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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Corrupt drug tester busted

Annie Dookhan

BOSTON — A chemist accused of lying about drug samples she tested at a state lab could face additional charges as prosecutors and defense attorneys sift through thousands of criminal cases that could be upended by her actions.

Annie Dookhan, 34, of Franklin, was arrested Friday in a burgeoning investigation that has already led to the shutdown of the lab, the resignation of the state's public health commissioner and the release of more than a dozen drug defendants.

Many more defendants are expected to be released. Authorities say more than 1,100 inmates are serving time in cases in which Dookhan was the primary or secondary chemist.

"Annie Dookhan's alleged actions corrupted the integrity of the entire criminal justice system," state Attorney General Martha Coakley said during a news conference after Dookhan's arrest. "There are many victims as a result of this."

Dookhan faces more than 20 years in prison on charges of obstruction of justice and falsely pretending to hold a degree from a college or university. She testified under oath that she holds a master's degree in chemistry from the University of Massachusetts, but school officials say they have no record of her receiving an advanced degree or taking graduate courses there.

Whoever hired her didn't verify her educational background? I always knew Massachusetts was pussywhipped but I didn't think it was this bad.

State police say Dookhan tested more than 60,000 drug samples involving 34,000 defendants during her nine years at the Hinton State Laboratory Institute in Boston. Defense lawyers and prosecutors are scrambling to figure out how to deal with the fallout.

Assistant Attorney General John Verner called the charges against Dookhan "preliminary" and said a "much broader" investigation is being conducted.

Verner said state police learned of Dookhan's alleged actions in July after they interviewed a chemist at the lab who said he had observed "many irregularities" in Dookhan's work.

Verner said Dookhan later acknowledged to state police that she sometimes would take 15 to 25 samples and instead of testing them all, she would test only five of them, then list them all as positive. She said that sometimes, if a sample tested negative, she would take known cocaine from another sample and add it to the negative sample to make it test positive for cocaine, Verner said.

Do you value your freedom? Do you want that dream job? Pay the chemist.

Dookhan pleaded not guilty and was later released on $10,000 bail. She was ordered to turn over her passport, submit to GPS monitoring, and not have contact with any former or current employees of the lab.

Dookhan's relatives and attorney declined to comment after the brief hearing in Boston Municipal Court. Her next court date is Dec. 3.

The obstruction charges accuse Dookhan of lying about drug samples she analyzed at the lab in March 2011 for a Suffolk County case, and for testifying under oath in August 2010 that she had an advanced degree from the University of Massachusetts, Attorney General Martha Coakley said at a news conference.

In one of the cases, Boston police had tested a substance as negative for cocaine, but when Dookhan tested it, she reported it as positive. Investigators later retested the cample and it came back negative, Verner said.

The only motive authorities have found so far is that Dookhan wanted to be seen as a good worker, Coakley said.

According to a state police report in August, Dookhan said she just wanted to get the work done and never meant to hurt anyone.

People are in lock up that wouldn't be in lock up if it weren't for this bitch. Most likely she's sorry she got caught.

"I screwed up big-time," she is quoted as saying. "I messed up bad; it's my fault. I don't want the lab to get in trouble."

Dookhan's supervisors have faced harsh criticism for not removing her from lab duties after suspicions about her were first raised by her co-workers and for not alerting prosecutors and police. However, Coakley said, there is no indication so far of criminal activity by anyone else at the lab.

Co-workers began expressing concern about Dookhan's work habits several years ago, but her supervisors allowed her to continue working. Dookhan was the most productive chemist in the lab, routinely testing more than 500 samples a month, while others tested 50 to 150.

No,she tested 5 samples and falsified the rest while the other workers who were professional tested 50 to 150 a month. Notice the co-workers concerns were swept under the rug. I'd like to see how they're going to sweep this under the rug.

One co-worker told state police he never saw Dookhan in front of a microscope. A lab employee saw Dookhan weighing drug samples without doing a balance check on her scale.

In an interview with state police late last month, Dookhan acknowledged faking test results for two to three years. She told police she identified some drug samples as narcotics simply by looking at them instead of testing them, a process known as dry labbing. She also said she forged the initials of colleagues and deliberately turned a negative sample into a positive for narcotics a few times.

"I hope the system isn't treating the evidence against her the way she treated the evidence against several thousand defendants," said defense attorney John T. Martin, who has a client who was allowed to withdraw his guilty plea based on concerns over Dookhan's work.

Dookhan was suspended from lab duties after getting caught forging a colleague's initials on paperwork in June 2011. She resigned in March as the Department of Public Health investigated. The lab was run by the department until July 1, when state police took over as part of a state budget directive.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Let's encourage Dan Matthews one more time

Dan Matthews is the Republican Congressional candidate representing the 2nd district of Washington state. Matthews has been in favor of men's rights: click here However Matthews has flipped flop: click here

Of course it doesn't help when Rick Larsen,the Democratic incumbent,makes statements such as:

“So long as you don’t spend a lot of time talking about certain issues with folks with those sort of views and just focus on the issues where you agree. You have to commit to working with Democrats and Republicans when you take this job. But coming back to Todd Akins, what he said was not just scientifically inaccurate, it was morally reprehensible. The view of some of the folks in the Republican party on women and the role in society, is just as reprehensible. While I was arguing for the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) on the floor of the House, my opponent Dan Matthews posted on his website this.” Rep. Larsen drew out a piece of paper and read me a quote that I have reproduced here. It is from Matthews website although he has since pulled it down, it is still reproduced online on a “Men’s Rights” blog here.

Larsen's quote:click here

Guess who's blog Larsen is refering to? Yes,yours truly.

The only solution as I see it: to tell Dan Matthews that men's concerns are a politically viable and it is a safe position to take. If he hears from a lot of us he may stand up to feminist favoring likes of Rick Larsen and festering pus of the femocratic party. Let's let him know today.

Email: info@danmatthewsforcongress.com

A myth exposed

The Nineteenth Amendment granted suffrage to women, but 1920 was not the first year American women could legally vote. Back in the day, property ownership often dictated voting, which effectively excluded women because their legal status was typically "feme covert." Married women's property became their husband's in name, unless they entered into a contract that specified otherwise. In contrast, single women were not barred from property ownership, but for a variety of reasons, single women had a hard time acquiring the acreage needed to be eligible for voting . For a few women, however, inheritance and widowhood provided an opportunity to vote. In 1756, Lydia Chapin Taft, widow of Josiah Taft, voted in her local Massachusetts town meeting, having met the property requirements by acquiring her husband's estate. In New Jersey, a similar situation existed until 1807, when the law was changed to exclude women. Amusingly enough, being barred from the vote didn't bar women from office: Susanna Madora Salter became the first female American mayor in 1887.

Source: content.answcdn.com / via: blsciblogs.baruch.cuny.edu

Article source:click here

This is something that I've suspected for a long time,that property owners of either gender could vote and this proves it. This proves that gender discrimination against women was a lie but don't tell that to suffragettes or they may attack you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Election time is coming

Election time is coming up and that means a lot of people are heading to the polls. Before you vote you may want to vet the candidates to see where they stand. One man did just that here and if he can everyone else can. It vital to find out if the candidates that you can vote for (local and Congressional districts) are in favor of your views and the best way is to vet them and then vote for the most favorable to men or the lesser of the two evils when it comes to misandry. However it works out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A word on the freedom of speech

In the United States freedom is speech is so important that it is the 1st Amendment to our Constitution. Freedom of speech should be extended to all and that is what the internet does. There are some that don't believe in freedom of speech for everyone but for only the chosen few and I believe they will make themselves the choosers. There are posts here dedicated to freedom of speech issues such as PIPA,SOPA and other unconstitutional nightmares. The price of liberty is eternal vigilance and if you value your liberties you must be vigilant and activist. That is the only way to get things done.

If you a are freedom-loving American who wishes to be a shining beacon to the rest of the world then vote. Voting time is coming up in November,the time to vote in pro-male and pro-civil liberties candidates and vote out misandric censorers. If you favor these things and are registered to vote then please do so. If you are not registered time is running out so register today. You do so by going down to your nearest post office or motor vehicles department. If you are unable to that click on the banner:

Chris Dodd wants to restrict the net

Chris Dodd

You people are dangerous with your unrestricted internet that might step on big toes

From Campaign For Liberty:

The statists want you to believe that if you'd just hand over every last bit of your remaining liberties, everything would be fine.

They say freedom is "dangerous."

In fact, that's exactly how former U.S. Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) - now a high-powered Washington, D.C. lobbyist - recently referred to C4L's fight for Internet freedom, stating, "You can't just have a legal, free environment where there aren't any restrictions [on the Internet]."

Well, according to recent news reports, I'm afraid Chris Dodd may just get his way.

That's why - if you haven't yet done so - I'm counting on you to sign your C4L Internet Freedom Manifesto IMMEDIATELY.

As The Hill reported, the Obama Administration is busy circulating a five-page draft of an Executive Order giving the President control over virtually all private communication systems in America under the guise of "national security."

This is nothing more than an end run around Congress who - thanks to your help - just blocked a bill with similar provisions last month.

But that's not all.

Under the guise of improving broadband service, the FCC is launching an unprecedented assault on the American people, collecting all types of personal information from law-abiding citizens without their knowledge.

Under this scheme, government bureaucrats will be able to gain access to our personal information - including your website history, your tweets, Facebook posts, and even the physical home address associated with your IP address.

Just imagine government bureaucrats armed with whatever they want to know about you right at their fingertips.

What you read. What you watch. What you buy. What you say. Who you talk to.

Imagine the Internet - and with it, the entire technological revolution - SHUT DOWN with a ball of higher taxes, government snooping, and bureaucratic red tape.

This is where we're headed - not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, but NOW - unless folks like you and me who cherish our remaining liberties begin to fight back.

Quite frankly, if freedom is dangerous, I'm committed to living dangerously - and I hope you agree.

If you do, please sign your Internet Freedom Manifesto IMMEDIATELY.

Right now, statists in both parties don't think they have anything to fear as they chip away at our Internet freedom - so long as they make up a good enough excuse like "security" or "fairness."

They think you and I aren't smart enough to figure out what they're up to.

Or maybe we just don't care.

Or maybe we'll just put our heads in the sand and ignore the fight going on all around us.

Well, I'm counting on you to help me prove them DEAD WRONG.

I'm counting on your help.

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. President Obama's Administration is circulating a draft of an Executive Order giving the President control over virtually all private communication systems in America under the guise of "national security."

Just as bad, Obama's FCC is gearing up to collect all types of personal information about the American people - information that will be shared with other government agencies - including members of Congress.

That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your Internet Freedom Manifesto IMMEDIATELY.

To sign the manifesto:click here

If internet freedom means something to you then sign the manifesto. Let's tell creeps like Dodd to leave us alone and get used to changes in the way things run. I'm sure these idiots ran things in the past but the past is gone and the here and now belong to the people. To preserve your freedom sign the manifesto.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Feminists embezzle VAWA money

Department of Justice

Office of Public Affairs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEWednesday, March 28, 2012

Former Grant Administrator and Legal Assistant of American Samoa Non-profit Legal Aid Corporation Sentenced for Stealing Nearly $160,000 in Federal Grant Funds Funds Intended to Benefit Low-Income Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

WASHINGTON – Julie Matau, 49, and her daughter, Andrea Matau, 28, each were sentenced yesterday in Oakland, Calif., for their participation in the theft of nearly $160,000 in federal grant funds from a now-defunct nonprofit American Samoa legal services corporation, announced Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken for the Northern District of California sentenced Julie Matau to 12 months and one day in prison. Julie Matau also was ordered to serve three years of supervised release, including eight hours a week of community service throughout the three-year term. Judge Wilken sentenced Andrea Matau to serve 12 months of probation, including six months of home detention. Andrea Matau also was ordered to provide eight hours a week of community service for the entire 12 months of probation. Judge Wilken ordered Julie and Andrea Matau to pay $159,763 in restitution, to be paid jointly and severally. In addition, Judge Wilken ordered that $31,292 of the $159,763 be paid jointly and severally with David Wagner, another individual who has pleaded guilty for his role in the scheme, if he is ordered to pay restitution in that amount. Wagner’s sentencing is scheduled for April 2, 2012, in St. Louis before U.S. District Judge Carol E. Jackson for the Eastern District of Missouri.

On Dec. 21, 2011, Julie Matau pleaded guilty to wire fraud and Andrea Matau pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft of federal funds. A federal grand jury in the Northern District of California returned an indictment against Julie and Andrea Matau on Dec. 16, 2010. Wagner pleaded guilty on March 11, 2010, in the Eastern District of Missouri for his role in the theft of federal funds.

The case arose from allegations of theft and fraud at a now-defunct nonprofit legal services corporation in American Samoa called the U’una’i Legal Services Corporation (ULSC). According to court documents, between 1998 and 2007, ULSC was the only nonprofit organization in American Samoa that was dedicated to providing free legal services to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sexual abuse.

Between August 2005 and September 2007, ULSC received more than $1.2 million in federal grant funds from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women and the Legal Services Corporation.

According to court documents, between May 2005 and September 2007, Wagner served as ULSC’s acting executive director and Julie Matau served as ULSC’s office manager and grant administrator. Julie Matau, together with Wagner, was responsible for submitting applications for federal grant funding, managing ULSC’s federal funds and issuing employee payroll checks. Wagner and Julie Matau exercised joint signatory authority over ULSC’s bank accounts. Andrea Matau worked as one of ULSC’s legal assistants and reported directly to Julie Matau.

According to court documents, between September 2005 and September 2007, Julie Matau and Wagner arranged for themselves, Andrea Matau, and Julie and Andrea Matau’s relatives to receive unlawful payments from the federal grant funds. According to court documents, Julie Matau unlawfully received $65,649 in federal grant funds; Andrea Matau unlawfully received $24,634 in federal grant funds; Wagner unlawfully received $31,292 in federal grant funds; and the Mataus’ relatives received $38,188 in federal grant funds.

In her guilty plea, Julie Matau admitted that she knew that they had no legal entitlement to receive these federal grant funds and that their receipt of the federal funds violated the terms and conditions of the grants. Julie Matau also admitted that she had no intention of repaying the money to ULSC or the federal government, or of requiring others to repay the money. In her guilty plea, Andrea Matau admitted that she participated in the theft by personally receiving $24,634 in unlawful payments and by permitting Julie Matau to deposit additional unlawful payments in Andrea Matau’s personal bank account and in their joint bank account.

In his guilty plea, Wagner admitted that, with Julie Matau’s assistance, he received a number of unlawful “salary advances.” Wagner also admitted that he signed blank ULSC checks for Julie Matau’s use in exchange for the unlawful payments that she provided to him.

The case is being prosecuted by Trial Attorneys Edward J. Loya Jr. and Monique T. Abrishami of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section. Senior Trial Attorney Mary K. Butler and Trial Attorney Maria N. Lerner, also of the Public Integrity Section, participated in the investigation of this matter. The case is being investigated by special agents of the Department of Justice’s Office of the Inspector General and the Legal Services Corporation’s Office of Inspector General, with assistance from special agents of the FBI-Honolulu Division, American Samoa Resident Agency.

12-386Criminal Division

Source:click here

I believe I asked where was the VAWA money going here and here and now we know. We know of one abuse of a VAWA case but I'm sure there are many more. Congress needs to investigate thoroughly these groups receiving VAWA money or we're going to have more incidents such as this.

Senate skips town to avoid Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

Harry Reid thinks the fate of Audit the Fed is in his hands.

It wouldn't be the first time he’s been wrong.

This week, C4L members FLOODED Senator Reid's office and the rest of the U.S. Senate with thousands upon thousands – upon thousands – of messages demanding a vote on Audit the Fed. But late Friday night, the Senate decided to drop everything and skip town until after the November election. No, we didn’t get our vote before the Senate went into recess. But we put our senators on notice - continue to block Audit the Fed, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. They really don’t think we’ll keep their offices tied up on the phone and checking their emails day and night until Audit the Fed advances. It's sad that after this many years, they just don't know the liberty movement very well.

The truth is, the fate of Audit the Fed is in OUR hands. Outside of allies like Senators Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Jim DeMint, and a handful of others, we can’t count on many in the Senate to hold the Fed accountable. They’re too busy covering for their buddy Ben and his secretive printing press operation. That means unless you, me, and millions of other Americans put so much pressure on the U.S. Senate that it has NO choice but to vote on and PASS Audit the Fed when it reconvenes, the issue will indeed die this year. While I guarantee you C4L will be on the frontlines of the fight to turn this bill into law in the next Congress should it fall short now, I don’t want to let this historic opportunity slip out of our fingers.

After all, how many people said Audit the Fed would never pass the U.S. House?

Been there. Won that. Overwhelmingly.

So what can you do now?

With your senators back in town – and on the election trail – from now until November, I hope you’ll visit their local offices to show them you’re more determined than ever to turn a spotlight on the Fed.

Find out if there will be any meetings in your area – and make sure you get your senators on the record for or against common-sense transparency and accountability.

Also, let your fellow constituents know whether or not your senators have cosponsored Audit the Fed (you can find the list of cosponsors here) and urge them to add their voices to our ranks.

If your senators are already cosponsors, then ask your family, friends, and neighbors to call their offices demanding they do everything in their power to force a roll call vote when the Senate returns.

A key lesson that many Americans forget is that the power is in OUR hands.

Politicians can only get away with what we allow them to do.

No senator will want to be on the opposite side of Audit the Fed if we can increase our grassroots tidal wave of support for this bill.

We can prove the naysayers wrong and show we will not be discouraged, and we will not be silenced.

Help us turn up the pressure so high the Senate will have no choice to but to vote on and PASS Audit the Fed when it returns to Washington!

In Liberty,

John Tate President

Since the Senate wanted to avoid the issue they did the only thing they could do and that is skip town. Voting against Audit The Fed would be political suicide so they pulled this stunt. We can hold their feet to the fire. This is a postponement not a defeat we didn't lose anything. We didn't get the vote but we didn't lose either. Like I said it is a postponement so let's stay alert and see what happens.

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Let's tell Harry Reid to audit the Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

And nothing says you care more than following up your phone call with a note!

So please also send a fax to Senator Reid's office by signing our Action Fax Authorization Form right away if you haven't already! Your action is needed today because the Senate is just about to recess for the election. While Senator Paul is working feverishly to obtain a vote, he needs our critical grassroots backup to turn up the pressure! But even if we don't get a vote now, we're not giving up.

Thank you for your support of this historic cause!

In Liberty,

John Tate

P.S. Harry Reid looks like he could use a little cheering up - and I think a phone call and note in support of Audit the Fed is just what the doctor ordered!

So please contact Senator Reid's office at 202-224-3542 - and sign your Action Fax Authorization Form if you haven't yet done so.

Action Fax Authorization Form.

If you are unable to phone Senator Reid you can reach him here. This is the last hurdle and if this bill passes it goes to Obama's desk for his signature and he has stated he will sign it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Audit the Fed is going to the Senate

From Campaign For Liberty:

Ben Bernanke and his out-of-control bankster cronies seem determined to drive our economy straight off a cliff and destroy our dollar in the process. If you saw the Fed put its foot on the gas announcing QE3 last week, you could hardly come to any other conclusion.

Even after the QE1 and QE2 FAILURES, the Fed is back to its old tricks and pumping even more money into our economy - to the tune of $40 BILLION per month.

Indefinitely. There's no end in sight.

It's up to you and me to stop the madness and strip the Fed's corruption naked before the American people by finally auditing the Federal Reserve. That's why I'm counting on you to please sign your Action Fax Authorization Form IMMEDIATELY.

By signing your form, you'll allow me to flood the U.S. Senate - including Harry Reid's office - with faxes from good folks like you DEMANDING passage of Audit the Fed. But with the U.S. Senate likely to recess after next weekend, this may be our last opportunity in this Congress. The good news is, Senator Rand Paul is working feverishly right now to bring Audit the Fed to the Senate floor.

But success or failure in this fight depends on the support of grassroots activists like you from all across the country. As you know, nearly 75% of the American people support an audit of the Federal Reserve. And as recently as 2010 - when he was facing a tough reelection - Senator Reid stated he supported a Federal Reserve audit!

But when Audit the Fed recently passed the U.S. House, Harry Reid immediately declared there would be NO Senate vote on auditing the Fed. But control of the U.S. Senate is up for grabs this November. So it's up to you and me to send a message to the U.S. Senate: Go against the wishes of nearly 75% of the American people, and find a new job. So please, help send a loud-and-clear message to the U.S. Senate by signing your Action Fax Authorization Form IMMEDIATELY.

Your Action Fax - along with hundreds of thousands of others - will prove to Harry Reid that the American people are FED up and want to see a bright public spotlight shined on the Federal Reserve. But as I told you, time is running out.

In Liberty,

John Tate

To sign the action fax click here

This may be now or never for Audit the Fed if we miss this opportunity we may lose the momentum and not get this through the new congress so now is the time. Sign the action fax to let the Senate know you mean business when you demanded the Fed be held accountable.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A couple of things from SAVE

he University of Montana has recently implemented new sexual assault guidelines and created a series of personal empowerment awareness videos for students. Unfortunately, the videos are spreading misinformation about rape, and the guidelines are restricting the civil rights of falsely accused students.

Jordan Johnson

The videos are based on claims by the Justice Department that are wholly unverified -- such as "80 reported rapes" at the university in the past three years. The videos even promote the untrue statistic that only 2 percent of rape accusations are false.

Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson was charged with rape despite all evidence pointing to his innocence. His accuser admitted to her friends "I don't think he did anything wrong to be honest," but prosecutors continued with the case inviting, as an investigation reported, "the possible conviction of an innocent defendant."

In a letter to Univ. of Montana President Royce Engstrom, Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) has requested that the university immediately remove the damaging videos from its curriculum.

We'd like your help. Tell Royce Engstrom to withdraw his biased sex assault videos and to respect the rights of accused students, who are innocent until proven guilty.

Univ. of Montana president Royce Engstrom:
Email: prestalk@umontana.edu
Phone: 406-243-2311
Thank you!


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

And this.

The U.S. Department of Education (DED)'s 2011 sexual assault directive has resulted in a number of false allegations and wrongful convictions. High profile cases involve the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the University of North Dakota, Cornell University, the University of North Carolina, Brown University, Xavier University, Yale University, and the University of Montana.

Learn more at accusingu.org.

SAVE believes that holding false accusers accountable will result in a reduction of false allegations. Today, we're asking you to write to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Tell him, "False Accusers Must be Held Accountable!"

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan:

Oh behalf of every male student on campus, thank you!


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

No problem we can send these emails to correct these injustices so the more of us they hear from the better so send them today.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Throwing down the gauntlet

This how we see you

Feminists,are you willing to defend your cause? No one has yet. Is it because you know feminism to a vile and evil cause that it can't possibly be defended? We're throwing down the gauntlet:are you going to put up or shut up? Will you be here or will you wuss out. NOW? National Organization of Whiners. Ms. Foundation? Ms. Guided,Ms.Stake,Ms Use of money,Ms. Use of time. Feminist Majority? Feminist majority of idiots. Perhaps you feminist bloggers maybe you can do something your psychopathic overlords are scared to do and that is debate us MRA's. You know who you are: femitamponstring,feminutzi,that blog with the dyke and the blog with the mangina that wants to be a dyke. You've defended Lorena Bobbitt,you've defended husband killers and other anti-male lunatics,you've even defended misandry in general and now you can't defend feminism? That dog don't hunt. Either put up or shut up.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The evil,horrible creature and the clown

I'm going to have trouble sleeping tonight after seeing that horrible,evil,grotesque creature. The image of children's nightmares,the raper of men's souls. A horrible monster like that is impossible to blot out. You can still hear the screams. There was also a picture of clown,that wasn't so bad.

End anti-male indentured servitude

Did you hear this? Some destitute man is paying his ex-wife to live a lavish lifestyle. He's paying her to eat filet minon while keeping the rats away from his raman,which is all he can afford. The laws are so skewed against men but we can change that. We can write to our elected officials at the state level and inform them about this injustice and that we won't stand for it anymore. Write in today.

The New York Times,the professor and the MRA's protesting him

Recently the New York Times published the piece:Men:Who needs them? which caused a righteous reaction from the Men's Rights Movement. We protested to the times and found the guy who wrote the article,Greg Hampikian,at his regular job as a professor at Boise State University. When we contacted the University by both email and phone we were told by the Boise Police Department that we were harassing the staff at Boise State University. We weren't "harassing" anyone we were asking them to discipline a rogue professor that is out of control. If you can't say "jews,who needs them","Hispanics,who needs them","women:who needs them" then you can't say "men:who needs them" it's that simple. Apparently Boise State University doesn't agree and sicced the cops on us. I guess in these halls of higher learning there is some basic learning that was overlooked and a lot of dissenting voices silenced. This shows that when it comes to gender issues Boise State University is going to do the correct thing-the politically correct thing.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Vancouver feminazis tear down A Voice For Men posters

These women claim the AVFM posters violate their views about acceptable gender equality

It seems that there are a bunch of closed minded bigots in Vancouver who are trying to censor the men's rights messages to keep us from reaching out and presenting our views. What they are doing is tearing down the A Voice For Men posters that are being placed throughout the city informing people about the plight of men. A lot of people showed us support and agreed that the posters should stay up so that people can make up their own minds. Even men who have been fucked by the current system are writing in which I think is fantastic because their experiences can help curb misandric legislation today so that our sons and nephews don't have to fight it tomorrow. We don't want to put them through what we inherited. There is a media outlet that covered this in a professional way. In fact I want to thank News1130 for covering this in a professional manner by not doing a hatchet job on it like so made other media outlets will do. It's good to know there are still some responsible journalists out there. All the vandals did was make themselves look bad by being closed-minded bigots but then again that is the feminazi MO.

Don't fuck with an MRA

Tiffany Marie Smith, the ex-wife of men’s advocate Gordon Smith is now sitting in jail after having been arrested on three counts of false accusation and one felony count of making a false statement to police investigators.

She was arrested this morning in Dover, Delaware by the Dover Police Department.

Her arrest came at the end of a Kafkaesque saga for Mr. Smith, who was arrested 8 times on a total of 13 allegations from Tiffany Marie, all of which stemmed from a bitter custody dispute. During that time, Gordon Smith was arrested once at gunpoint, jailed several times, forced to wear a GPS monitoring device around his ankle, and was in fact arrested twice when the monitoring device proved that he was nowhere near Tiffany Marie Smith at the times she alleged he violated a protective order. The allegations involved a range of crimes. including sexual assault, physical assault and terroristic threats.

The ordeal has cost him untold thousands in legal fees and severely compromised his professional life.

As a result of her arrest, all of the seven remaining charges against Mr. Smith were dropped, and his legal fight for his freedom is over.

It appears that the writing was evident on the wall to police officials, and the prosecution against Mr. Smith folded after the Dover State News (DSN) picked up on the story from A Voice for Men. DSN reporter Craig Anderson covered the story involving a felony charge against Gordon Smith being dropped, and reportedly began investigating other aspects of the case due to AVfM’s coverage.

An elated Mr. Smith had a message for readers of AVfM, who reacted to the story of his struggle by pressing it to officials and to the media.

“Words cannot describe the emotions I feel for every one of you at AVfM who made phone calls and sent emails and prayed for me during this time.”

More information will follow on this case after the holiday, when state offices are open.

*Update from Dean Esmay* Official statement from Dover, Delaware police department:

“Tiffany Smith 29 reported several domestic related crimes to the Dover Police and Delaware State Police over a period of time in August in which she stated she was victimized by her ex-husband Gordon Smith 47. On August 18 the Dover Police arrested Mr. Smith on several charges relating to a domestic incident. After the arrest Tiffany Smith continued reporting that Mr. Smith was stalking her and on one occasion had physically attacked her. A joint investigation by Dover Police and the Delaware State Police found that Tiffany Smith falsified all the complaints she made against Mr. Smith. Tiffany Smith was arrested on three counts of falsely reporting an Incident and one count of providing a false statement. All charges against Gordon Smith have been dismissed at the request of the Dover Police Department.”

Special recognition to the Dover Delaware Police for having the guts and the decency to do their jobs and do it right and to pressure the Delaware State authorities to do the their jobs. Special thanks to Dover PD Lieutenant Alan Rachko, who wins the Big Brass Balls of the year award in my eyes. –DE

Source:click here

Good for Gordon Smith for standing up to her it's good to see a fellow MRA prevail and Deleware of all places. I suggest we keep a close eye on this one because the Attorney General of Deleware is Joe Biden III,son of our mediocre vice president Joe Biden Jr. so this can "get lost" real easy so we need to be vigilant.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Help rescind the "dear colleague" letter

Students returning to campuses are facing the curtailment of student civil rights, thanks to a 2011 U.S. Department of Education (DED) sex assault mandate. Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) is calling on the federal agency to retract the Directive, and restore due process to campuses across the nation.

Under the policy, rather than the usual "reasonable doubt" standard used in courts of law, colleges are now mandated to use the 50.1% "preponderance of evidence" standard when adjudicating claims of sexual assault.

Release of the Directive has resulted in a number of high-profile debacles across the country:click here

Learn more at click here

SAVE wants to stop the Directive from inviting false allegations, which harm the credibility of true victims and dissipate needed services for victims.

Help us convince the DED to rescind the Directive. Sign the petition: sign the petition or write to Secretary of Education Arne Duncan: arne.duncan@ed.gov.

Thank you!


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Or we can do both,sign the petition and contact Arne Duncan. Let's see if the Obama administration reaches out to men,a voting bloc they desperately need or are they going to make Team Romney clean up their mess on January 21 or after. Let's see.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tell Senator Scott Brown to oppose S. 1925

In the last few days Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts has seen fit to publicize his support to S. 1925, the VAWA reauthorization bill which passed the Senate on April 26. SAVE has reviewed S. 1925, and notes the bill ignores the problem of female-initiated abuse, has the potential to inflict harm on the falsely accused, and comes within a whisper of unconstitutionality.

In general, Scott Brown has been a fair-minded senator. He now finds himself in a tight race against Elizabeth Warren who has repeatedly played the gender card.

Contact Senator Brown and tell him that much of Domestic Violence is initiated by women, that false accusations are rampant and destructive, and that S. 1925 is flatly unfair.

The senator can be reached by phone at 1-202-228-2643, or fax at 1-202-228-2646.

Thank you!


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Or you can contact Senator Brown here and tell him to reject S. 1925. S. 1925 is anti-male and must be opposed. Contact Senator Brown immediately.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Homeland Security official accused of sexual harassment resigns

Janet Napolitano's aide, ICE chief of staff, resigns amid misconduct claims

Published: September 1, 2012 7:29 PM

By The Associated Press

WASHINGTON - A senior Obama administration political appointee and longtime aide to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano resigned Saturday amid allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior lodged by at least three Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees.

Suzanne Barr, chief of staff to ICE Director John Morton, said in her resignation letter that the allegations against her are "unfounded." But she said she was stepping down anyway to end distractions within the agency. ICE, a division of the Homeland Security Department, confirmed Barr had resigned. The Associated Press obtained a copy of Barr's letter. Barr is accused of sexually inappropriate behavior toward employees. The complaints are related to a sexual discrimination and retaliation lawsuit filed by a senior ICE agent in May.

In her letter to Morton, Barr said she has been the subject of "unfounded allegations designed to destroy my reputation" and is resigning "with great regret."

"Of greater concern however, is the threat these allegations represent to the reputation of this agency and the men and women who proudly serve their country by advancing ICE's mission," Barr wrote. "As such, I feel it is incumbent upon me to take every step necessary to prevent further harm to the agency and to prevent this from further distracting from our critical work."

Barr went on leave last month after the New York Post reported on the lawsuit filed by James T. Hayes Jr., ICE's special agent in charge in New York. Additional employees came forward with their allegations around the same time.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King, R-N.Y., said in a statement Saturday that Barr's resignation "raises the most serious questions about management practices and personnel policies at the Department of Homeland Security." He said his committee will continue to review the case and personnel practices at DHS.

In one complaint, Barr is accused of telling a male subordinate he was "sexy" and asking a personal question about his anatomy during an office party. In a separate complaint, she is accused of offering to perform a sex act with a male subordinate during a business trip in Bogota, Colombia. She's also accused of calling a male subordinate from her hotel room and offering to perform a sex act. The names of two of Barr's accusers were censored in affidavits reviewed by AP.

Homeland Security's office of professional responsibility and inspector general have been investigating the allegations.

Prior to the lawsuit, there were no complaints about Barr, according to a homeland security official who spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about the matter.

In the lawsuit, Hayes described a "frat house" atmosphere at ICE designed to humiliate male employees under Barr's leadership. Hayes, who was transferred to New York from ICE headquarters in Washington, is asking for more than $4 million that, among other things, would cover compensation he believes he is owed for relocation expenses and financial losses associated with his transfer.

Hayes' lawyer, Morris Fischer of Silver Spring, Md., has declined to comment.

The Justice Department is seeking to dismiss Hayes' lawsuit on the basis that he did not state a claim for retaliation.

Barr, a 1995 graduate of the University of Arizona, was among Napolitano's first appointments after she became secretary in 2009. Barr started working for Napolitano in 2004, while Napolitano was governor of Arizona. Prior to that, Barr worked for Arizona Republican Sens. Jon Kyl and John McCain.

Source:click here

This is a follow-up to this article which initially broke the story. If it were a man he may suffer the same fate or worse for sexually harassing a female employee. At least the matter wasn't swept under the rug like these female-on-male sexual harassment cases usually are. This goes to show that women can sexually harass men too.