Thursday, July 22, 2010

War crimes

General James Mattis:war criminal

Feminist Marine Gets His Kicks Killing Male Chauvinists in Afghanistan
Thursday, July 22, 2010
By Fred Reed

On, I find a loutish American general, James Mattis, martial feminist, talking about the fun he has killing Afghans. Yes, fun, wheeee-oooo! and ooo-rah! too. He says, “You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn’t wear a veil,” adding “guys like that ain’t got no manhood left anyways. So it’s a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them.” What must he do with prisoners?

A joyous killer, possibly orgasmic. Note mandatory flagly background, pickle suit, and stupid colorful gewgaws so he looks like a goddam stamp collecton. Stern gaze is necessary to become a general. From defending the Constitution to the pleasure of watching Afghans die: The military has come a long way.

I’ll guess he fell just shy of graduating from third grade. He sure ain’t much of a general, no ways, I reckon. Just the fellow I want representing me in the world.

Does General Dworkin-Mattis speak of manhood? Odd, since his military is being badly outfought by the unmanly Afghans that are fun to kill. By the Pentagon’s figures the US military outnumbers the resistance several to one. The US has complete control of the air, enjoying F16s, helicopter gun-ships, transport choppers, and Predator drones, as well as body armor, night-vision gear, heavy weaponry, medevac, hospitals, good food, and PXs. The Afghans have only AKs, RPGs, C4, and balls. Yet they are winning, or at least holding their own. How glorous.

Man for man, weapon for weapon, the Taliban are clearly superior. They take far heavier casualties, but keep on fighting. Their politics are not mine, but they are formidable on the ground. If I were General Dworkin, I’d change my name and go into hiding. Maybe he could wear a veil.

Perhaps the US should recognize that it has a second-rate military at phenomenal cost—an enormous, largely useless national codpiece. It is embarrassing. The Pentagon’s preferred enemies are lightly armed, poorly equipped peasants, which makes for a long war and thus hundreds of billions of dollars in juicy contracts for military industries. Yet the greatest military in history (ask it) gets run out of Southeast Asia, blown up and run out of Lebanon, shot down and run out of Somalia, with Afghanistan a disaster in progress and Iraq claimed as an American victory rather than Shiite. Do the aircraft carriers intimidate North Korea? No. Iran? No. China? No. For this, a trillion dollars a year?

The reasons for the mediocrity are clear enough. First, the Pentagon has become a contracting agency for buying gorgeous and elaborate arms of little relevance to the wars the US fights. (If the Martians attack, we’ll be ready.)

Second, the US is no longer a nation of hardy country boys who grow up shooting and loading hay bales into pick-ups for spare change. (For the uninitiated, hay bales are heavy.) I often see headlines such as “More than two-thirds of Texas schoolchildren flunked the state’s physical fitness test this year…” If Texas has gone all soft and rubbery, you can forget about Massassachusetts. The American pool of hardy, manipulable kids without too much schoolin’ isn’t what it was. The lack of troops of course pushes the Pentagon toward more pricey gadgetry and greater imbalance.

Now, it is regarded as treasonous to question that Our Boys are the best trained, best armed, toughest troops in the world, and I’ll probably get punched out in bars for pointing out the awful truth. Let’s imagine an experiment. We take Killing-is-Fun General Mattis-Abzug, and a thousand GIs, and a thousand Taliban, and let them fight it out in any patch of wretched barren mountains of your choosing. On equal terms. What you think? Same weapons.

Good idea, General? You eat what they eat, wear what they wear. They have no medical care, and neither do you. If they get lung-shot and die the hard way, you do too. It will come down to guts and motivation.

Motivation: It counts, general. I believe it was Bedford Forrest who said of some of his troops, “Them cane-brake boys jest plain likes to fight.” I guess there must be just a whole lot of cane in Afghanistan. The Taliban will go to any length to cut your freaking throat because you have been killing their wives and children, fathers and brothers, and you will fight for… for… well. Uh. Big oil, AIPAC, Ann Coulter. Or a promotion for General Mathis-Abzug. Anybody want to put odds on the outcome?

Or what if they had the air power, the gun ships…?

And General, killing them might be a tad less fun when you couldn’t do it from the safety of a gunship. Just a thought, General.

A digression here. Bear with me. It’s just that General Mattis-Steinem makes killing sound like so much fun. And I guess it is, for some. You’ve seen the YouTube video of GIs machine-gunning people walking around a city street from a helicopter gunship. A hoot. But—can I offer a second opinion?

I went off to Viet Nam because I was young and dumb and adventurous and they told me that I was fighting for Apple Pie, and Mom, and White Christian Motherhood (which I spent my high-school days dreading, but never mind). Actually I was just another sucker from the small-town South. The Pentagon depends, utterly, on small-town suckers. They are brave, trainable, not real thoughtful.

Funny how things look if you think about them. Patriots talk about the tragic deaths of young Americans in Afghanistan. Well, ok. Other things being equal, young guys getting shot to death in a pointless war is not a swell idea. I’m against it. In fact, the more you see of it, and I’ve seen a lot, the worse an idea it seems. Of course, a logician might point out that if you didn’t send them to Afghanistan, they wouldn’t die there—would they?

The dead are not the only casualties. Go to a Veterans Hospital, and watch the left-overs come in. You might be surprised how much fun they didn’t think it was. Or what they think of General Mattis-Firmstare. You might be very surprised.

But tell me: why is a GI’s life, mine or anyone else’s, worth more than the life of an Afghan child of three? Especially if you pretend to be a Christian, tell me. (I love this part. Military Christians are wonderfully funny frauds.)

A pretty good rule of thumb is that the attacking army is in the wrong, which would have made a Vietnamese kid’s life worth more than mine. I’ll buy that, though I’m happy it didn’t work out that way. But the attacking countries always believe that Their Boys are sacred.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl, they figured a Japanese pilot’s life was worth more than that of an American sailor. The Germans thought the same, mutatis mutandis, when the Wehrmacht went into Poland, as of course so do Americans when they invade country after country. But why is the aggressor’s life sacred, prithee? If I leap out of a dark alley and attack your daughter with a butcher knife, is my life worth more than hers?

But it is just so much fun to kill Afghans. Excuse me, I need to puke.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feminist stalking gang

I received an email from an anonymous poster informing me of a secret feminist cult that seeks out to destroy the lives of men. They are either in positions of power or have other influence. Here is the letter:

I am contacting all of you because of something I experienced over the last few years and what I've learned from subsequent extensive internet research. Basically, there exists in this country a secret cult of psychotic radical feminists, lead by some who have obtained powerful or influential positions, who secretly conspire to destroy men's lives simply because of their hatred, predicated on any one or combination of the usual reasons, of men in general. Their main tools are false allegations of abuse of women, mostly rape, and constant surveillance through planting software on the target's phone that enables the device to act as both a g.p.s tracking device and an eavesdropping tool. The phone acts as a microphone even when the target is not on a call so the listener can hear what is going on near the phone all the time when it is on. They use the g.p.s tracking to stalk the target where ever they go and then disseminate the defamatory allegations to everyone in the community. The target is then treated rudely by everyone he encounters. Even if the phone is turned off, the g.p.s,. tracking works. The battery must be removed from the phone to disable the tracking.

In 2007 I met a woman on the internet. We hit it off. There were a few red flags that I should have recognized early on, but I was in a bit of a desperate situation, the physical attraction was very intense, and she did good job hiding her alterior motives. I was enrolled in course at a junior college not far from where she lives and started visiting her once or twice a week on days when I had class. I had an exceptionally long commute to class and had been considering moving to the area to save on expenses. We agreed that I would move in with her, see how things might go living together, and I would look for a nearby place of my own. I felt strongly about her, so I did all this despite knowing that she was attending A.A.--the meetings for which she referred to as a "women's group"--and had issues with the fact that when she was in grade school, her father beat her mother regularly. I moved in in late June.

After I moved in, there were little things that started to make me suspicious. The first major red flag was when she bragged for the third time with no provocation about how sharp her kitchen knives are. Each time she said the exact same thing while holding one of the larger knives: "These knives are very sharp." Then I started adding up other factors. Her collection of dvds included a substantial dose of horror movies and violent movies that included blood and gore. Specifically, she owned not only the dvd movie, "Monster", based on the true story of Florida serial killer of men, Aileen Wuornos, but also owned the dvd documentary, "Aileen: The Life and Death of a Serial Killer". Included in her collection of paperback books was a handful of books about serial killers, including one about cannibals. Eventually, she started leaving the cannibal book on the toilet tank. When she went to bed at night, she would put the timer on the television and leave it on G4, the video-gamers channel. She did not own a gaming consul and showed no interest in gaming otherwise. I never watched the channel myself, so I didn't figure it out at first. Then one night I watched it to see what might possibly be her reason for watching the channel. It was then that I noticed that a substantial portion of the video game scenes shown on the channel included flashing blades and spurting blood.

In addition the sharp knives comment, she started to make other comments and doing things in an attempt at psychological torture. It's called gaslighting. Simultaneously, several things were going wrong in my personal life. My car died. I almost got my license suspended. I realized I wouldn't be able to attend class. Every time something additional would go wrong for me, she would intensify the attempts at psychological torture. None of the instance s were major events, but rather relatively nondescript events that added up, though some stood out. The best way to sum up the whole thing is "death by a thousand cuts."

A few examples:
When referring to men, she would always do it in a derogatory way, often saying "just a tiny little man".

The knives comment

She had 2 cats and had one of those cardboard scratching boxes for them. On one occasion while the younger of the 2 cats was using the box, she bent over to urge him on, shaking her fists and saying with and intense, psychotic tone, "That's it Vinnie! Fuck it up! Tear one up and move on to the next!"

She took a potential client on an Alaska cruise. I dropped her off at the airport. The last thing she said before we parted was, again in her psycho tone, "Enjoy the solitude."

At one point she said, "You haven't figured it out yet, have you?"

When I got a notice from the dmv that my license had been suspended, we discussed it and she talked about looking into it because she's a lawyer and knew judges. But during the conversation, as on a few other occasions, while I was looking at the document and she thought I couldn't see her, as she acted sincerely concerned about my situation, in my peripheral vision I saw her very quickly grin broadly and sadistically. It lasted less than one second.

She owned quite a bit of Happy Bunny merchandise, novelty items featuring a smiling bunny with a decidedly jaded, negative messages. She seemed to have a particular affinity for her Happy Bunny shirt with the Bunny holding an ax above its head and the caption, "Let's Play."

While out in public, she would openly show disdain for mother's with their children, including babies in strollers. It wasn't until later that I learned that radical feminists particularly take issue with motherhood being considering a major characteristic of being a woman.

Those are just a few points. There are too many to name them all.

She is an attorney who specializes in defending corporations against workman's comp claims. Again, seeing the full picture is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, so it wasn't until I started adding other things up that I realized the significance of a certain example she told me about to illustrate a regular investigative method she uses: she proudly told me how she had a military-experienced investigator go "swinging through the trees" to get a photo of a workman's comp recipient tossing a deer he'd just bagged up on to his truck. While I am against men or women exploiting the system the way this guy apparently was, after adding things up, it became evident that she pursued this legal specialty specifically for the purpose of targeting men. Surely, the majority of workman's claims are filed by men.

After adding up all of this, it dawned on me that she lived in the most remote unit on the top floor of a twelve story high-rise, each floor having its own garbage chute leading to a trash compactor in the basement. She could have cut me to pieces, tossed me in the garbage and no one ever would have known. I believe it was around that time that I took a closer look into her medicine cabinet. She was on no less that 6 different psycho drugs, plus Chantax, and quit-smoking drug, which around the time, studies found created violent tendencies in the user.

I had no vehicle and she basically had me trapped. I made the decision that I should look into getting out of there. I suspected that the apartment was bugged with a listening device, so I intentionally left the apartment to make a call to a relative to seek assistance and help in moving out of there. That night, she came home, packed a bowl with pot, plopped down on the bed, took a hit, and said, "So...makin' some plans, huh?" The next day I reserved a U-Haul and told the building superintendent what was going He let me move into the vacant adjacent apartment for the night. The next I got the U-Haul, packed up and left. This was in September of 2007.

Also, there were indications that the woman was connected to my brother, a con-artist scientologist who several people had warned me was out to destroy me because of jealousy regarding height, our respective levels of success in college (I graduated from the same school he dropped out of.), and because of anger over that fact that while in college he'd caught his high school sweetheart messing around with another guy. I'm not going to go into details about what my brother and my family did, but I mention it because after escaping from the woman's apartment, I had to move back in with my father who was also part of my family campaign against me because of fundamental politics.

After moving, I was out of work and severely depressed over what had transpired. I finally found work as a security guard at a local steel mill in July of 2008. During my time there, I began to be treated very rudely by both fellow guards and plant employees. I mention this because other guards began to make comments indicating that I was suspected of some kind of mistreatment of women. At the same time, I started to notice that everyone I encountered in public, particularly women, were very, very rude to me. Then, at a family Sunday dinner, a female cousin of mine made the comment, "It's good to know Boardman (the nearby town where she lived.) cops." while looking at me with a look of hatred.

Then it occurred to me that I was seeing certain women anywhere I went, always arriving with the same time range after my arrival. Many of them shared a certain physical characteristic--they were at least slightly overweight . While all of this was going on, I saved as much money as I could with plan of leaving the area when I felt I had the resources to survive. I suspected that they were tracking and eavesdropping on my cel phone, but it wasn't until I saw a television news package about software anyone can obtain that when planted in someone's phone can indeed turn the phone into an eavesdropping/tracking device. It was in researching this software that I discovered the phrase, "gangstalking". It's a form of widespread community harassment using exactly the tools I've mentioned combined with gaslighting techniques. Google it.

Finally, I left the area in early December of 2009 and drove across the country to San Francisco. The stalking followed me! I attended a jazz club performance by a female vocalist named Kaitlin McGaw who fit the physical description of my stalkers. In fact, she closely resembled the woman I lived with. She actually made comments out loud during the show alluding the things in my personal life. The friends that came with her and the band all gave me sly looks upon entering the club, as did she and her bandmates. Then she leered at me as she introduced a certain song, saying, "This is kind of song you write after a guy just packs up and leaves without saying a word." In my research, I'd learned that a major reason women make the false allegations is because of being jilted. She also sang a song called "Hiding out at the hotel". For budgetary reasons I was forced to stay at a ratty, crack-house hotel in the neighborhood.

The woman I lived with made it clear that she had in the past, and was perfectly willing to provide sexual favors to judges in order to get what she wants. The night of the McGaw show I confirmed that I was specifically being stalked by radical feminists and that it must stem from a false allegation made by the woman I'd lived with. I initiated a google alert e-mail for "false rape" and received a link to this story about a Florida woman who had drugged a series of men and stolen their jewelry and cash. The victims described the suspect as "white, kind of heavy set and in her late 20s to early 30s." McGaw, the woman I lived with, and the vast majority of the women I'd noticed stalking me fit this description. It was upon reading this article that I fully realized what was going on. Also, I'd joined some local job-seeker groups. Women in the group fitting the description harassed me through e-mail as well.

Also, I joined a state-sponsored in-person job-networking group and various women who joined the club made it clear that they were part of the persecution. It wasn't until later that I learned that the coordinator of the group is herself a radical feminist and likely facilitated the presence of the women who joined to harass me. Sure enough, all of the women whom I identified as stalkers left the group after a very brief stay and I later found that some of them were self-employed and therefore had no need for a job-networking club.

A key for the persecution to be successful is to isolate the target and to keep everything the stalkers do a secret. They count on the fact that anyone the target tells the story to is most likely going to think the person is insane--this is a key part of the method. It has also been indicated to me that part of the reason they do it is simply because a guy reaches a certain age without marrying, as I have. It's a control measure.

Eventually, I made what might be loosely termed a "political move" to end my overt persecution. In their attempt to isolate me, it turns out they didn't examine my resume closely enough. I have some friends they weren't counting on who are somewhat powerful in their own right. They're in national television journalism in New York. I contacted one of them and explained my entire story. Before I left for San Francisco, someone close to a prominent local public figure indicated that the public figure was not only knowledgeable but possibly implicit in my harassment. I basically threatened the public figure with implication to a major, major investigative news outlet for whom my well-connected friends had done some freelance work. Lo and behold, my overt persecution ended and people started treating me very, very nicely. It was then indicated to me that my story about the pscyho I lived with had been corroborated and my name had been cleared. If I were insane, would there have been a discernible end that corresponded directly with the "political move"?

Before it was over, though, I noticed hat I was seeing a lot of women with tattoos with variations of the same element--3 stars. I googled it and found that 3 stars is a common symbol for Ishtar, an ancient goddess who abused men. That was when I started to see the cult nature of it.

It was during the last week of March when I made the move to end the persecution. Recently, it has become evident that though the overt harassment and stalking has ended, I am still being followed by these psychotic radical feminists. After you've been through it for months on end, it becomes relatively easy to pick them out. I've had a few dates on each of which I noticed that a different woman who fit the radical feminists physical/visual type sat very near by, presumably for the purpose of monitoring the date. Clearly they've got my cel phone number and are still monitoring me--a gross invasion of privacy.

What I suspect is that they operate on a "lone-wolf" basis, using an internet database on which they can check a g.p.s. map for targets in their area. The site provides some kind of code corresponding specifically to a given target, thus enabling the stalker to follow that target on the internet or with software installed on their laptop and/or cel phone. I once saw a woman I suspected of being a stalker in a coffee shop looking at a laptop with something that looked like google maps open to a close-up of the neighborhood with a red trail matching the route I'd just taken. It was not the map that made me suspect her. I suspected her first and then saw the map. Because of the lone-wolf protocol, which helps to protect them as a group by limiting evidence of mutuality, it is possible that some aren't aware of the change I've forced on the situation and therefore continue to follow me. The only question is, "Why wouldn't the woman who I lived with, who is obviously the one who originally targeted me, have me removed?" I suspect that because my situation has been investigated by major authorities, she refrains from the site and it is possible that the site is set up so only the person who named that target can remove him from the list--just a hunch.

I've made some contacts, though, whom I think I can trust and I'm basically moving forward free of persecution. Nevertheless, because I still sense that I'm being followed, I felt compelled to send the message. These psychotic women are conducting a secret conspiracy to suppress men and manhood in general, and blindly follow the protocol predicated upon complete trust in the allegations made by other members of the group regardless of what specific details of the case they may or may not be aware of. In fact, I suspect it is quite possible that individually they simply trust the mere presence of the person's name on the site without delving into details at all.

Sign up for a G-mail account if you don't already have one and get a google e-mail alert for "false rape". You'll see how much it goes on. Please disseminate it to as many men as you possibly can. This is very, very real.

Best regards,

Monday, July 12, 2010

The sexist and the racist

I was watching Geraldo on Fox yesterday and on his show he had King Shabazz,leader of the New Black Panther party-an anti-white organization. Geraldo himself is an anti-male sexist and he is debating Shabazz and it seems that the only place they find common ground is bowwing down to women. Geraldo played a clip of Shabazz chastising black men for not bowwing down to the black woman. Chances are that this is the same black woman who said she didn't need a man and that men are a burden and as we have seen this attitude crosses racial lines well I'm sure men of all races have gotten it and left these women alone. Strange how Shabbaz didn't bring up what the black woman has done to the black man or maybe he doesn't care which is strange for him to take that attitude because he asks black men to do his dirty work and possibly go to jail for him.