Sunday, January 26, 2014

I am here to save the day

A video I found on the net.

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Feminists and their cats

I appreciate any and all contributions. Of course, if you’re broke and can’t swing a contribution now, I understand. Really.

Your donations — and other forms of support –keep this blog going, by keeping me going. (Yes, the money goes to me. And my cats.)
-Dave Futrelle

I offered to send Fooltrelle used toilet paper but he wouldn't accept it which is really weird because feminists are so full of shit they shouldn't mind it. But he didn't publish it. I must have scared the little fella but then again male? feminists scare easily so that was bound to happen.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

On prostate cancer

Having a doctor stick their finger up your ass once a year sure beats this shit.

Get yourself checked.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

JTO on porn

Porn, and semen: The devil’s glue

January 19, 2014 By John Hembling (JtO)

There might be a few thousand men world wide who haven’t watched porn online. You know, guys who live in villages in the jungles of Papua New Guinea – places without internet, or computers, or electricity, where the grass and the trees themselves are still black and white.

For the rest of the world though, it’s a safe bet that men watch porn. Its even a reasonably safe bet that women watch porn as well. A survey conducted several years ago indicated that 30% of porn’s online audience was female, and that number made no account of under-reporting, or lying by female respondents. However, in spite of a substantial female audience, most porn is a male oriented entertainment medium. And a nearly universal element of modern porn is a standardized device within the visual narrative of fantasy sex depicted in this entertainment medium, called the money shot, in which a male porn performer, usually reduced by camera angle to a de-personalized, disembodied penis ejaculates onto the face, or sometimes the face and breasts of the female performer.

This is usually the climax of a porn scene, and in fact is such an important element the visual language of modern porn that an entire genre of porn focuses on just this climactic moment. Taken from the japanese word meaning “to splash” the porn genre of “bukakke” is a distillation of this visual moment, often using more than one male performer to multiply the visual effect of the porn performance.

And this is a key point to remember; that what we’re talking about when we discuss porn is not sex. Certainly, it’s an activity that simulates sex. It involves naked people, various sexual activities, orgasms and so on, but the performers are not people in the privacy of their bedrooms doing what you or I would do with our respective partners. Along with one or more male and female actors are cameramen, sound technicians, if its a bigger budget, a producer, sometimes directors, make up people props and such.

Porn is not sex. It is theatre. Within that theater, the semen – or in some cases – the water and icing sugar splashed onto the face of the female performers is both more and less than bodily fluid produced during a male orgasm. It is, in the language of porn a mystical substance. What we might call semen, whether it’s icing sugar or corn starch or silicone and water or actual ejaculate is the distilled concentrated and symbolic representation of the sexual desire, the lust and the sexual identity not of the male actor, the guy objectified to a degree that he’s not even a person, but an anonymous cypher, standing as a place-holder for the projection of the male porn audience’s fantasy. Semen in porn is the symbolic representation of the sexuality, the lust, and the sexual identity of the viewer.

A female performer, turning her face up, opening her mouth and smiling sweetly as several tablespoons of sticky white fluid are squirted onto her face is conveying, in the visual language of porn – her acceptance, indeed, her love of the sexual desire, pleasure and sexual identity of the man watching that porn, from behind a computer screen.

That is the visual device employed, and that is what we are shown in porn every time we seem so-called semen splattering the upturned face of a female performer – this is not semen and even if it is semen, it is only there to symbolize the presence, the desire, and the human sexuality of that fantasy’s intended audience. Within the visual world of that fantasy, theatrically splashed semen is the symbolic acceptance of the masculine sexuality of the audience. It is, in modern context, almost a mystical fluid.

Of course in the view of those who condemn porn, calling for it’s prohibition and variously claiming it degrades the paid performers, this nearly mystical moment has another character entirely. Rather than symbolizing acceptance of the sexuality, the desire and the pleasure of that invisible first person presence – porn’s audience – the depiction of a female performer splashed with semen is a moment of unique degradation. She is the object of scorn, hatred and violence and those few tablespoons of fluid are concentrated malice.

Saint Augustine wrote in the forth century that the penis was a demon rod. This was a purposeful attack on male sexual identity because the pre-Abrahamic pagan religions provided a path to male spiritual identity. In order to yoke men to service within the doctrine of the early church, this natural path to male spirituality and and divinity had to be closed.

Feminism’s condemnation of male sexuality is a direct borrowing from the church’s closure of masculine sexuality as a path for men to connect to a spiritual identity through their own bodies and sexuality. To an anti-porn feminist semen cannot be a symbolic representation of human desire, lust and pleasure – splashing on the face of a female performer. No, for them this magical white fluid is the devil’s glue.

But for this conception to have currency, and in order for the theatrical act of performed sex to degrade women, male sexuality must be in poisonous in concept. And when this is understood the cry of degradation of women in porn is revealed as a truly hateful view of male sexuality and masculine identity.


Most pederasts come from the feminist and religious communities as well. There was Susan Brownmiller,a feminist,who advocated sex with young boys then there are the priests that molested altar boys. We can see that the feminist and religious communities excuse the raping of little boys. If men are still in churches I recommend they get out of there and leave the church to fend for itself. If the church disposes of men then it's time men dispose of the church.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kennesaw State University opens men's center

MHRM Now an Institutional Presence at Kennesaw State University

January 18, 2014 By VFM News and Commentary

Collegiate Activism Director Sage Gerard has successfully institutionalized the MHRM in the southeast United States.

At Kennesaw State University (KSU), student organizations (SOs) are organized into two tiers:

•Registered Student Organization (RSO) - A RSO is a SO that can freely set up table events and represent the KSU community. RSOs do not have much pull, but RSO status can only be achieved by demonstrating demand in the student body. Sage was able to generate this demand with your help.
•Certified Student Organization (CSO) - A CSO is a sought-after status that grants a SO the right to reserve space on campus and request funding from the Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) for events of any scale, including entire conferences.

Sage founded KSU Men (KSUM) back in November, but KSU could only grant KSUM RSO status due to KSUM’s uncertain future. For that reason, KSUM could represent men’s rights, but had limited capacity to act.

After much effort, Sage secured CSO status for KSUM, making KSUM an integral part of the KSU community.

KSUM will now begin deliberations with KSU and AVFM regarding space reservations for a conference and speaker’s circuit for late 2014 or early 2015, depending on space availability and other factors.


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Saturday, January 18, 2014

On women and nice guys

Hitting the gym is up to you. There are male models that strike out with women while there are regular guys who are pussy magnets. So I don't buy into this "hit the gym and it'll be alright" attitude.

Finally honesty from a woman:

I hate wasting my time because of some attention whore. I don't blame him for being pissed.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Feminist achievements of 2013

This is the pride of the feminist movement. It is why the feminist movement is often compared to a bowel movement and rightfully so. Read on and laugh. Laugh knowing that the inanity of feminism never ends:

Feminist Fails of 2013
Cortney O'Brien | Dec 20, 2013

This may make anyone want to distance themselves with the modern version of feminism. Here is just an abbreviated list of the moments when feminists were less than classy this year.

10. Feminists storm SlutwalkDC with vulgar posters, promiscuous clothing and self-righteous attitudes.

9. A Planned Parenthood representative can’t answer the question, “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?”

8. Miley Cyrus, who says she’s “one of the biggest feminists in the world,” twerks live onstage at the MTV VMA awards, causing parents everywhere to shield their children’s eyes.

7. Actress Lena Dunham goes “fangirl” for Bill Clinton at the Golden Globe Awards. Because ya know, Bill Clinton is such a champion of women’s rights.

6. MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry wore these [tampon] earrings to protest the Texas pro-life law banning abortions after five months.

As Katie said, “If you have to wear feminine hygiene products as accessories in order to make a "point," then it's clear you lost the argument a long time ago.”

5. NARAL’s CPC “Week of Action” Campaign, which was designed to spread negative images around pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, failed to make an impact on college campuses.

Despite major pushes on social media, on blogs all over the web, and from the Feminist Campus organization, students seem to have been uninterested in this newest conspiracy theory from the “progressive” movement.

4. “Comedian Sarah Silverman sticks a napkin down her pants, calls it a “vag napkin” and tries to pawn it off as charity at a pro-choice Texas women’s marathon to raise funds for abortion.

3. Abortion supporters chant “Hail Satan” at the Texas capitol.

2. In the protest that kept on giving, pro-choice activists stormed the Texas capitol with bags of feces, tampons and bricks intended to throw at pro-life advocates. (This is listed as the number one “success” on Repro justice site.)

Can’t wait to see what they plan to throw at us next year.

1. Wendy Davis’s filibuster.

Texas State Senator Wendy Davis is no hero. While her 11-hour spectacle defending late-term abortion in the Lone Star State be number one on many feminists’ top ten success lists, it deserves the worst spot here. The filibuster didn’t win in the Texas Senate, where the sweeping pro-life bill still passed, and it’s not winning for her gubernatorial campaign, where Republican Greg Abbott is way ahead in the race for Texas’s next governor. The only thing it did seem to spawn, was the ridiculous behavior listed above.


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Friday, January 10, 2014

Feminist oppression of children

We fear Carina Kolodny’s children, and so should your sons

January 10, 2014 By John Hembling (JtO)

I fear Carina Kolodny’s children, and so should you.

Why, you may wonder, should you fear them, and for that matter, who on Earth is Carina Kolodny?

According to her byline at the Huffington Post, she’s a writer, media activist, and sex educator. Apparently, she also holds a Masters in Social Media & Social Change. In other words, she’s a professional Social Justice Warrior (SJW). For some readers, that may seem like a positive appellation.

For clarity this is an individual who repeatedly engages in arguments on “social justice,” often in a shallow or poorly reasoned way, for the purpose of raising their own personal reputation. A Social Justice Warrior, or SJW, does not necessarily believe anything they say, or even care about the groups they are fighting “on behalf of.” The term also connotes an established tendency to advance arguments based solely on the immediate utility of moral one-upmanship, and completely unattached to reality, truth, or any core moral principals such as non-initiation of violence.

But returning to Kolodny’s children, and why fear is an appropriate response to them: they’re rapists and violent criminals. Does that sound hyperbolic? It’s worse than you think. Kolodny’s children, those children, teenagers, and in time, the adults they will become are not simply her actual offspring. In fact, Carina Kolodny doesn’t have children. Rather, they are all the children and teenagers raised to believe in the same popularized narrative Kolodny perpetuates in her writing, media activism, and sex education.

What narrative? This one; “It is a young woman’s responsibility to safeguard herself from rape, assault, harassment, stalking and abuse because boys will be boys and some of them just can’t help themselves.”

There are two separate and contradictory ideas at play in Kolodny’s quote, so we will examine each one independently. The first is that of self-responsibility. Apparently, when contemplated for women or girls, the Social-Justiciar and sex-educator Carina Kolodny finds it objectionable. Protecting yourself is not girls’ jobs, it is society’s job to protect girls (and apparently no one else).

“It is a young woman’s responsibility to safeguard herself from rape, assault, harassment, stalking…”

Kolodny is being sarcastic, but why? Yes every young woman (and old woman, and every young man, and old man) has a personal responsibility to mitigate risk, to make responsible decisions about attire, displays of wealth, and to generally avoid stupid, unnecessary risk of criminal victimization. This is not to suggest that any individual falling prey to criminal victimization is at greater fault than whatever violent perpetrator may have committed such victimization–but being an adult means taking responsibility for oneself. That this needs to be explicitly stated is one more indictment of the modern ideology of gender flying under the big “F” brand name. Women apparently are not to be treated like adults: that appears to be the sarcastic underlying assumption of Kolodny’s humor.

But now, let’s return to her opinions on the propensities of boys and girls. The reason, unfortunately, that women have to safeguard themselves against rape – you know, as if they are adults — is because “boys will be boys” and they “Just cant help themselves.”

That’s right, if your son, your brother, or yourself happens to be male – he’s not a human being, he’s a rape-inclined animal, and only the careful guidance of a right-thinking feminist will prevent him from his inevitable realization of his “true nature”: a violent sexual predator.

What is more devious about this formulation of hers, however, is that it’s ultimately a lie. Kolodny would undoubtedly object and claim she doesn’t believe men are “that way” by nature, but rather that they are socially conditioned to behave that way, and that the rest of her remarks are ironic or sarcastic. But our culture does not teach men that rape is OK, it has never taught men that. Since boys and men are not taught that rape is OK and never have been in this culture, the only reasonable conclusion she and those of her ideological ilk can therefore reach is that, whether the cause is “natural” or “socially constructed,” boys and men are inherently rapey and have to be taught otherwise.

This whole confusing ideological Gordion Knot of Kolodny’s fucktardery can be cut cleanly with one statement: she’s an ignorant bigot and only an ignorant bigot would say the things she’s saying, even supposedly in jest. Boys aren’t inherently rapey, and neither are they taught to be, you stupid bigoted asshole. All your garbage does is teach them to hate their natural sexuality and believe themselves to be potential rapists when the vast majority of them are not and never will be so inclined. In fact, news flash you stupid bitch: even if you encouraged boys to rape, most of them would recoil and refuse.

Kolodny’s article continues on with her hatemongering bigotry with various admonitions and advice to be imparted to young men by their mothers, and possibly, if they were properly socialized, maybe even their fathers.

I have had quite enough of Carina Kolodny and every other fuck who subscribes to the ideology of gendered hatred she promotes. Fuck Kolodny’s open letter to the mothers of boys, and fuck every other vile, hateful garbage-spewing ideologue singing from the same songbook. My patience for those who heap hate, disdain and contempt on men and boys is exhausted. No, Social Justice Warriors, boys are not innately rapey, nor are they taught by our society to be rapey. Both are hateful disgusting deplorable lies, and fuck you for spreading either one of them.

There is really no point in further criticizing or attempting to converse with such hatred than to just identify it as what it is.

However, we do have a few suggestions to offer the mothers and fathers of boys growing up in what is now a feminist-dominated culture. Here’s a few words of advice on that score:

When you speak to your son, teach him that his identity is his own. It will be his own choice to be the man he wants to be. Not the man other people may demand him become because of his utility to them, or his convenient disposability, or his need to be shamed for things supposedly in his character that aren’t actually there. Teach him to beware of those who will confer an identity on him, especially in such a manner as Kolodny does. Tell him he is not a “good” man, nor a “bad” man, as both of those ideas are traps designed to control him. Those intellectual traps are for the convenience of those who disregard and even deny his fundamental humanity. If some stupid fuck tells you you’ve got a “rape switch” tell him to go to Hell. If some stupid fuck tells you your inconvenient erection means you’re “objectifying women” tell them to go fuck themselves. If someone tells you it’s your job to “stop rape,” tell them it’s their job to stop murder first and otherwise go fuck themselves.

You may also want to teach your son something he will never learn from this culture’s mainstream feminist narrative. Admittedly, he may figure this out himself, but why not give him a heads-up when he’s 10, rather than when he’s in his 30′s and sorts it out for himself? His sexuality, particularly his sexual desire, is his own. Nobody is entitled to it. No, he is not required to fuck just because a girl wants to. No, he is not inferior if he finds a particular girl (or boy) unattractive. No, he is not to be shamed if he has standards in women. No, his penis is not a dancing pony expected to fuck on demand. And his right to say “no” to a sexual encounter is every bit as vital and real as a girl’s right to the same.

This, of course runs against the populist public narrative. In the popular narrative, it is not merely assumed that masculine sexuality is predatory, exploitive, and 95 other negative adjectives. It is also flatly assumed that the sexuality, and the sexual desire of men, is a public resource to be not merely condemned and criticized, but used as a lever of control over, either through direct exploitation or through shame.

Your son’s penis is not simply not a weapon, as it it characterized by mainstream propaganda. It is also an intimate part of a boy’s body to which nobody else has a right. He will be living in a world where women assume ownership of his sexuality and desire. The idea that a man is always on, always eager, that he really doesn’t even have a right of refusal, is common; that he has a right of refusal is something he isn’t even taught to consider. He should be taught to consider it in the face of a culture that endlessly suggests otehrwise.

Your sons should know that he should command his own sexual self-ownership. A few useful phrases for your son to add to his repertoire might include variations of “talk to the hand bitch”, and “look sweety, I’m not actually gay, but for tonight, you should assume I am.”

“My cock is fabulous, but do not ever assume you’re entitled to it, or entitled to my wallet for another of whatever sugary shit your drinking tonight.”

You might also want to convey to your son that nobody has any right to initiate violence against him. We’re all familiar with the common admonition to “never hit a woman.” This carries the implied, but false, implication that women can rightfully initiate violence against him. This includes feminine incitement to other compliant men acting on the behalf of members of the leisure caste. Your son will need to know explicitly that he has a right to his own integrity and freedom from coercion or other violence. Indeed, his explicit moral right to self defence even against members of “the weaker sex.” If a girl slaps him, he probably shouldn’t slap back (in a just world this would be allowed, but we don’t live in a just world), but he should never accept it and should probably forever terminate his relationship with any woman who does that to him.

Your son will also likely be bombarded by public messaging admonishing him to “respect women.”

Not respect people. Not respect other men. No. Just respect women. But of course, this doesn’t actually mean respect women as individuals, because individuals have to earn respect. No, the respect they mean is like the respect that Indian peasants were supposed to have toward white British colonialists: the “respect for women” they want is the respect of an inferior to a superior. Don’t give it to them. Real respect is something earned, not commanded by fiat. The common admonition to young boys to respect women is actually a command to demonstrate obeisance – while also invisibly acknowledging the fraudulent doctrinal conception of female-as-inferior. Why else would respect for individuals of a particular social caste require the common command for respect?

Aside from respecting the fundamental respect for basic rights and courtesy due to all human beings until they demonstrate otherwise, your son should only respect those who earn his respect. You should tell him to do so with or without instruction from public opinion-crafters. If the “respect” publicly propagandized to boys and men of “women” were the respect of humans as individuals with basic human rights, they would say “people,” and not merely the social caste “women.” Teach him to recognize this for what it is: a demand for unearned. And teach him that this hateful “respect for women” canard is all the proof he will ever need that feminists lie when they say “feminism is about equality.”

On the matter of sex between men and women, you might also want to acquaint your son with the increasing, absurd and amoral public ethic of feminine non-accountability.

This idea, increasingly popular, is that women, distinct from men, are held exempt from any concept of responsibility in matters sexual. This is important knowledge of the mine-field that gender ideologues have chosen to create for members of the disposable social caste to negotiate.

If your son makes any decision, or takes any action – whether drunk or sober – he will be held responsible for it. In the legal and popular culture today, this is the reality: a woman is – due to the ideology of her inferiority as a human – explicitly not a responsible actor in her own life. For example, if a man and woman are both intoxicated during a sexual encounter – SHE is a victim, and HE is a victimizer. Yeah, that makes sense, right? If two people are drunk, the one with a penis is automatically the rapist.

It doesn’t end there either. Increasingly, any withdrawl of her consent makes you her rapist, even if it’s days or even weeks later.

Your son, when he is very young, may not understand this. Most young children are actually far more rational than most adults. As young people, they are not yet acculturated to many of the widely accepted stupidities and insanities people like Carina Kolodny buy into and peddle to an unthinking public. So it will be up to you to teach him that BECAUSE of MAGIC, or Fairies, or Wizards, or Aliens from planet X – that women are uniquely incapable of having opinions or making choices – particularly after drinking a grey goose martini.

Or, maybe just tell him that hateful bigoted nutjobs who think like this are in control, and he needs to be aware of it.

Your son, as he matures from a child into a sexually mature and active person, will be well-advised to demand evidence of mature accountability and self-responsibility from the women he allows into his life. We live in a world contorting reality into pretzels to exempt women from personal responsibility. It is rare to find those few women who demand their own realized adulthood, which includes personal responsibility. Your son will need a tool-kit to detect the real adults among a vast majority of female victim-toddlers whose irresponsible whims and moody tantrums are used to justify the suppression of the rights of others, and even justify violence on her behalf.

Such a toolkit is being developed by the various current practitioners of MGTOW – although details of the same are outside the scope of this discussion.

Advise your son to exclude women who fail these tests from his life.

Last but not least, while there may be many other important talks to have with your sons, you will also wish to discuss the various meanings and social values of words like “slut” and related terminology. As a parent taking on the task of describing sexual relationships in the real world of today you must remember that words like “slut,” “whore,” and even “rapist” take on different meanings when used by different people. If you can’t be honest about the real world with your child then you have no business engaging in such conversations. Leave that to others who are more capable.

“Slut” has several different meanings, three of which will be mentioned here:

The most currently popular of these is the use by gender ideologues of slut as a “positive” label. This is the reclamation by feminists of what they assert was once a condemning insult. In this application, it is claimed that slut means a sexually liberated, free-spirited and unashamed woman positively exercising her sexuality. Picture the proud self-identifying sluts of the emergent public parades known as “slut-walks” around the world. In reality, the term “slut” used in this context really means “grifter.” A self-identifying feminist slut is as sex-denying, as condemning, and as hatefully judgemental as a klansman opining on issues of the black community. Just ask a slut-walker if they’d like to go for a quick shag, and see that sluttiness precipitate into a shower of false outrage. “Sexually irresponsible jackass” might be another, more accurately descriptive, way to phrase it.

The term “slut” is also used to condemn a woman of truly open sexuality. But interestingly, this condemnation is often from another female. The sexual openness of one woman is, in this context, treated as de-valuing the woman offering that condemnation. This is also likely why among a certain subset of the feminist mainstream, sex-workers are criminalized and marginalized. Female prostitutes, by providing sexual access for a finite exchange of money, break the sexual trade-union of state feminism. A slut who, within the reasonable limits of hygiene personal capacity, will fuck just “anyone” (or the whole hockey team) is seen by sexually-withholding women as a threat to the control of the market.

The final use of the term “slut” to be mentioned here is the usage of the term by men. In this instance it is a term of admiration for women who place high value on honesty in their own sexual communication, as well as physical affection, openness and sexual disinhibition. This is by far the least-commonly used of the three different meanings of slut. But it is also a genuine term of admiration and affection – even among men who themselves are sexually insecure, or sexually cautious.

Related to the multi-definitioned term “slut” are two other words, namely “whore” and the aforementioned “grifter.” “Whore” of course is a much-misused term. Opportunist lawyers, politicians, attention seekers and other bottom feeding creatures are regularly labeled as whores, in an abuse of the word, and a failure to understand the nature of actual pay-for-sex merchants. Actual whores – of the type practicing their business honestly, are arguably a valuable part of their community. They provide a useful service, often under very difficult conditions. Much of the world still criminalizes the independent practice of sex for money, creating a criminalized environment of escalated harm for sexual service providers as well as their customers.

“Grifter” is of course a term somewhat out of fashion in modern usage. This may be because the practice of grifting so closely resembles what is the populist ethical practice of sex, and manipulation through access control.

A fourth term, “rapist,” is perhaps the most troubling of these terms. Among the gender ideologues presently dominating public narrative – like Carina Kolodny – a rapist is any man who is labeled one based on no more than the whim of a female accuser. The term once meant a sexual criminal, including women sexually abusing minors or anyone else who couldn’t reasonably consent to sex. However, “rape,” while it retains the powerful stigma and condemnation of violent sexual victimization is increasingly coming to mean any sexual activity in which a member of the disposable sex participates.

The disposable sex being you, my son.

But of course, in the practice of parenting – particularly of boys, these are just a few of the talks a responsible and loving parent will have to have. It is boys now being raised with an awareness of this culture’s need to control them through shame and coercion who will grow into men who cannot be controlled, or manipulated to their own self-destructive utility to others.

What the gender ideology of State Feminism always promised, namely a humanitarian, equalist society, is coming. But it is not coming from feminism. Even so, it’s coming with the inevitability of gravity, and it will be boys going their own way – and the men they become who bring it. These men, some of whom exist now as MGTOWs, are not men allowing themselves to be defined by their utility, or by their approval by women. They are not the tamed lap dogs that even radical feminists privately find repulsive just as they publicly demand continued male obedience.

It is not the point of this article to establish the thesis that boys are not naturally any of the evils routinely heaped onto them as if defining masculine identity. For the real parents of boys, this simple reality requires no exposition except for you to explain to them that the popular narrative lies about them and subjects them to unearned hate, to to teach them to be aware of it without accepting the hate. The talks you, the parent of a boy will have, will arm him to defend against the self-hatred they want him to absorb, and arm him to be ready to define himself by his own compass, and to armour himself against a poisonous wind which would warp him into a man of conditional identity rather than sovereign adulthood.

Your son should know that a boy taught to be a “good man” by feminist standards is one whose public personhood depends on consensus of utility and approval by dysfunctional women and their lapdogs. His identity to them is dependent, and referential. A “real man” is based on the (stated or unstated) agreement of his mother’s friends. And boys raised by mothers to be these pleasing slaves, so that they may one day be approved of by their female contemporaries, eventually becoming the cooperative beasts of burden we typically call husbands and fathers. Do your son a favour and teach him not to allow himself to become a compliant servant of men and women who would use him as a disposable utility.

Finally, teach your boy to use his own best judgement, and to seek only the counsel of those who first prove that they believe he is a sovereign adult and that women should be treated as no less and no more than that. Otherwise, teach him to beware those who would confer on him any identity he himself does not gladly accept or, better yet, craft for himself.

Teach him also of the ideologues who hate him based only on an aspect of biology, and to recognize them. And let him learn to fuck their shit up.


I love how JTO fucking nailed it. He described men's liberation perfectly. My hats off to him this is the best stuff I've read in a long time and I'm glad someone else is saying it too.

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U.S. Senate candidate goes through misandric system

Maine Senate GOP Challenger: Domestic Violence Conviction Shows Integrity
Daniel Strauss – January 3, 2014, 2:15 PM EST12827

A conservative candidate running against Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in the Republican primary argued that his decision to fight his domestic violence conviction in court showed his integrity.

The candidate, Erick Bennett, a consultant in Portland who worked on the anti-marriage equality push in 2012, made the argument Monday at a press conference. He discussed his Senate campaign, his time serving for Maine Gov. Paul LePage's (R) campaign in 2010 and his domestic violence conviction.

"The fact that I have been jailed repeatedly for not agreeing to admit to something I didn’t do should speak to the fact of how much guts and integrity I have," Bennett said. "I've noticed some people questioning that."

In 2003 Bennett was convicted of attacking his then-wife. A district court convicted him of Class D Assault. Bennett fought the conviction but in 2004 a Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled that the lower court "sufficient evidence does exist in the record to support his conviction," according to the Bangor Daily News. At the press conference Bennett stressed his innocence.

Bennett went on to say that that his time in jail demonstrates how much character he has.

"If I go to D.C., I'm going to have that same integrity in doing what I say, and saying what I do, when it comes to protecting people's rights, as well as their pocketbooks," Bennett continued, according to the Daily News.


To contact Erick Bennett

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