Thursday, November 26, 2015

Brave man takes out female terrorist

“Harmless” Female Terrorist Tries Stabbing Innocent Man… Instantly Gets 100mph Justice

Wilmot Proviso November 24, 2015 at 7:43am

A female Palestinian terrorist tried killing Israeli pedestrians in one of the latest knife attacks in the beleaguered country. However, a driver quickly came to the rescue, running over the woman with his car.

And, while it didn’t quite happen at 100 miles per hour, it certainly must have felt that way for the victim, as justice was swiftly delivered.

The incident, one of a series of such attacks, happened on Sunday in the West Bank town of Samaria. At about 9:15 a.m., a Palestinian woman began attacking Israelis with a knife in Brigade Square, according to WND.

The damage could have been much worse had it not been for a hero named Gershon Mesika. Mesika, the former head of an Israeli settlement group called the Samaria Regional Council, was driving nearby when he caught sight of the woman conducting the attack. In an instant, he knew what he had to do.

“I heard someone shout ‘terrorist’ and run toward a girl from Har Bracha, wielding a knife,” Mesika said in an interview with Army Radio. “I made a quick decision: I veered to the right and slammed into her.”

“A soldier then came and finished it,” Mesika added.

The terrorist was initially described as in serious condition, but was later pronounced dead.

The attacks have taken a toll on the Israeli population. According to the Times of Israel, an 18-year-old Israeli was killed on Monday. Another Israeli was also killed in a knife attack on the same day the Samaria attack took place.

The attacks have even taken the life of Americans — Ezra Schwartz, an 18-year-old from Boston, was killed Nov. 19, and Richard Lakin, a 76-year-old peace activist died Oct. 27 from wounds suffered in a bus attack in Jerusalem on Oct. 13.

These are the “harmless” widows that President Barack Obama says we shouldn’t be afraid of. If Obama and American liberals think that we can judge threats by gender, they have another thing coming.


Not just Obama but Bill O'Reilly too. O'Reilly said he wouldn't allow muslim men into the country but he would allow women and children. Like most western castrati Obama and O'Reilly underestimate women at the expense of everyone else. Also Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also said he will only allow muslim women and children into Canada. Canada is finished,stick a fork in it. The United States on the other hand may stand a chance with a lot of American Governors stating they won't allow them into their respective states. Obama is threatening to withhold federal funds if these governors do not agree with him. Let's see what happens. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Catherine Lhamon: the woman behind "Dear Colleague"

Catherine Lhamon

Glenn Reynolds: The unilateral war on college men
Glenn Harlan Reynolds 11:01 a.m. EDT September 30, 2015
An assistant secretary of education thinks she can rewrite rape law by writing a letter.

It appears to many — including me — as if the Obama administration is engaged in a war on college men. Using debunked statistics, the president, the vice president and various other political officials have falsely claimed that there’s an epidemic of rape on college campuses, even though campus rape is, in fact, falling, just as off-campus rape is. (And, in fact, rape is less common on campus than off).

And, ever since the Department of Education issued a ”Dear Colleague" letter to universities in 2011, in essence ordering them to adopt new and draconian campus “sexual assault” rules that treat accusations as presumptively true and force the accused — almost always men — to prove their innocence, sometimes even very strong evidence of innocence is ignored.

Spearheading this effort has been Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon, who has characterized the letter as binding on colleges and universities even though it is not a law, was not adopted as a formal or informal rule making after notice and comment under any law, and appears to have very little to do with the federal anti-discrimination law Title IX, which says only that “no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

Title IX was supposed to force colleges to admit women to programs formerly reserved for men. The law says nothing about sexual assault, sexual harassment, or the duty of universities to investigate criminal behavior on their own instead of referring crimes to law enforcement. But through a period of interpretation and reinterpretation, that simple statutory language has produced reams of federal paperwork that, in effect, turn a simple academic non-discrimination rule into a rape law that lacks the due process protections and evidentiary standards of actual rape law.

Now it appears that Congress has noticed. Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., crashed a Senate hearing last week to grill Deputy Assistant Secretary of Education Amy McIntosh about past statements by Lhamon that purported to establish the “guidance” letter as binding law. How could this be binding, asked Sen. Alexander, when it’s simply a letter issued without any of the procedures required for administrative rule making?

McIntosh didn’t offer much of an answer, and that’s because there isn’t one. As some, including Ari Cohn, have argued for a while, the Department of Education is acting unlawfully here.

A law, to be binding, must pass both houses of Congress and be presented to the president's desk, where it must either pass into law or be vetoed and then overridden by a two-thirds vote of each house. Because this procedure, which the framers of our Constitution designed in order to make lawmaking difficult, turns out to make it difficult to pass laws, we also allow administrative agencies to issue regulations that are binding as law. But those regulations can be issued only after a draft is published and the public has a chance to comment, via either formal or informal rule making.

A mere letter from a bureaucrat, which is all the “Dear Colleague” letter is, has no binding authority. At most, it suggests that the bureaucrats might be willing to go to court to try to convince a judge that their interpretation of the statute is correct.

So why did colleges roll over? Law blogger Scott Greenfield suggests that it’s because the colleges are also warring against college men: “After all, why should a college risk the loss of its lifeblood (federal money) for the sake of protecting a few guys, particularly when the colleges pretty much agree with Lhamon’s progressive ideals?”

Greenfield notes that once Columbia University was sued by a male student claiming that his Title IX rights were violated because of the university’s response to a false accusation, it changed its mind and decided that Title IX didn’t create much in the way of student rights after all. Greenfield concludes: “Regardless of whether one embraces the policy choice embodied in Lhamon’s ‘Dear Colleague’ letters or not, there is no doubt but that it was imposed without lawful authority and adopted by schools who chose to sacrifice one segment of their student population to appease another segment. This is not the law. This is not what Title IX mandates. And they know it, even if you don’t.”

Greenfield is right. It’s nice that members of Congress are taking notice. But male college students and their parents, as well as alumni and trustees — and those women noticing that there’s a shortage of college-educated men all of a sudden — need to ask why there’s a war on college men, and why colleges, seemingly, are on the other side.


There is no other way of saying it. This bitch needs to go to prison. She has deliberately fucked up men's lives. She needs to pay. The best way of doing that is to contact your Representative and Senators and tell them to send Lhamon to prison.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Jameis Winston goes after his accusers

Kirby Dick and Amy Herdy

n Orlando law firm representing Jameis Winston and FSU administrators are protesting CNN's decision to air the film "The Hunting Ground" Sunday.

"We are writing to formally caution CNN that the portions of the film 'The Hunting Ground' pertaining to Mr. Winston are false and defamatory to Mr. Winston," Gray Robinson attorney John A. Boudet wrote in a letter to CNN on behalf of the Tampa Bay Bucs starting quarterback. "We urge CNN to reconsider the reckless decision to proceed with the broadcast of this deeply flawed documentary in the face of overwhelming evidence that the film's producers consciously and intentionally failed to adhere to any accepted journalist standards."

The film, which earned positive reviews at the Sundance Film Festival and screened at theaters throughout the country, focuses on sexual violence on college campuses and is set to air at 8 p.m.

While stressing Florida State does not tolerate rape, President John Thrasher wrote in a statement the film "contains major distortions and glaring omissions to support its simplistic narrative that colleges and universities are to blame for our national sexual assault crisis."

Winston's attorney and FSU both cite an email from film producer Amy Herdy to one of Winston rape accuser Erica Kinsman's attorneys that states, "We don't operate the same way as journalists -- this film project very much is in the corner of advocacy for the victims, so there would be no need to get the perpetrator's side." Another email stated the filmmakers planned to "ambush" Winston with cameras after he declined to be interviewed for the film. The emails were obtained during ongoing litigation involving FSU, Winston and Kinsman.

Then you are propagandists and yellow journalists. Bitch,if you think that faggot and you are immune from legal action guess again.

Harvard professors also questioned the accuracy of another incident highlighted in the film and asked CNN not to air it.

Film director Kirby Dick and producer Amy Ziering have promoted themselves as advocates working on behalf of victims of sexual assault on college campuses. They defended the accuracy of their film during interviews and updates posted on the film's twitter account.

"The facts make them look bad, so they don't want people to see the film on @CNN. We'll let viewers judge Sunday," one Tweet attributed to Ziering read.

CNN has not issued a statement in response to the protests.

John Clune, one of Kinsman's attorneys, released a statement that read, "Mr. Winston is apparently in the midst of another PR battle this week due to the release of The Hunting Ground on Sunday. When your lawyers' letters written on Friday are somehow getting printed in the media on Saturday, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on. His latest attack is an attempt to revive his lawyers' media themes and, as expected, shows no understanding of rape trauma and misrepresents the actual evidence.

"More importantly, Mr. Winston should get used to the rape allegations against him because film or no film, they aren’t going away."

Winston, a former FSU star quarterback and current Bucs starter, is the only person accused of raping a student named in the movie.

Winston was never charged with a crime after an investigation by state attorney Willie Meggs, who noted delays and unusual actions taken by the Tallahassee police were factors in his decision.

An FSU hearing found there was not enough evidence to deem Winston responsible for violations of the school's code of conduct.

The letter from Winston's attorney to CNN closes by stating, "CNN may have persuaded itself that Mr. Winston's status as a public figure insulates your company from a libel judgment. If CNN decides to proceed with this broadcast, we will perhaps have the opportunity to test that legal proposition in a court of law."


Jameis Winston should definitely sue not only the producers and anyone else who were part of creating this film but his accusers as well. You should sue everyone of them into the poor house and make sure they can never find work,have a decent place to live or any good life whatsoever. They are misandrists,they are evil.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Attention men of Missouri

Perhaps Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) shouldn't be shooting her mouth off. There were men who voted for her too but she doesn't give a fuck about them. Don't come off with some mangina/white knight bullshit about this being a "joke". No male senator would have made the same comments about women. If he did these same mangina/white knights would be storming the castle. McCaskill's re-election won't happen until 2019. But why wait? I say we contact McCaskill (click on opinion of legislation)and tell her we are not amused by her video. If you are a resident or are legally able to vote in Missouri vote for her Republican challenger. We don't need this misandrist in office.

UPDATE: Senator McCaskill has laughed off the video as a joke. Tell her you don't think it is a joke. If a male senator had said the same thing about women McCaskill would be leading the charge to make him apologize. If you have already emailed her then please do so again and demand that she apologize to the men of Missouri and America.

Tea Party embraces the men's rights movement

Is This National Tragedy Being Caused by Radical Feminism?

Feminists have been quoted for years as saying, “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” The male bashing has become prevalent, even normal, in our society.

Because of this, because of the hassle and frustration that feminism heaps upon men for being men, more and more men are now starting to avoid marriage.

Can you really blame them? Feminists need to ask themselves, “If someone abused me for just being who I am, would I want to spend time with them much less live with them?”

Now, mind you, I’m not talking about men being abusive (and the whole feminist argument that all sex is rape is ludicrous. If that were true, feminists wouldn’t have sex, heterosexual or homosexual). I’m not talking about men being cruel. I’m talking about men being men. You know, in general, more focused on accomplishment and making things happen in the physical world (as opposed to the relationship world) than women (this is not to say women don’t get things done or that women are less valuable than men. Just different, that’s all.).

So, men are avoiding marriage and, in essence, saying, “Okay, feminists, if you think you can handle it all yourself, if you want to figure out how to get pregnant without a man’s involvement in any way (good luck with that), if you want to take care of those children without a father’s involvement or influence, if you want to be the sole income provider in your household, if you want to truly be autonomous of men, you got it. Because I’ll go where I am valued for being who I am.”

Frankly, it’s a tragedy for our society. Our children need fathers just like they need mothers. Our women need husbands just like men need their wives.

This gender segregation being foisted upon us by the feminists will stop one way or the other: either because people wake up and appreciate the differences in gender and each other or because that culture of foolishness will die off because it can’t reproduce without both genders.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Dave Futrelle has his followers dox MRA and his family

Most of you are aware of the current feminist bitch fit being pitched by David Futrelle. He started out by threatening the director of an upcoming documentary on the Men’s Human Rights Movement. Paul Elam and I wrote a response article calling out these threats. David fired back with an article calling Paul and myself liars.

On the heels of that article, David wrote a third article making good on the threats from his first article. Paul then wrote a solo article calling David out for following through with the threats that David says he didn’t make.

During all this a new Twitter account was created, quite reasonably assumed to be one of David Futrelle’s cult followers. This Twitter account contained my name and an image of my family.

There were five tweets posted by this account. The first gave out my home address and home phone number. Another tweet mentioned my daughter by name. Still another tweet demanded that I apologize to David for lying about him or more of my family’s private information would be leaked to the public.

I waited until now to inform you all of this, that is, until I could get home and see to my family’s safety and security. All of my family and friends will be notified via this article as to what has occurred. AVFM family and friends, say hello to my blood kin and non AVFM friends.

Since I live in a state with more guns than people, where a side arm is as common as a cell phone and where it is legal for 10yr olds to hunt with high powered rifles and without adult supervision, I’d say my family is now safer than the president.

At this time I would like to take a moment to thank all of you who have supported me through this. Believe it or not there were several feminists who hate my guts who condemned this doxxing of my family and worked to get the offending account shut down. A special thank you goes out to them as well.

I watched an old movie once, the name of which I cannot recall, about the civil war. One scene in that movie showed two soldiers, one Confederate and one Union, who happened upon each other while out alone. One soldier had some tobacco while the other had coffee. They shared each with the other. Nothing much was said. Then they turned and went their separate ways. It was a display of humanity in the middle of dehumanizing hell. That’s kind of the way I feel about those feminists sticking up for my family. Thank you all again.

Now, there was one person who has remain eerily silent about all this. That person is David Futrelle. Seems odd since all of this doxxing was done to avenge him. There is not a peep from Futrelle about this on his site or on social media anywhere that I could find. As a parent I know my kid is up to no good when she is quiet. Wonder if the same goes for adults (assuming the word applies)?

Futrelle has spent years painting a threat narrative around the MHRM. He does so by twisting statements made by MHRAs to fit his narrative. He takes articles calling out feminists for their bigotry and violence and uses them to convince his followers that we hate women. He uses articles expressing the idea that men should be able to defend themselves from a violent attack by a woman as examples that we want the unprovoked beating of women to be made legal. He takes articles calling out kangaroo courts on college campuses as evidence that we want the rape of women to be legal. He takes our comments about mass shootings, for example, ‘this is what happens when society ignores men’s mental health and when society chooses to ignore the pain and suffering of men’ and uses them as examples to convince his readers that we want to see women killed.

David isn’t dumb. He is a very smart liar. He leads his audience up to the edge and encourages them to drink the cool-aid. Drink it they do. He uses them to pad his pockets by working them into a fearful frenzy with hyperbole, half truths and outright lies.

It is a strategy that won’t play forever.

David once had a lot of sway with the MSM. That influence appears to be waning. The ABC 20/20 debacle was the turning point. Researchers at that ‘news’ organization used Futrelle as their only source and ran with it. Only to be made out to be fools, when the truth came to light. As a result of this most Main Stream Media publications shy away from Futrelle like he had fresh track marks.

So far, all of his efforts to mount a media attack on Cassie Jaye have resulted in one, impotent hit piece from a low level publication.

David Futrelle’s once strong connections to the MSM were never a real threat to us. In fact it was the reverse. Every time the MSM posted a hit piece on the MHRM, more and more men and women wanting to see the “den of misogyny” would stop by this and other websites to take a look. Many of them figured out that the MSM had lied to them and became supporters. Futrelle has actually been a big help to the MHRM.

But times have changed. The MSM attacks on AVFM have dropped. Now many formerly hostile outlets are publishing articles making the same arguments that MHRA’s have been making for years. Sensing an end to the feminist narrative and thus the end of his gravy train of cult followers, David has dialed up the fear mongering to create even more hysteria in order to keep the dollars, pounds, francs, deutschmarks and rubles flowing in.

I call his followers ‘cult members’ because that is exactly what they are. They are no different than a religious cult. They believe their prophet without question. As history shows us, cults usually become more violent and more dangerous as they near their end. That is what is happening now. For years Futrelle has been little more than nuisance and most often a source of amusement. That has now changed.

A close friend of mine recently commented that terrorists are stupid. I replied that the ones who strap bombs to their chests are stupid. But the leader is smart. He fills the minds of fools with his rhetoric and sends them off on suicide missions for his cause while he sits safely at home.

Now Futrelle sits safely behind his computer with what he thinks is complete deniability while his followers place innocent people including children in harm’s way for his cause. Futrelle doesn’t command these people like a terrorist mastermind. He just lights the fuse and lets the rest happen. He has remained silent about what happened to my family. He has pretended like it didn’t happen. He thinks he has deniability. He doesn’t.

Right now every single MHRA, their family and friends are in danger. The cultists believe what David has told them. They believe that if we are successful, then women will be enslaved, raped and slaughtered en mass.

Yes, they actually believe that shit.

I recently witnessed a conversation between two feminists stating that Cassie Jaye put herself in mortal danger by sitting in the same room with Paul Elam. They talked about how, in the trailer for her documentary, she was sitting on a couch close to Paul with her legs under her and her shoes off. They talked about how dangerous that was and how she should have been ready to run at a moment’s notice.

While these are the same people who condemned the person who doxxed me, I was shocked at the fact they actually believe that Paul is a monster. I thought it was all just rhetoric designed to poison the well. I was wrong.

This level of indoctrination and hysteria can only lead the most extreme followers of Futrelle to believe that any and all action is justified and collateral damage is acceptable. How do I know this? This sort of thing has played out in history many times before and has always followed the same pattern. Plus, unlike David’s fictitious threat narratives that he applies to the MHRM, we now have an example of Futrelle’s followers endangering the lives of innocent people to serve Futrelle’s interests. Remember that this little prick who doxxed my family didn’t demand that I apologize to feminism. He demanded that I apologize to Futrelle.

And on that note, here is the apology that was demanded under threat of releasing more private information.

David as I said earlier, you have created a completely unwarranted climate of fear around the MHRM for the sole purpose of padding your pockets and to destroy a movement that triggers your misogynistic need to appease women rather than treat them as fully capable adults. What has resulted, as was inevitable, is that one of your cult members has drunk the cool-aid and now feels that any action against MHRAs is justifiable including endangering the safety and well-being of innocent people such as my family. I hold you personally responsible for this occurring.

I consider the doxxing of my wife and daughter and the doxxing of me to be two separate issues. The doxxing of me has done one thing and one thing only. It’s has royally pissed me off. You think Paul Elam has been a thorn in your side? Ha! Paul is the guru of FTSU but I’m a junkyard dog with no owner and no collar. He, as a public figure of the MHRM, has a reputation to think about. I don’t.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you shouldn’t piss off a redheaded country boy from the backwoods of Tennessee? I promise you David that for the rest of your life there will be nights you cry yourself to sleep in anger and frustration over me. I’m simply going to keep doing what I’ve been doing; but I’m going to do more of it and do it better. I’m going to destroy the ideology of feminism. I’m going to burn it to the ground. I’m going make chili out of the ashes; then shit all over on Andea D’workins fucking grave. All the while making sure that you are aware of it all.

There is the apology that little snake wanted for you – Futrelle. I hope you like it.


Dave has advertisers on his site. Let's ask them if they wish to be associated with someone like Futrelle who knowing puts innocent human lives in danger. Let's ask them if that is the image they wished to be associated with. Dave Futrelle's website