Friday, July 24, 2009

Beat it

I've been hearing from other MRA's how to successfully hook up with women on webpages and newsletters. Why? In this day and time dating the wrong woman or just merely dealing with the wrong woman and you could end up with a criminal charge and you could end up Bubba's cellmate and that is where you don't want to be and since others have suggested it is difficult to tell the good ones from the bad ones since the good ones don't stand out from the bad ones. You may not get another selection if you choose wrong. What am I suggesting? Boycott women i.e. don't do anything for them,kill chivalry while you can. If you get the urge spank it. It is a lot better than selling your pride and self respect just to get laid and it is a lot easier on the wallet with no legal repercussions. If the gun is loaded against men it is time for men to react and do what we can to starve the matriarchy.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Way to go Missouri

Missouri Men Now Have the Right to Genetic Testing in Paternity Cases

By Robert Franklin, Esq. Jul 10, 2009

The latest development in a matter we've reported on before is here (Kansas, 7/7/09). The governor of Missouri has signed into law a bill that allows men two years after they've been adjudicated to be a child's father to contest the matter in court via genetic testing.

If a test proves the man is not the biological father, he would be excused from previous child-support debt and would have criminal nonsupport convictions removed from his record, under the new Missouri law that takes effect Aug. 28.
The law is obviously a step in the right direction. It gives men some actual control over obligations that courts so often place on them without their knowledge or consent. According to the article, paternity in Missouri was often established by a man's failure to respond to a paternity suit filed by a woman. As we've seen before, his failure to respond, whether due to his own negligence or the fact that he didn't receive notice of the suit, resulted in a default judgment being taken against him. That meant 18 years of child support for a child that may or may not have been his, with no opportunity to establish the truth.

That in turn meant that, if the child were not his, another man shirked his responsibility toward the child. It also encouraged mothers to lie about who the father was and where he was. Since lying by women in paternity or divorce cases about either or both of those matters is rarely punished, the law tended to encourage misrepresentation.

That has now changed in Missouri. It's a small step, but it gives men and putative fathers more power in family courts.