Thursday, November 29, 2007

Why the militancy

That question has been asked by many MRA's and the answer should be obvious: what has moderation accomplished for us? What has "niceness" done for us? Besides getting us deeper into this mess. Why be nice to an enemy that not only wants to take everything from you but would like to see you DEAD on top of it. Not only that but if you are a father with sons the average feminist would like to see your young sons dead too,just because they are male. These Neville Chamberlains would have you believe they can accomplish peace in our time by making deals with these devils and just like any deal with the devil they get burned. Not only them but the rest of us as well. Then the moderates have the nerve to tell us to shut up or we'll play into the feminist hands. The one thing that I think of is that if we stay silent we definitely will play into the feminists hands,the same if we play "nice". If we play nice,just as we have for the last 160 years (if you include feminism as a whole) or for 40 years (if you are focusing on 2nd wave feminism) then we will continue to get fucked. Why the militancy? Because it is hard to be nice when you are getting assfucked in court (family to criminal to civil) and it's really hard to be nice when society blames YOU for what happens in a "he said/she said" situation even though SHE IS THE ONE AT FAULT and it's really hard to be nice and pleasant when you try to illustrate what is happening to you and/or other men in society when everybody wants to play the ostrich and would rather not know,that is until another "he said/she said" situation arises again and then it's boom,they back off to the races to repeat the same mistakes as last time and when they do they are applauded by the lemmings that make up society lest they are labelled "politically incorrect". It seems they would rather kill their own families to avoid being labelled "politically incorrect". A big problem with moderates is that they are usually staffed by older manginas or young men from single mother homes that don't want to upset women and that there defeats the purpose of being an MRA because if you don't upset women then you will stay silent concerning mens' issues and the women win by your silence. TO ERODE WOMEN'S POWER OVER MEN ONE MUST SPEAK UP AND DESTROY THE FEMINSIT MONSTER THAT WANTS TO DESTROY YOU AND YOUR BROTHERS.

Instead of asking why the militancy one should ask is the militancy legitimate? and the answer is "yes".

Follow-up:the militancy is working

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Today America,tomorrow the world

Sen. Joseph Biden D-DE

Sen. Richard Lugar R-IN

Larry Cox,president of Amnesty International USA

Esta Soler,President of the Family Violence Prevention Fund

George Rupp,President of the International Rescue Committee

No photo found for Ritu Sharma Fox, Co-Founder and President of the Women's Edge Coalition

Washington, DC –Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joseph R. Biden, Jr.(D-DE) and Ranking Member Richard Lugar (R-IN) introduced the International Violence Against Women Act, groundbreaking legislation which will, for the first time, integrate the United States’ efforts to end gender-based violence into U.S. foreign assistance programs.

“From the trafficking of women in Eastern Europe, to “honor” killings in Jordan, to rape as a brutal weapon of war in Darfur and the Congo, violence against women is everywhere. It’s a devastating and persistent truth in every country, in every community, and across every social demographic,” said Sen. Biden.

“It is essential for the United States to work with non-governmental organizations and like-minded countries to end domestic violence. No woman, regardless of her income or education level, should live in fear or be made to believe that physical or emotional abuse is acceptable,” said Sen. Lugar.

One in three women worldwide will experience gender-based violence in her lifetime, and in some countries, that’s true for 70 percent of women. Every day around the globe, women and girls face domestic violence, rape, forced or child marriage, so-called “honor” killings,dowry-related murder, human trafficking, and female genital mutilation. The United Nations estimates that at least 5,000 “honor” killings take place each year around the world and more than 130,000,000 girls and young women worldwide have been subjected to genital mutilation. A 2006 United Nations Report found that at least 102 member states had no specific laws on domestic violence.

“The International Violence Against Women Act marshals together, for the first time,
coordinated American resources and leadership to address this global issue. I believe the time is now for the United States to get actively engaged in the fight for women’s lives and girls’ futures, and we must begin by preventing and responding to the violence they face,” added Sen. Biden.

“We cannot expect to reduce poverty and decrease the spread of diseases such as HIV/AIDS until we have more equitable treatment of women in developing countries. Empowered and educated women are the key to breaking these cycles,” said Sen. Lugar.
Not surprisingly, violence against women and girls has a significant impact on the health and development of countries worldwide. Violence breeds poverty. It impedes economic development because it can prevent girls from going to school, or stop women from holding jobs or inheriting property, or shut down access to critical health care for themselves and their children. Efforts to wipe out AIDS and other diseases are compromised when women are beaten for telling their husbands they are infected. Girls are less likely to attend school when they fear being raped by their teachers.

“We’ve made tremendous progress in reducing violence against women here in the United States since we passed the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, but we cannot ignore women in other parts of the world – women whose lives are devastated by poverty, political and civic exclusion, disease, and violence. We cannot empower women to become active in civic life and promote peace, prosperity and democracy unless they personally are free from fear of violence. Taking an active stand against global violence against women isn’t just moral,it’s smart foreign policy,” added Sen. Biden.

The International Violence Against Women Act has three main components. Specifically, the legislation:

Creates one central Office for Women’s Global Initiatives to coordinate the United States’ policies, programs and resources that deal with women’s issues. Never before has there been one person who reports directly to the Secretary of State on issues related to gender-based violence. Mandates a 5-year comprehensive strategy to fight violence against women in 10 to 20 selected countries and provides a new, dedicated funding stream of $175 million a year to support programs dealing with violence against women in five areas: the criminal and civil justice system, healthcare, girls’ access to education and school safety, women’s economic empowerment, and public awareness campaigns.

Requires training, reporting mechanisms and a system for dealing with women and girls afflicted by violence during humanitarian, conflict and post-conflict operations. As the recent reports from the Congo make tragically clear, in situations of humanitarian crises,conflict and post-conflict operations, women and girls are particularly vulnerable to violence. Reports of refugee women being raped while collecting firewood, soldiers sexually abusing girls in exchange for token food items, or women subjected to unimaginable brutality and torture as a tactic of war are shocking in number and inhumanity. There is a dire need for increased training and reporting requirements for refugee workers to help crack down on
these brutal acts of violence. In addition, the bill crafts a new designation of “critical outbreaks” and requires emergency measures when rape is used as a weapon of war or in conflicts where violence against women is sharply escalating with impunity. “This strategy will be our government’s blueprint on how to wisely tackle violence against women and girls,” said Sen. Biden. “There were more than 27,000 reported rapes in just one province in the Congo last year. This legislation will give the State Department more tools to protect and treat women brutally attacked in this conflict.”

The International Violence Against Women Act was crafted with the input and expertise of over 100 nongovernmental organizations here and abroad working on gender-based violence,human rights, health care, international development and aid. These groups include Amnesty International, CARE, Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Family Violence Prevention Fund, Human Rights Watch, Inter-Agency Gender Working Group (IGWG), International Rescue Committee Jewish Women International,Legal Momentum, Lutheran World Relief, Women’s Edge Coalition, and Vital Voices Global Partnership.

“Violence devastates the lives of millions of women and girls and their families worldwide,” said Larry Cox, Executive Director of Amnesty International USA. “We have seen the terrible consequences of mass rapes in Bosnia, the Congo and elsewhere. We grieve with the mothers in Ju├írez whose daughters are victims of an ongoing femicide. Violence against women,whether in the home or in armed conflict, destabilizes communities, undermines economic development and breeds poverty and despair.”

“We express tremendous praise and gratitude to Senators Biden and Lugar for their
outstanding leadership to address violence against women internationally,” Mr. Cox
continued. “Until now we have seen only sporadic efforts to stop violence in one or more countries. The problem is too widespread and deeply rooted for a scattershot approach. We need a consistent vision to stop violence. This bill sends that message.”

“It’s time for our nation to do much more to protect women and children worldwide," said Esta Soler, President of the Family Violence Prevention Fund. We commend Senator Biden for his 15 years of leadership in ending violence against women and children in the U.S. and abroad. We intend to put the same energy and resources into enacting the I-VAWA that we put into the (domestic) Violence Against Women Act.”

“Working in conflict zones worldwide, we know firsthand that violence against women and girls devastates both the individual and her community,” said George Rupp, President of the International Rescue Committee. “We believe firmly that women and girls have the right to lives that are free of sexual and physical abuse, and this legislation can help make that a reality. The International Rescue Committee applauds Senators Biden and Lugar for introducing this important legislation.”

“Violence is one of the biggest barriers to women's economic participation. It's hard to work if you are fearing for your life," said Ritu Sharma Fox, Co-Founder and President of the Women's Edge Coalition. “The I-VAWA will ensure that our hard-earned tax dollars are supporting efforts to end this scourge, and that violence does not prevent women from going to work, getting an education and supporting their families.”

Source: here

Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's next,the electric chair?

Marc H. Rudov
Don't Tase Me, Babe!
November 13, 2007 at 1:00 pm · Filed under Vox Populi

Presumptive Predators

In case you didn't know, October was “Domestic Violence Awareness Month,” during which Americans were startled to learn that women are just as likely as men to commit domestic violence. Mention this at a party, and you'll find yourself standing alone at the punchbowl for the rest of the night: people just don't want to hear it. Sugar and spice, remember?

Because of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act), American men are presumptively and, therefore, unconstitutionally tagged as predators. Men must face a feminist justice system of proving innocence, instead of being protected by the US Constitution, which requires prosecutors to prove guilt. They have Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE) to thank for this -- just ask the three exonerated lacrosse players from Duke University. And, what happened to Crystal Gail Mangum, the woman who was protected by an unconstitutional rape-shield law after she falsely accused them of rape? The same thing that happens to all fraudulent rape accusers: nothing. What do the feminist presidential candidates (Hillary and the men) have to say about this: nothing. How many of you men in Delaware will reelect Joe Biden?

The misandrist climate doesn't end there. Because of IMBRA, the unconstitutional law that Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) sponsored, American men are considered dangerous to foreign women. That's right, foreign women in foreign countries now have more American rights than American men living in America. Because of IMBRA, foreign women now have the power to demand unilateral background checks on American men before dating them. Worse, they can do whatever they want with this confidential information. How many of you men in Kansas will reelect Sam Brownback?

The Shocking Truth

Enter the “Taser for ladies,” available in metallic pink for $350 from Taser International, Inc., in Scottsdale, AZ. A news item on Fox News described the latest fad: women having Taser parties, redolent of Tupperware parties, where they get each other to purchase these weapons. Do women sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations where they need protection? Absolutely.(Of course the term "dangerous" is left for the woman to exclusively define and act upon. I'm sure Mary Winkler thought it would be "dangerous" for her husband to find out she wrote bad checks so to "protect" herself she murdered him.) Because of VAWA, do women have the potential to fraudulently use Tasers, with impunity -- in arguments, in rages, out of jealousy, for spite, in revenge, etc. -- to commit legal assault and battery on innocent men? You bet they do!

A Taser purchaser must register with and get approval from the company. What about training, though? If she uses it, where on a man's body will she aim it? Is she liable for any harm to him? Is she obligated to get him medical attention? According to the company Website: TASER® energy weapons are not considered firearms — they're legal to carry in most states without permits (including California). They are restricted from citizen use in MA, RI, NY, NJ, WI, MI, HI, IL, and certain cities and counties. According to a German consultant to the company, Tasers, as consumer products, are currently illegal in Europe.

If Taser weapons are not considered firearms, what are they considered? This presents yet another challenge to our hypocritical, gynocratic “legal” system. I don't know what Tasers are considered, but I can guess: in the name of protecting women -- translation: getting the female vote -- our male legislators and judges will ignore the issue until men force them to deal with it. This is the shocking truth, folks.

Here's a scenario to ponder: If a maniacal wife attacks her husband, as so often happens, and he tases her, what do you suppose would happen to him? Ha! How many lawyers would it take to defend him, to “prove his innocence”? Not to mention being pilloried by the media as a wimp (when a woman attacks a man, it is just emotion; let it go).

The NoNonsense Bottom Line

I counsel every man to ask a new paramour, before becoming sexually involved with her, about: her use of birth control, her willingness to terminate an accidental pregnancy, and her carriage of STDs. Now, there is a new question to add: Do you own a Taser? If she does, and logic and perspective don't appear to be her strongsuits, stay far, far away from her.

Remember Biden & Brownback: they have convinced their Senate and House colleagues to give women the preponderance of civil and criminal rights. They are responsible for creating the Department of Justice's unconstitutional Office on Violence Against Women. And, they will be responsible for women indiscriminately tasing men.
There are many things you might want to say during a romantic evening gone badly, but the last one is: “Don't tase me, babe!”

Source: here

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another feminazi who hates MRA's

This is what an ugly feminazi looks like

This is their belief system

Here is another example of an anti-MRA feminazi,who basically discounts the plight of men by personally attacking the author and then people wonder why extremenists such as myself exist.

I also wanted to add this ginmar quote:

Men typically get light sentences for killing their wives. Women are not likewise judged leniently. Even so, for Sparky here, that's too much.

Cowshit,we all know that men fare worse then women when it comes to being accused of a crime and get stiffer punishments so I have no idea where ginmar gets her information from other than it is suspect and like most feminists she will have fried her reputation by posting it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Robin Steele's heavy handedness

The sisterhood

The following is a threat from Robin Steele:

Your thougths?

From: Robin
Date: Nov 13, 2007 2:19 PM


Your last email implied that you are just playing
around with a created persona... Using the hate, etc.
just to get a rise out of people... or at least
exaggerating your views. In case that's true, Let's
take a timeout from the game. I'm going to give you
some very important advice and I hope you'll take it
seriously. If you choose instead to disregard it or
share it with the brain dead Bob, MM and other dregs,
I at least warned you and my conscience is clear.

There is no anonymity on the Internet. I am only a
moderately powerful attorney with moderately powerful
connections, and I could have you located, arrested
and charged with making terroristic threats with a
single phone call. I'm not saying this as a threat and
have no intention of doing so. My point is that there
are many more who could - and would - do much worse if
it benefitted them.

I've seen people sent to prison because politicians
want to look like they're responding to threats. Look
at the HS kid from PA who was emailing the shooter in
Finland. That kid faces a possible 6 years in prison.
The headlines read that law enforcement foiled the
next Columbine. This was a week before voters decided
whether the district attorney should be a judge. Do
you think they give a rat's ass if fat boy has to go
to prison instead of college so they can get their
judgeship? Fat boy made himself an easy target.

The real world has real consequences.

MikeeUSA, I know you think you're smart, but I want
you to think about this. You've made yourself the
easiest target possible for anyone who needs some
tough-on-crime PR. All anyone needs to do is seize
your computer and lead you away in handcuffs to get
themselves on the front page as the one who prevented
the next Columbine.

If you think the truth matters more than appearance,
you could be in for a serious education. Do you think
the FBI screws around if they perceive even the
possibility of a threat? They might. But they won't if
they perceive that they could get blamed for NOT
responding if and when something happened. CYA is Rule

If you're getting scared, good. That means you have a
clue. I don't give a shit what you do. I just blew
$450 in billable time writing this warning to you. But
if I were you, I would not only tame or kill the
psycho-hater persona, but I would have him neutralize
the threat asap. Have MikeeUSA see the light. Say it
was a joke. Find religion. Write an apology to the
prosecutor you threatened (your most idiotic move).
Whatever. But as long as your well-crafted "persona"
is out there spreading hate and advocating violence,
are a sacrificial lamb serving yourself and your
future up on a silver platter.

If you are a psycho or just plain stupid, you'll
disregard and carry on. That's better for me, as I
won't have to find a new psycho. But I share this with
you for your own good. Good luck no matter what.

Now back to our regularly scheduled conflict.

Robin Steele, Esq.

Since Robin claims to be an attorney then she must know what "racketeering" is and that she has just committed it. Perhaps some attorneys that are pro-MRA can advise us on what action we can take against Steele.

Matriarchy: not male friendly

Matriarchial spokeswoman says men have nothing to fear from the matriarchy

The lies:

Ms. Steele is a rising star and headed for prominence in the new era. Despite her occasionally combative demeanor, she truly wants what's best for you. A little respect now could pay large dividends to you later.

We all want what's best for you, but Robin is one of the strongest advocates of tolerance and balanced rights for men, even with the personal attacks you've made on her.

Think back to elementary school for a moment.
Who were the best pupils?
The smartest students?
The most responsible?
Who sat in the front of the class and paid attention?
Which students did the neatest homework, completed assignments on time and were busy learning while you were rolling around in the dirt on the playground or shooting spitballs?
Are the students you're thinking of girls, by any chance? Of course they are.

Did you ever wonder why the best and brightest of your generation weren't the ones, then, to hold the top positions in government & business? To make the important decisions? To direct the less capable instead of the other way around?
Is it any wonder the country is in such disarray?
Well, relax. Don't fret. That will be corrected shortly. We'll soon be fulfilling our potential - as a nation and as a people.

We are entering, together, a Golden Age, the new Femocracy, in which a woman president and women executives will assume the leadership roles in government and business. There is no rational reason for men to feel threatened, as we are one people. Both men and women are biologically necessary for survival as a species. What is best for our species, and our nation, is best for men as well.

It is not a matter of fault but we are an ecosystem that has been out of balance. While we are in a precarious and urgent situation, is not to late for our new regime to mitigate the damage that has been done through war, greed, hate and stupidity... the natural result of having the playground bullies in charge rather than the A students.

The Femocracy will bring on a golden age of justice, tolerance and logic for ALL citizens, both the leaders in power and their subjects alike. That being said, a little respect at this point could be a wise investment in your future.

Strength & Unity Forever,

Athena Y

November 14, 2007 4:37 AM

The truth:

The head organizer of the New Zealand MRA bothering campaign has been giving notice at his apartment/flat in New Zealand. The reasons for this seems to be non-financial for he has not miss a payment for years (barring a bank mistake in the distant past).

He says he was given a notice that laid blame for this eviction for his work at Hands on Equal Parenting and it bothering campaign against the worst judges in New Zealand for separating fathers and kids at the behest of those in power. Is this Prime Minster Helen Clark's string pulling at work, or the work of one of her emotional socialist followers actions in support of her government?

It seems the trust or co-op that runs the complex is aggressively applying is powers for political purposes. It seems that acting in political discord is now a home removing offence in the feminist run government of Helen Clark. This is the same government that has shut down several blogs trying to report on New Zealand Child Services abuses.

Honourable people working at the CYFS department who feel they have no other recourse in dealing with abuse beginning dished out by the department, for management is not interested in stopping it, have been reporting their inside stories to the public. The agenda of the feminist government in arbitrarily removing children from happy homes on the whim of politically correct interventionists, who do not like to be confronted on their practices by the families involved, the public, and even from quarters within their own department is very telling.

The question we must face is this our future? Feminism it could be argued arrived first in New Zealand and is now leading the way again with limits on men leaving the country and the taking of passports and much more. With this eviction notice and the odd parking tickets directed at one of the heads of MRAs in NZ the temperature for men in New Zealand and else where may mean a begrudging acceptance that our radicals were right in arguing that Western States refusal to reform themselves without more extreme measures is a given.
This must be very worrying to the Helengrad government, as the women to men ratio gets widens as men get out before its not allowed (usually to Australia).

It is time to keep a close eye on the next step of the Helengrad Clark government and make sure internationally we know about her government practices for they may be used by others.

Source: here

Friday, November 9, 2007

Cuntlips,I would like an answer

I posted this in the comments section of Robin's blog and it seems to be ignored. Since Robin likes to stick up for the police and feminism I asked her a simple question:

What is your position on male police officers who are accused by female suspects of acting inappropriate toward them?

Whom would you believe?

November 7, 2007 10:38 PM

Source:her blog

Well,Robin,I along with others are awaiting an answer.

Why we fight-part 2 (a drill)

The following dramatization gives a look at the mentality of feminists and we wanted to show that we do understand their mentality as well:

Longlive the cencorship of MRAs!
-anonymous November 8, 2007 6:19 PM

Source: here

anonymous said:
Bob's getting all the airtime again? Mikeusa advocates rape too. Scroll down the post Rape how it should be handled. Also underaged marraige of girls just because they can have children is advocated by the satanic bible thumper. You should do more research of these blogs: you would find more things that you hate, more men supporting old bible verses that give them a monopoly on power against women and girls. It's like the men don't care to have women in power and just want their own lives to be good and won't sacrifice for women.


I see the phrase "Death To women's Rights" on that blog in many places.

What do you think should happen to Bob, Masculinist Man, Mikeusa, KellyMac, and ChrisKey?

If you were personally the president what would you do to these traitors and enemies of women?

November 7, 2007 10:01 AM

anonymous said:
So if it cannot be tolerated in a free society then what punishment should they get if they continue to disrespect women even with help?

I'm with you on this one. I don't believe that men should have the absolute freedom to say or write whatever they want. We have schools to wring this mysoginistic thought proccess out of boys and to help girls learn to be strong but if it doesn't work shouldn't something happen to the men?

November 7, 2007 11:47 AM

anonymous said:
Yes, I agree. The first thing we should do is ammend the first ammendment so it applies only to women. Men have proven throughout history that they cannot responsibly handle even the slightest hint of power without opressing women and girls with it. They even opress other men who are minorities. This country has got to change. I think we have enough power as sixty percent of the voters to remove speech rights from men.

November 7, 2007 1:48 PM

anonymous said:
Yes man are evil oppressors! and that's why we have to oppress them!!!

Pot meet kettle


November 7, 2007 5:46 PM

Source: here

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Why we fight

SCUM Manifesto


I. After centuries of individual and preliminary political struggle, women are united to achieve their final liberation from male supremacy. Redstockings is dedicated to building this unity and winning our freedom.

II. Women are an oppressed class. Our oppression is total, affecting every facet of our lives. We are exploited as sex objects, breeders, domestic servants, and cheap labor. We are considered inferior beings, whose only purpose is to enhance men's lives. Our humanity is denied. Our prescribed behavior is enforced by the threat of physical violence.

Because we have lived so intimately with our oppressors, in isolation from each other, we have been kept from seeing our personal suffering as a political condition. This creates the illusion that a woman's relationship with her man is a matter interplay between two unique personalities, and can be worked out individually. In reality, every such relationship is a class relationship, and the conflicts between individual men and women are political conflicts that can only be solved collectively.

III. We identify the agents of our oppression as men. Male supremacy is the oldest, most basic form of domination. All other forms of exploitation and oppression (racism, capitalism, imperialism, etc.) are extensions of male supremacy: men dominate women, a few men dominate the rest. All power structures throughout history have been male-dominated and male-oriented. Men have controlled all political, economic and cultural institutions and backed up this control with physical force. They have used their power to keep women in an inferior position. All men receive economic, sexual, and psychological benefits from male supremacy. All men have oppressed women.

IV. Attempts have been made to shift the burden of responsibility from men to institutions or to women themselves. We condemn these arguments as evasions. Institutions alone do not oppress; they are merely tools of the oppressor. To blame institutions implies that men and women are equally victimized, obscures the fact that men benefit from the subordination of women, and gives men the excuse that they are forced to be oppressors. On the contrary, any man is free to renounce his superior position provided that he is willing to be treated like a woman by other men.

We also reject the idea that women consent to or are to blame for their own oppression. Women's submission is not the result of brainwashing, stupidity, or mental illness but of continual, daily pressure from men. We do not need to change our-selves, but to change men.

The most slanderous evasion of all is that women can oppress men. The basis for this illusion is the isolation of individual relationships from their political context and the tendency of men to see any legitimate challenge to their privileges as persecution.

V. We regard our personal experience, and our feelings about that experience, as the basis for an analysis of our common situation. We cannot rely on existing ideologies as they are all products of male supremacist culture. We question every generalization and accept none that are not confirmed by our experience.

Our chief task at present is to develop female class consciousness through sharing experience and publicly exposing the sexist foundation of all our institutions. Consciousness-raising is not "therapy", which implies the existence of individual solutions and falsely assumes that the male-female relationship is purely personal, but the only method by which we can ensure that our program for liberation is based on the concrete realities of our lives.

The first requirement for raising class consciousness is honesty, in private and in public, with ourselves and other women.

VI. We identify with all women. We define our best interest as that of the poorest, most brutally exploited woman.

We repudiate all economic, racial, educational or status privileges that divide us from other women. We are determined to recognize and eliminate any prejudices we may hold against other women.

We are committed to achieving internal democracy. We will do whatever is necessary to ensue that every woman in our movement has an equal chance to participate, assume responsibility, and develop her political potential.

VII. We call on all our sisters to unite with us in struggle.

We call on all men to give up their male privileges and support women's liberation in the interest of our humanity and their own.

In fighting for our liberation we will always take the side of women against their oppressors. We will not ask what is "revolutionary" or "reformist", only what is good for women.

The time for individual skirmishes has passed. This time we are going all the way.

Redstockings manifesto

Friday, November 2, 2007

She Heil

Something else from from Cuntlips:

IMBRA Was Just the Beginning!

The time has come to end the predatory use of the Internet to perpetuate violence against women!

The time has come for women of all races, faiths and nationalities to join together as one!

We are smarter.

We are focused.

We have the power.

And we are seizing control.

IMBRA was just the beginning.

The time has come.

The future is ours.

Support your sisters!

Defeat the Cretins!

[Tags: female domination, feminism, feminist, imbra, internet predators, male subservience, online dating rights, women rule, women's rights]

This is from a feminist site and they are not shy about what their goals are and how they're going to accomplish those goals as the word "seized" was used. These are their words for what they have in mind for men and that is feminist slavery of men and she doesn't hide it either. I've had detractors in the past deride me what do they say now AT THIS TIME. She said it herself,THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING and she and her sisters are not going to play nice. If you're not scared as hell you should be and if you're not mad as hell you should be but you should be if you're an American man because your rights are being infringed upon by lesbians and other manhaters who want to curtail you of your rights. I've said it before and it bears repeating as cuntlips post proves and that is:


Thursday, November 1, 2007

New adversary

It seems as though I have a new adversary in Robin Steele. Let's see what she says about me:

The oh-so erudite and eloquent eMasculated Cretins over at Men's Rights Blog took exception to my "outing" their latent homosexuality (which was already "out" to anyone who had taken a college-level Intro to Psych course, which is why none of them realized it, I guess). One of the more advanced (i.e. with opposable thumbs & potty trained) of the eMasculists (boldly putting forth his views under the name "anonymous") posted this reaction (in the quaint vernacular of his people) to the Woman of Steele blog:

Anonymous said...
Robin, if FredX or Duncan were still around then they'd
have made examples of you and a ton of other mras would have (rightly) been on
your ass. Masculist Man is a newer, but by no means lesser, mra who Im sure will
tear you a new asshole when he reads the kind of nastiness you said about him,
plus that kid who only wanted some help. Shame on you, you fucking asshole.

Deciphering this primitive language, I feel a bit like Margaret Meade. Here are my journal notes from my encounter with the savages:

...FredX or Duncan were still around...

Who are FredX and Duncan? The older men who taught eMasculated Man when he was just eFfeminate Boy? Where did they go? San Francisco? Bangcock? The aids clinic?

Masculist Man is a newer, but by no means lesser, mra who Im sure will tear you a new asshole...

Note to self: what's an mra? Men Reaming Assholes? Mostly Retarded Asshats? My Rectal Adventure? I'm sure Mr. eMas knows how to tear new assholes, having broken in lots of newbies like anonymous....

...that kid who only wanted some help...

I'm sure eMasculist was happy to give him a hand. Or both. I'm sure he doesn't just pay lip service to helping the nubile newbies.

...fucking asshole

That would be your area of expertise.

This has to be one stupid cunt because she wants to fuck with me. You were warned,Robin and you still want to come back. It's like Luke told you I've been an MRA (Men's Rights Activist) or masculist going on 15 years. So now you know what an MRA is just as we know what a femicunt is and if you want to find the nearest one look in the mirror unless you are looking at one of your sisters,either way it's not a pretty sight. I've noticed Robin's blog is new and that is either due to the fact she is on the rag or she lost her modelling job at Fat and Ugly magazine or both. Robin is very bitter toward men because her last boyfriend left her due to her incessant threats to have sex with him and one night he saw a chance to get his freedom and he took it and no one can really blame him and I trust he is living a nice life in the witness relocation program. Ever since then she has gone through a ton of vibrators and has vibrator repair on speed dial. A lot of vibrator and dildo manufactures will void their warrantees in Robin's case because she exceeds normal usage,unfortunately so does Robin's mouth and if the guy doesn't stick something in real quick he isn't going to like what comes out and that is why Robin is suffering stupidity and she is making sure the rest of us suffer too.