do go looking. I get how our society's ridiculously rigid ideas about masculinity mean that men are brought up to believe needing help will make them look weak, especially if it's a woman who's terrorizing them. I know those same suffocating standards also encourage men to stifle strong feelings and any nurturing tendencies, which deprives them of the right to experience the full range of human emotions without shame. That completely fucking sucks! You know how I know all that, and why I think it sucks?

The misandric crimes occurred because your side COMMITTED them. It's been women like you who belittled men who sought help by refering to them as "unmanly" (yet if a man judges women harshly they scream "misogynist"),trivilize men's pain and now they're suppose to love you because you tell them to love you? Fuck you and the horse that rode up you.



That's the thing, MRAs. By and large, American feminists are really into equality, involved fathers, justice for all, dismantling bullshit gender roles, and helping folks leave dangerous relationships. We would be the natural allies of MRAs, if MRAs were sincerely committed to the causes with which they claim to be chiefly concerned. But no, today's MRAs—unlike the 1970s movement that earnestly sought to free men, alongside women, from the constraints of gender stereotypes, or the 1980s branch that involved a lot of drum circles and crap poetry—are chiefly concerned with one thing, and one thing only: Putting feminists in their place. Which is in the kitchen at best and in the ground at worst, if you ask these unapologetically misogynistic bags of rot.

We noticed that "feminist love" when feminists demanded Wil Hetherington have the book thrown at him. Or that love they showed John Bobbitt by championing the woman who mutilated him. We seen that feminist "fairness" by feminist groups when they ushered in female favoring laws,such as the rape shield laws. On the other side they have invented "female favoring laws" such as "battered woman" syndrome which gives the woman the permission to kill her husband and/or boyfriend,even in his sleep. Look up Mary Winkler.

So fuck you, MRAs. Fuck you for showing up every time women speak, especially about rape and abuse, and trying to make it all about you. Fuck you for derailing threads about the victims of Marc Lépine, a man who screamed about his hatred for feminists as he murdered fourteen women and injured many others, because you also hate feminists and want a fucking cookie for not killing anyone. Fuck you for making rape and death threats against young women who dared to protest a speaking engagement by a man who thinks little girls would enjoy being raped by their fathers if it weren't for society telling them it's dirty. Fuck you for whining about how unfair it is that women might wonder if you're a rapist when you approach them out of nowhere, while completely ignoring how unfair it is that women feel the need to be on guard all the time in public. Or that if we relax and behave normally—drinking, dancing, dressing however we want—you will be the first motherfuckers in line to blame us for getting ourselves raped.

If we tell you that we were used by women you would tell us to choose better women. You would never belittle your sisters, only men and now you have the nerve to lecture us. Fuck you for championing husband mutilators/killers,fuck you for excusing females who rape little boys,fuck you for making men's lives miserable but most of FUCK YOU.

Fuck some of you for being so contemptuous of women, you don't even believe in convicting rapists. Fuck all of you for doing your very best to propagate myths that make it harder for women to be safe—that we're a bunch of lying temptresses who bang hapless men and file bogus rape charges for the lulz, for instance, or that we get into perfectly even fights with our hardworking, loving husbands, then call the cops and have them arrested because we're spiteful bitches. Fuck you for blaming women, feminists, the legal system, and men who aren't misogynistic assholes for your own inability to relate to other human beings in appropriate ways.

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. Like playing games,Kate? Let's play "meet the misandrists". Todays' misandrists come from then University of Toronto. These 3 women (Vanja Krajina,Sophia Guo and Danielle Sandhu). These 3 are against men having a voice regarding gender issues.

Fuck you for pretending your primary goal as a "movement" is anything other than control of women's lives and bodies. Fuck you for being so delusional about how women behave in the real world, you fell for a parody of your worst nightmare—and lined up to support a guy who told you he'd punched his girlfriend. Fuck you for arguing, presumably straight-faced, that facing consequences for hitting your child is basically the same as being a Jewish person in Nazi Germany.

With men being the jews you feminazi cunt. How many women go to prison for DECADES on a trumped up VAWA charge? Tell David Bedoya about it. How many women are victimized by a sexist ADA out to destroy their lives? Tell Vladek Filler about it. How many women are falsely accused of rape? I'm sure Brian Banks would love to hear about it.

Fuck you for trying to make "misandry" happen. Your feminist enemies don't hate men; we only hate men who proudly stand up for the rights of abusers, rapists, and deadbeat dads.

Fuck you for institionalized misandry. Our feminists enemies are quite real. Just look in the mirror. The only "men?" these hags approve of is losers like Dave Futrelle and Hugo Shweyser. Some examples.

Fortunately, there aren't very many of you, no matter how hard you try to build a "movement." The simple fact is, most men don't beat, rape, or resent caring for their own children, and thus have no need for the kind of support and "activism" you specialize in. The "work" you do guarantees you'll continue to attract entitled shitbags who hate women, while driving away decent people who thought you might have something interesting to say—right up until they realized what you're really about.

There are going to be angry men who come here that are justified in their anger. When you are kicked in the teeth by overgrown toddlers such as yourselves and a pussywhipped society that allows women to get away with this behavoir these men tend to foster resentment toward this society and rightfully so. The men who come here find relief and to get away from it.

Finally, here is my reply to every pro-MRA comment that has been or will be left on this thread or any other: Fuck you.

Fuck you too,cuntlips.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

NOW controls the FCC

I've often heard the term "lace curtain" but I haven't seen how far it goes until now or should I say NOW,that whacked out organization that does every evil anti-male thing under the sun. From cheerleading misandric husband killers to female multiple baby murderers they know how to champion evil. It appears that NOW has taken another step in its war on men,seizure of communication and since the FCC controls communication (the old media really) it would make sense to control the FCC and that is what NOW appears to be doing. They often have the FCC present their list of demands to Congress and have Congress enact laws that nobody but a small group of ugly women want. NOW has been doing this over the years so chances are it may a portion (maybe large portion,maybe not) of the Lace Curtain everyman is force to face.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Kellett goes to court-as the defendant

Kellett faces suspension December 10, 2012 Paul Elam

We have just been informed that the Bar Panel for the Main Board of Overseers of the Bar have sent the recommendation to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court that Hancock Country Prosecutor Mary Kellett have her license to practice law suspended for prosecutorial misconduct.

The panel found Kellett, in her prosecution of Vladek Filler, guilty of “failing to make timely disclosure of the existence of evidence, suppressing evidence, trying to mislead a jury, failing to employ reasonable skill and care, engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and engaging in conduct unworthy of an attorney.”

This is according to a just released announcement by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

The ruling means that Kellett will face yet another hearing at the Supreme Judicial Court to determine what amounts to the future of her legal career.

More details on this will be made available as they come in. In the meantime, we are cracking open a cold one here.

Or three.

Score one for justice, for a change.

Source:click here

This is great. If we can get the charges to stick and destroy the cronyism here we have accomplished a lot. I would like to criminal charges filed against her. That may or may not happen. Time will tell. The only thing I can tell you is stay tuned.

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Tell Congressman Cantor about presumption of innocence when it comes to VAWA

A national survey showed most people favor reforming the Violence Against Women Act. SAVE agrees with the need for reform. We are especially concerned about VAWA's lack of presumption of innocence.

Let's do what we can to fix this. Since there are VAWA negotiations already going on, Eric Cantor needs to hear from you, ASAP! Call (202) 225-2815 and tell Congressman Cantor: "the new definition of sexual assault must be removed from the final version of VAWA!" or you can email him.

We may not have a lot of time left, so let's not waste a minute.


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Let's Congressman Eric Cantor the definitions,which are originally from DOE's "dear colleague" letter,are unacceptable in VAWA and that presumption of innocence must be preserved.

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The Warren Farrell protesters

One of these idiots sounds so fucked up on smack you can hardly tell what he's saying. Hey moron,heroin kills. Didn't anyone tell you that? Of course you know who that protester was,the one taunting him? It was this psycho bitch. I wouldn't have cared if he had cold-cocked her in the jaw. You can see she doesn't care about us so why should we give two fucks about her? I don't. Fuck her. This is what we're up against.

UPDATE: Psycho bitch is now at register-her.

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tell the Canadian government to stop financing feminist groups

Stop state funding to feminism and all female only programs.

Target: Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper and Conservative Members of Parliament Sponsored by: Mike Brentnall

In short, a tax-payer funded unequal advantage for females has been developed without knowing or fully understanding the men and boys to whom feminists allegedly seek social and legal equality with.

All previous funding to feminist groups and women's concerns based on biased, incomplete study and data. Equal comparative examination of men's and boys' concerns totally disregarded.

Governement funded feminism is poisoning the social/sexual fabric of Canada. Those who disagree with the many common erroneous feminist ideals can often be dismissed or marginalized from their employment. Men and boys often receive undeserved public and legal humiliation and hatred.

BILLIONS of tax payer funding for female only social programs, employment initiatives, health concerns, etc. etc. etc. totally contradicts the equality that feminists and supporters allegedly seek. Previous to feminism an enormity of any government sponsored programs designed for men only barely, if ever, existed at all.

To sign the petition click here

Let's help our brothers north of the border by signing this petition. Canadian men this petition is for you. It will let the Harper administration know about the misandry Canadian men face. Let them know that your voice will be heard.

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Male bus driver penalized for female's bad behavior and the petition to get him reinstated

RTA driver Artis Hughes fired after allegedly uppercutting woman on bus.

Posted: 11/06/2012

By: Connor Kiesel,

CLEVELAND - The RTA bus driver charged with assault after allegedly uppercutting a woman on his bus was fired.

Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority terminated Artis Hughes from his operator position on Tuesday. A video that went viral shows Hughes allegedly hitting a female passenger, Shidea Lane, who spit on him.

Hughes spoke NewsChannel 5 on Tuesday. He said, "It was wrong for someone to do me the way they did me, the way that RTA terminated me for doing my job when they were supposed to be behind me."

RTA issued the following statement about the decision:

RTA values its employees and expects employees to follow rules, regulations and policies. Each employee is advised of the rules as part of their employment.

There are certain actions by our employees that are so serious that the employee is subject to immediate discharge.

One of those actions is a use of force against a member of the public. In the Artis Hughes situation, the customer was out of line and charges have been filed against her.

However, while customers may be challenging or difficult to handle, RTA employees are instructed to exercise restraint and to conduct themselves professionally at all times.**.

Mr. Hughes claims that his actions were in self-defense. The evidence does not support that claim.

We expect our employees to diffuse any potential situation. We do not believe that Mr. Hughes took the proper steps to diffuse this situation.

The proper procedure would have been to pull over and stop the bus, then call Transit Police for assistance.

Employees should take precautions in situations such as this one to protect the safety of other RTA customers and the public. Mr. Hughes did not take the proper precautions, nor did he follow procedure.

For the above reasons, Mr. Hughes has been terminated from RTA.

RTA, the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) and the Fraternal Order of Police have established a joint Labor/Management Committee to discuss and implement strategies to enhance the safety of all employees.

RTA cited for the termination 'RTA Employee Handbook Dischargeable Offense #5' which says:

"Use of overt force, such as shoving, pushing, striking of any blows in any manner or fashion against another employee, supervisor, management personnel or such actions against members of the public while in the course and scope of employment or at any time while on company property. The only exception shall be where it is clearly established that the employee acted in self-defense."

Hughes said he will file a grievance against RTA for the firing. The city of Beachwood already filed an assault charge against Hughes and disorderly conduct against Lane. Both Hughes and Lane are expected to be in court in November.

Copyright 2012 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

Source:click here

To sign the petition to get Artis Hughes reinstated click here

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Tell Arne Duncan to repeal "dear colleague"

Arne Duncan

From SAVE Services:

After a Duke Law Review article chided the Department of Education's Sexual Assault Directive for its "fatally inadequate discussion" and "unacceptable" and "perverse" effects on due process, Russlynn Ali resigned. Ali headed the Dept. of Education's Office for Civil Rights and was the lead author of the Directive.

Today, email or call Dept. of Ed. Secretary Arne Duncan with the message, "Repeal the Sexual Assault Directive!"


Call: 1-800-USA-LEARN (872-5327)

Nearly 90 editorials have criticized the Directive for ignoring civil rights, removing the presumption of innocence, and fostering false allegations: click here.

Let's end this nonsense now!


Teri Stoddard, Program Director Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Sounds good. We're rid of Russlynn Ali but the stench she created with that mandate continues on. It's time to vacate it and it is up to us to let Arne Duncan know to repeal this mandate. If you have sons,brothers,nephews or male cousins that are attending a college or university that receives federal money then you definitely want this repealed and the sooner the better.

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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Vladek Filler's sister's letter to the Maine grievance panel

Filler’s sister speaks to the Bar Panel

Dear Grievance Panel,

Vladek Filler is my brother and he is a good, honest, and caring man who fought to protect his sons. He lived through domestic abuse, 5 ½ years of prosecutorial abuse, legal black mail, fraudulent convictions and false 21 day imprisonment. His reputation and good name has been ruined by criminal misconduct of prosecutor Mary Kellett.,

I attended Mary Kellett’s October 22-23 2012 disciplinary hearing and paid close attention to the testimony and the evidence in the case. I am writing to you because I am very concerned that attorney Kellett’s serious and malicious misconduct, as alleged and painstakingly documented in Vladek Filler’s 3 part Bar Complaint, has been omitted and even covered up from open discussion.,

I urge this Grievance Commission to review Vladek Filler’s entire 3 part Complaint with exhibits and consider the evidence of misconduct that has been admitted in to evidence by the Panel but not adequately addressed or argued. This admitted evidence must be given full weight to protect the public from Kellett’s practice as a lawyer and a prosecutor. Given the available evidence of very serious misconduct a recommendation for mere reprimand or suspension would be grossly inadequate in protecting the administration of justice.,

Many discovery records in Vladek’s case which were denied, delayed, and withheld by Mary Kellett show that her office was fully aware from the beginning that Ligia Filler made numerous exculpatory admissions, even on recordings made at the DA office, that numerous felony rape charges brought by Kellett were unjustifiable making them “unprovable[i]”.,

Kellett went forward with multiple felony indictments while concealing and misrepresenting crucial evidence and admissions before the Grand Jury and numerous Judges to prosecute an innocent man. Even after the Law Court ruled against Kellett and after the Divorce Court ruled that evidence of spousal rape could not achieve preponderance given evidence to the contrary, Kellett still announced she would retry the case to meet a beyond a reasonable doubt standard.,

The record of malicious misconduct and misrepresentation in light of incredible exculpatory evidence was detailed in Vladek’s 3 part Bar Complaint and its exhibits which I strongly urge this Grievance Panel to carefully review and consider before condemning any more innocent people in Maine to such prosecutorial abuse.,

At the disciplinary hearing, former Federal prosecutor George “Toby” Dilworth testified that he reviewed the trial record and found Kellett misled the jury, violated Judge Cuddy’s Ruling, presented her own testimony and allegations not in evidence, and shifted the burden of proof on defense.,

Dilworth testified “[Kellett] objected to the evidence of [the child custody dispute] and then used it at closing… She excluded it and now was using it as a sword.” Dilworth then detailed what appears to be criminal misconduct by Mary Kellett of being fully aware of the importance of the police evidence she withheld which was “critical to defense”. He stated “[this was] exculpatory information-statement of the victim of the rape.. this material must be turned over…even if the judge did not order Ellsworth American records this material should have been turned over [by Kellett].”,

Defense attorney Daniel Pileggi testified “I was surprised that prosecutor in this case intervened [to order Officer Wilmot not to provide his report and Ligia Filler’s statement]. I was frustrated, this was recoverable, it is clearly discoverable, and this information was directly related to the defense case. I did not understand why it was not provided.” This was exculpatory evidence Kellett withheld to this day despite Pileggi specifically requesting Ligia Filler’s statement[ii], despite Wilmot’s report explicitly stating witness statements were collected and scanned, and despite Judge Anderson Ordering Kellett to turn this and other specifically requested material over to defense.,

Kellett’s claim to the panel that defense never request Ligia Filler’s written statements was clearly false, as Daniel Pileggi’s September 6, 2007 written request, subsequent requests, Motion for Discovery, and subpoena indicate. Kellett further claims that she instructed Officer Wilmot to withhold these subpoenaed exculpatory records from defense because she asserted it was her responsibility as a prosecutor to invoke a privilege on behalf of a private citizen, Ellsworth American’s editor Stephen Fay, out of concern for his privacy.,

At the February 15, 2008 hearing, as detailed in the Bar Complaint, Kellett also objected to, and asserted a privilege over release of Ligia Filler’s exculpatory medical examination records even against Ligia Filler’s own attempts to release those records (which yet another withheld discovery video tape later revealed[iii]). Kellett blocked medical records from release then proceeded to selectively use them to misrepresent her conduct and those records to Judge Cuddy and to the jury at trial. There appears to be a pattern of misconduct to suppress and misrepresent exculpatory evidence in order to punish an innocent man. Is evidence of such prosecutorial misconduct only worthy of a “reprimand”?,

Former prosecutor George Toby Dilworth reviewed the trial transcript and the case record and testified that “[Prosecutor Mary Kellett was] Rule 16 non compliant. [Kellett acted to] ‘Intentionally violate a rule of court.’…Bar Rule 3.6d…‘advising someone at your direction not to comply.’…Bar Rules 3.7 criminology statistics…Bar Rules 3.2f4 and 3.1a are the real problems…Bar Rule 3.7e shifting burden…exclusion of evidence at closing is just as harmful to defendant and it’s the last thing jury is hearing…Bar Rules 3.2f4, 3.2f7i…Facts are not in evidence Bar Rules 3.2f4 and 3.2.” Attorney Dilworth’s testimony suggested that Mary Kellett engaged in intentional misconduct and violation of Court’s ruling.,

As with Ellsworth Police Officer Chad Wilmot, Kellett discussed with Gouldsboro Sergeant James Malloy, the specific police reports he was subpoenaed to produce to defense. In her response to the Bar Counsel she admitted to advising Malloy that he was not obligated to turn what was clearly discoverable records over to defense despite Malloy voluntarily offering to fax these records over to defense (per admitted April 2009 audio recording of Sgt. Malloy). Here Kellett, who was herself legally obligated to turn these same April 24, 2007 discovery reports over to defense was advising Sgt. James Malloy against providing these subpoenaed records to defense unless the Court compelled him to do so.,

Attorney Daniel Pileggi repeatedly requested discovery from Kellett in writing and after 1 1/2 years and a Court Order, Kellett still refused to provide numerous records including Ligia Filler’s recorded exculpatory statements made in 911 calls and video on April 24, 2007. In fact, Deputy Travis Willey clearly testified he had this video, previewed it, apparently possessed it even after trial and in the audio recorded phone conversation in May 2009 (5 months after trial) admitted that no one ordered him to produce anything to defense and that he could not comply with defense subpoenas without Kellett’s permission.,

Dan Pileggi testified that he eventually learned this court ordered video tape was destroyed which only happens when the prosecutor specifically does not instruct police to produce it. He further testified that he was never provided and never heard before the played 911 recordings of Ligia Filler which he would have used at trial. Pileggi requested these recordings as they should have been part of automatic discovery.,

Judge Anderson even issued an Order for Mary Kellett to provide all these April 24, 2007 recordings of Ligia Filler but Kellett never provided these vital recordings which contained stunning admissions. The 911 recording obtained by Vladek after trial clearly showed Ligia Filler was willing to say just about anything to get police to help her regain custody of her son.,

The 911 recordings featured Mrs. Filler’s own grown daughter from another relationship admitting that she told her mother she was “crazy”, that her mother failed to get custody of her brother because he wished to live with his father but that she was “waiting” to get his custody anyway by using criminal charges against his father. Expert witness attorney Dilworth testified “I find [the 911 audio tape] to be very important…All prosecutors save 911 tapes in domestic violence cases…[Vladek Filler’s attorney] Daniel Pileggi certainly needed this [911 tape] for his defense.”,

If misrepresenting the facts and evidence, violating discovery rules, ordering police to withhold subpoenaed exculpatory evidence from defense, and violating a Court Order, are not prosecutorial crimes against an innocent man, then what is?,

Does such misconduct only warrant a reprimand? ,

Is the prosecutorial assault on Vladek and his two son’s liberty and reputation not worth prosecutor Mary Kellett’s law license? Given the evidence cited in the Bar Complaint there are apparently dozens, if not more, victims of Mary Kellett’s misconduct. Allowing Kellett to continue her law practice in light of available evidence of her intentional misconduct is in itself unethical abuse of her victims and the administration of justice.,

According to Mary Kellett’s own testimony before this Grievance Panel, she continues to maintain she did nothing wrong and if given a chance would do nothing differently in the future. Based on her own statements, would reprimand or suspension change her beliefs or her future conduct?,

In June of 2012, while awaiting the scheduling of her own disciplinary hearing, Kellett prosecuted two more innocent men for sexual crimes[iv]. One of the prosecuted men was yet another father who was winning a custody dispute with his wife but was unjustifiably prosecuted for sexual misconduct. Kellett’s prosecution had a direct effect on his divorce hearing.

Asked by the Bangor Daily News, Kellett stated that so long as she and her office believe the accuser then her office is obligated to prosecute the accused in order to address the complaints. Is that not an admission of ideology based misconduct and a violation of evidentiary threshold required by the Bar Rules for criminal prosecutions?

Mary Kellett continued to conduct and promote such prosecutions irrespective of the strength or weakness of the evidence or of her own pending disciplinary hearing.

Defense attorney Daniel Pileggi, based on his personal knowledge of Kellett’s interference in the Fillers’ DHHS child protection case, Guardian Ad Litem’s investigation, and misrepresentation of evidence, as detailed in the admitted Bar Complaint, made a very profound statements on the admitted trial record that “the district attorney [Mary Kellett…] has taken sides in a custody dispute. [The State of Maine with all its power and authority represented by Mary Kellett] has ignored a doctor’s testimony, the only doctor that we have. [The State represented by Kellett] has ignored a series of interviews with Ligia Filler in April 2007 that rose to the crescendo of child abuse – child abuse[!]” (Trial Transcript Page 458). Dan Pileggi openly suggested Mary Kellett abused her State prosecutorial power, ignored evidence of truth and of accuser’s own exculpatory admissions, in favor of helping a female child abuser regain child custody from an innocent man.

Based on such evidence it appears prosecutor Mary Kellett willfully, despite medical evidence, DHHS and GAL findings, and accuser’s own taped admissions brought false class A felony rape charges and withheld evidence of innocence to send an innocent man to prison in order to send his children to their child abusive mother.

Does a reprimand or a suspension hold Kellett to those higher standards given the nature and evidence of misconduct? The only just and ethical remedy is a recommendation for attorney Mary Kellett’s disbarment. The Law Court will be required to review the evidence and make a final decision, but to allow Kellett to only be reprimanded given the admitted and available evidence would be unjust, unethical, and a failure of the Board’s responsibility to protect the public.

According to a recent Center for Public integrity non partisan report,Maine is named the number 5 most corrupt state for failing to hold its public officials to ethical standards. As a prosecutor granted extraordinary power over people’s lives, Mary Kellett is required by rules to be held to higher standards than private attorneys.

In July of 2012 the Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar reprimanded Machias attorney Jeffrey Davidson for making an inappropriate rape joke to a female police officer. The Board found that his use of the “word ‘rape’ in this setting was unsettling to [his acquaintance Lt. Mary Zidalis] as well as unprofessional and prejudicial to the administration of justice”[v]. If the use of the word “rape” in a joke was found to be prejudicial to administration of justice warranting a lawyers reprimand, then what is the appropriate penalty for prosecuting someone for 5 false counts of rape after withholding evidence of their innocence?

After advising numerous police officers to withhold subpoenaed evidence and refusing to comply with a court order for clearly relevant and exculpatory evidence? How does Mary Kellett’s intentionally misleading, false, and deceptive statements to judges, the jury, and to the Law Court compare to other attorney’s misconduct and prejudice to the administration of justice? How does prosecutor Mary Kellett’s “disingenuous”[vi] and unapologetic stance before the Board of Overseers of the Bar reconcile her misconduct in seeking to punish an innocent man with up to 152 years in prison?

This kind of abuse of power and of citizens is the reason prosecutors like Mary Kellett must be held to higher standards as the law and ethics rules stipulate and demand the Grievance Panel to do. Laws, ethics codes, and the US Constitution are there to protect people’s Rights and now this Grievance Panel has the duty and responsibility to stand up for those laws, those codes of conduct, and for our Constitution by recommending nothing less than attorney Mary Kellett’s disbarment.

Above all other duties, the Bar Rules and Grievance Process are intended to protect the lives and rights of people from irreparable harm caused by the kind of misconduct of which attorney Mary Kellett is accused. No attorney is more worthy of disbarment than the one which maliciously betrays evidence of truth and violates rules to deprive people of their liberty, reputation, and Constitutional Rights.

The available evidence and testimony demonstrates that Mary Kellett knowingly and maliciously violated rules for her own philosophical and ideological reasons. That is what has been presented by Vladek Filler’s complaint, supported by his testimony, and the testimony of former Federal Prosecutor George T. Dilworth, and defense attorney Daniel Pileggi.

I urge this Grievance Panel to step up to its ethical responsibility and do right by the people of Maine, by Vladek Filler, by his family, and by all the Maine prosecutors and attorneys who are now looking to the Board of Overseers of the Bar to unconditionally honor and enforce the same rules and codes of conduct which they are required to abide by.

Source:click here

Sounds like Maine is really screwed up by cronyism. I wish Tatyana well especially her brother Vladek Filler who has this ordeal hanging over his head. Maybe the feds need to go into Maine and find out what is happening and perhaps send Kellett and her ilk to the same prisons they don't mind sending men to. Give these fiends decades in lock-up,that is what they deserve.

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Monday, December 3, 2012

Tell Boehner to make VAWA more male friendly

From SAVE Services:

Congress is still being told by the domestic violence industry that the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) must be reauthorized this month.

Today, we're asking you to make one phone call or send email, to House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner.

Call Speaker Boehner at 1-202-225-6205 and say, "VAWA must restore the presumption of innocence!"

Details: click here

Please take action!


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

The feminists are pushing for an anti-male version of VAWA that is why we must counteract them. Let Boehner know where you stand now.

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