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Misandric hit piece on Earl

MRA Earl Silverman-murdered by the matriarchy

Feminism didn’t kill men’s rights advocate Earl Silverman
Earl Silverman had his demons, and his pain must be taken seriously. But feminism isn't responsible for his death
By Mary Elizabeth Williams

He was a hero of the Men’s Rights movement. Three years ago, Earl Silverman, a self-described long-term survivor of violence at the hands of an abusive wife, turned his own home into the Men’s Alternative Safe House, Canada’s first domestic abuse shelter for men and their children. On Friday, he was found hanging in its garage, an apparent suicide.

Silverman had been going through a period of intense personal stress lately – his death came just one day after he packed up his recently sold home. Just last month, he’d closed the shelter because he could no longer afford to maintain it. He had said he was struggling to keep up with his heat and grocery bills.

In his dogged efforts to help men and to raise public awareness, Silverman worked to remove the stigma that can often prevent men from speaking out because of pride and fear and misunderstanding. Yet where Silverman came up short was in perpetuating the Men’s Rights movement’s fiction that there’s any gender equity as far as violence and victims. The Calgary Herald recalled, in its coverage of his death, Silverman’s oft-repeated insistence that “men are about as likely as women to say they have been the victims of domestic abuse.”

Despite the jokey, knee-jerk assumption that male abuse either isn’t real or is only reserved for the henpecked and weak, there is no question that female abusers exist. There are male victims. Whether we’re talking about violence or sexual abuse, we need to understand that, and to treat men who have been the victims of abuse with respect and compassion.

Yet the truth isn’t as tit-for-tat as Silverman made it out to be. The American Bar Association, for example, notes that the statistics bear out that “nearly 25 percent of women and 7.6 percent of men” have been raped and/or physically assaulted by a partner. Partner violence makes up roughly 20 percent of the violent crime against women, and 3 percent of it against men.” These statistics don’t distinguish partner gender. The ABA notes that “Most perpetrators of sexual violence are men” and that “Sexual violence against men is also mainly male violence.” But tell that to Silverman’s MRA fans, who are currently lamenting that he was a victim of “misandrist bullshit” and that “the vaginocracy has blood on its claws over this.”

But feminism wasn’t the cause of Silverman’s death. Instead, his story seems to be that of a man whose demons had long plagued him. Last month, as he prepared to shutter his shelter, he said that when he’d left his marriage two decades earlier, he was frustrated not merely by the lack of services for men, but the default narrative of male-as-abuser. “When I went into the community looking for some support services, I couldn’t find any,” he said. “There were a lot for women, and the only programs for men were for anger management. As a victim, I was re-victimized by having these services telling me that I wasn’t a victim, but I was a perpetrator … I basically tried to commit suicide,” he said, “because I couldn’t do anything.”

Source:click here

How low can they go? How far can they sink? How much more hideously disgusting can they get? Feminists with their misandric hate toward a man who wanted to bring the plight of abused men to the attention of the Canadian government and society. Their views of Earl pretty told everyone we are correct in calling them "feminazis".

I wasn't going to come back this soon but Earl's death changed that. As far as I'm concerned they murdered Earl. They drove him to his death. From the ideologues to those who look the other way to avoid problems. That "go along to get along" that permeates Western society has resulted in the death of a good man. Fuck this society.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

In memory of Earl Silverman

Good bye,my brother. You'll never be forgotten.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Taking time off

Modern western men

People are often shocked to learn that many male human rights advocates are, actually, female. And the strange thing is that, for many men, it takes a woman to explain things to them before they will listen. -Andy Man Source

All American men are are little children who war amongst themselves. -Irandes,long time MRA and current expat.

What Andy Man wrote pissed me off. The part that pissed me off is he's right. Western men are castrati. No other way to put it. They won't do anything that may displease women. They will laugh at a fellow man who is sexually mutilated by a woman and they will be white knights for the same women or someone like her. They have gone along to get along all these years they forgotten how to be men. They are bullied by political correctness and speech codes dumped on them by women. They will bow before women who abuse them and they will threaten any man who doesn't adhere to the feminist party line. They are taught to bow down to any woman,regardless of how she treats you or use self defense if she attacks you. What are girls and women taught: beat up and abuse men and if asked blame it on PMS. They will beat up other men but take all kinds of abuse from women just to avoid the "misogynist" label. All a female in a leadership position has to say is holding her accountable is "misogyny" and these steers will never question her or other women again-even though said women are leading them to the slaughterhouse. It seems like western men embrace their castrati status and will fight anyone who tries to fix their situation. I tried to reach out to other men in brotherhood only to be scorned and laughed at. Which leaves one question:

Why do I continue to do this?

What's the point?

I've got better things to do that help a bunch of ingrates who don't want the help but would rather wallow in the shit they become accustomed to. I've got better things to do than to be trying to reach out to a bunch of morons who don't give one shit about their rights but will raise holy hell if their sports team loses or the ref makes a bad call. But most of all I'm tired of wasting my time. I'm going to take a little vacation and get away from it MRA issues for awhile. I'm be here from time to time to check on comments and respond if needed but I won't be posting.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More on Cathy Brennan

I just wrote a response to some feminazi calling me a racist on Cathy Brennan's site and it didn't show up. No waiting for approval nothing. Perhaps this is the intolerance that got Brennan and her ilk in trouble in the first place. I thought it was very chickenshit for her to ban me. She goes on about how women are oppressed yet she acts as an oppressor herself. People pick up on this hypocrisy and they don't like it that is why they shun Brennan and those like her. If she and those like her have a hard time grasping that concept then perhaps the cancellation of their event should serve as a wake up call.

If you've never seen the Agent Orange Files then take a look. It is a very informative read. Read about how Brennan vowed to persecute those that would stand up to her. Read about how she acts like a nazi persecutor which is very far from the victim narrative that she likes to throw around.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cathy Brennan screeches they will commit criminal acts to get their way

Statement from Rad Fem 2013

April 20, 2013International

Unsurprisingly, and for the second year in a row, men’s rights activists have bullied venue staff hosting Radfem 2013, into submitting to their terror tactics. Despite the fact that the organisers of this year’s Rad Fem 2013 were completely transparent about our intentions for the conference and the potential consequences of the London Irish Centre’s acceptance of our booking (i.e. harassment from men who don’t like us), the venue has been bullied by a bunch of men’s rights activists and the venue are considering cancelling our booking. Men’s rights advocates have harassed feminists online, bullied venue staff at the London Irish Centre (this year’s host of Radfem 2013), including putting the names of staff on websites and blogs. Staff were also shaken up by the theft of a laptop and mobile phone from staff. This is now under criminal investigation and we have no idea who was responsible, but what we do know is that it is us who are being punished.

The reality is that the men’s rights activists have behaved unacceptably in their harassment of staff at the venue, as they have to feminists organising the conference. The London Irish Centre should be standing strong with the women of the world who suffer male violence, silencing, bullying, threats, spreading hysterical malicious lies and perpetrating harassment on a daily basis because we are standing up and saying, “no.” Organisers of Radfem 2013 have gone out of our way to help the centre and its staff with criminal investigations.We will not be intimidated any longer. We will not be silenced any longer. We will not be hounded from our venues any longer. This is our ground. We are taking it. This is our space, these are our rights and if they won’t be given to us… we will take them. Women from around the world stand strong in the face of male terrorism. Submission is not an option when globally we are battered, prostituted, raped, objectified, our ideas, creativity and energy stolen, corrupted and undermined. Our identities colonised, broken and violated. This is our time. We are no longer forsaken, we are strong because we stand together in sisterhood.

The London Irish Centre may be unjustifiably considering cancelling our booking but this will not stop us from holding our event and standing our ground. The repercussions on our movement for liberation are too great if we allow ourselves to be bullied out of our rightful booking. We do not accept the London Irish Centre’s unjustifiable rejection of our booking. We have done nothing wrong and we will not accept being punished because of MRA’s using terror tactics.

Women are coming from all over the world to meet in strength and sisterhood. Some women have spent a lot of time, money and energy booking flights and accommodation from the US, Finland, South Africa, France, Australia, Canada and all over the UK. We come from all walks of life. We are many colours, many cultures, many races. Some of us have disabilities, many of us are poor, all of us are marginalised. Our program will focus on giving voice to women from all backgrounds and on a diverse range of important issues to eliminate violence against women.

We will have our conference. It will be at the London Irish Centre from the 8th – 9th of June. We are standing strong with our sisters around the world for our liberation. We will not be moved.

Source:click here

Paul Elam and other MRA's left messages. I don't usually post on feminist boards because they usually delete what you wrote or they twist it around to make light of you or make you look worse. I noticed these were left alone and intact so I wrote the following:

Masculist Man Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

April 21, 2013 at 11:40 pm

Hey cuntlips, if you’re going to persecute Paul Elam and the rest of my brother MRA’s then I demand you persecute me too. Your nazi terror tactics have been exposed for the world to see. In reality you are far from from the innocent lamb you are the shewolf that devours the innocent. We have snapshots in your own words that you would love to commit grave crimes against half the human race,even to little boys. You are the evil and we are shining a light on your atrocities for all the world to see. We stood up to your evil and you don’t like it. There is one group that can relate to your position-they were the defendants at the Nuremberg war crimes trial and you are just as guilty as those defendants were.

Radfem refuses to take "no" for an answer

The only thing that could be considered "redeemable" about feminism is the unwitting comedy they produce. Read the following from MRA London and you'll see what I mean:

Radfem 2013 Cancelled, Cathy Brennan Explodes

A Voice for Male Students, a student group based in the US, has reached out to us at MRA London with a warning about our personal safety, and possible reprisals, after we mounted an impromptu protest at the London Irish Centre over the planned Radfem 2013 conference.

Thank you guys for your genuine concern! Personal safety is an aspect which is not lost on me.

For myself, I made a personal decision sometime ago to get involved and to get out there, no matter what the consequences. Most of the people in our own group, both men and women alike, have personal experiences beyond belief, and what we realise is that we have nothing to loose, but so much to gain by this.

We are not professionals when it comes to undertaking direct action. In fact, Rod (bless!) the original founder of our group, even began blurting out a profuse apology to the guys at the Irish Centre over "the interruption" — until I stood on his toe to shut him up.

Good move. You avoided what could have been a defeat. If they shit on us there is no reason for us to apologize. Fuck that.

Nevertheless, because of our action, the Radfem's pro-violence ideology is now out in the open and, if we can do this — anybody can!

The Radfem booking was subsequently cancelled by the venue centre and feminist overlord and "Radical Hub" website (ex-)owner, Cathy Brennan, is now raging at her spit-flecked computer screen. In fact, she rants on her personal blog that she intends to go ahead with the planned Radfem conference at the London Irish Centre anyway, cancellation or no cancellation. My mind boggles — presumably this would be a bit like being rejected at a job interview, but turning up at the company for "work" and demanding a desk!

But, nevertheless, this is what Brennan says she is going to do...

We do not accept the London Irish Centre’s unjustifiable rejection of our booking. ... We will have our conference. It will be at the London Irish Centre from the 8th – 9th of June. Cathy Brennan - Radfem 2013

Whatever you say "Jill", you're the master race!

(The full contents of Brennan's spleen can be found on her personal blog.)

Here is a women who is obviously not used to being told "No!" In fact, I seriously suspect that she has absolutely no idea what it means. So, I thought I would write a quick refresher for her:

No - "A negative response; a denial or refusal."

As this saga rumbles on, I'm finding that I have a great deal of sympathy of the London Irish Centre over this. Possibly they thought they were hosting an event concerned with "equality" or something. Who knows? This must be a very painful lesson for them, but it's one that people everywhere must learn.

In 2011, James Huff operating under the pseudonym "Agent Orange" did an exposé on the radical feminist collective blog, Radical Hub (aka "Radfem Hub"). His findings — which uncovered discussions on child murder, gendercide, transgender extermination, castration and eugenics — must be difficult to comprehend for anyone used to only associating feminism with liberation and equality. At the time, A Voice for Men put out a press release which links to a large downloadable dump of past Radical Hub postings assembled by guys at the antimisandry.com forum.

Screen capture of Radfem Forum

(The Radical Hub website was taken down in February 2013, prior to the announcement of the Radfem 2013 conference.)

For too long, the likes of Brennan and Sheila Jeffreys — an academic who teaches that "Men are the enemy" across Australian academia and contributor the male eugenics discussion group on Radical Hub — have been allowed to hide under a rock. For the first time, we are now lifting that rock and shining a torch onto what's lurking underneath.

It wouldn't matter so much if radical feminists were just a bunch of harmless crazies who nobody listens to — if only this was true! They are a powerful group of women with influence throughout academia, media and law. Cathy Brennan, herself, is a US attorney in Maryland, and Professor Sheila Jeffreys is a prominent academic in Australia.

But as Martin Luther King once wrote:

There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.

We in MRA London, and the wider men's human rights movement, are men and women willing stand up for males everywhere — from adult men, old men, and boys of all ages. We have put everything we have into this — our time, effort, financial resources, heart and soul. We have nothing to gain other than our self-respect and self-worth, plus the experience of engaging life to its fullest extent. We are sick of sitting on the sidelines while the likes of Brennan and Jeffreys trample all over our human worth.

So, you see, this is everything to us and we are here to stay.

Notes. A record of past posts made to the Radical Hub website are easily accessible, courtesy of fstdt.com, using this link.

I say we give James Huff his own month in honor of him getting this information to us to expose the feminasties for what they truly are and name a prestigious pro-MRA award after him. Three cheers for James Huff aka Agent Orange.

Hooray for MRA London

From MRA London:


London Irish Centre Says No to Radfem 2013 Conference

Radfem, the radical feminist group whose members espouse a fascist, sexist and violent ideology have been ousted, yet again, from their planned convention centre. Last year, Conway Hall banned Radfem 2012 by citing that their exclusionary policy was at odds with UK legal obligations. This year, it was the London Irish Centre’s turn to reject Radfem after they were awoken to the reality of inviting the pro-violence group into their venue when MRA London, a male human rights activist group and part of “A Voice for Men”, mounted a protest on their doorstep.

MRA London is a peaceful group comprising both male and female members who stand up for the human worth of men and boys. It is also mixed race and includes gay members.

When hearing of Radfem’s rejection, the group’s co-founder, Andy Thomas said, “We don’t believe in shutting down debate. However, it is vital that there is someone speaking up on behalf of men and boys. And for the first time ever, they now have a voice.”

He adds, “This is a victory for men and boys everywhere because the message is clear—the time when their human rights can be trampled on with impunity is now over.”

The Radfem 2013 conference was to feature Cathy Brennan, a prominent radical feminist and a US attorney in Maryland. Until February, 2013, she was also the owner of the now defunct website, Radical Hub—a site which featured calls for child murder, extermination, and male eugenics.

In 2011, A Voice for Men in the United States offered a $1,000 reward for the real identity of a Radical Hub contributor “Vliet Tiptree”, who was duly identified as Pamela O’Shaughnessy from California—an author of crime novels published by Simon and Schuster. O’Shaughnessy had written a lengthy piece detailing a plan for the “extirpation” of half the human race—the male half.

Sheila Jeffreys, who was to be a keynote speaker at the event, was also regular contributor to the “male eugenics discussion group” on the Radical Hub website. Jeffreys teaches sexual politics at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and has been accused by Dr. Greg Canning of A Voice for Men in Australia, of teaching “hate” across Australian universities.

All prejudice is seen as fashionable and virtuous in its time, and we’ve had 40 years or so of anti-male sentiment in the media and wider culture, so much so that it has become normalised. However, MRA London and A Voice for Men believe that we are witnessing the start of a sea change were, for the first time, radical feminist rhetoric will become universally recognised for the toxic bigotry that it is.

Source:click here

This is fucking awesome. Just fucking awesome. Three cheers for MRA London for a job well done. For letting it be known that institutionalized misandry will no longer be tolerated. This must have come as a shock to the femisludge that attends these hatefests but the good news their time is not only short but it is running out rampantly. The days of darkness that they threw over the western cultures that resulted in pro-feminist inquistions to promote misandry and destroy men are coming to a close. This is what activism can accomplish. However we must have a high level of vigilance and avoid complacency,never to rest on our laurels. Until the enemy is vanquished we don't rest but continue to give them hell. It's starting to pay off let's keep it up.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What utter nonsense

I guess if you think there is money to be made by being an MRA then you'll be one if not fuck it. That is if being a snakeoil salesman is your game. Apparently that is the case with Marc Rudov. I guess the MRM doesn't pay the bills nor would it. I guess he misstakingly saw a market that he thought would show profit and it didn't. Marc is stubborn and thinks he knows everything. Perhaps he is a genius but not in the MRM area. If he had listen and hooked up with other organizations instead of playing the loan ranger he might have accomplished more. If he had a "we" attitude instead of "I'm great fuck you" attitude he could have accomplished great things and he would have had the backing of brother organizations but he acted like a pompus ass at times and pissed a lot of people off. He did it with me. He had the connections at Fox to accomplish a lot great things for men. The laws on the book are very misandric and if he is still in American territory he is subject to them. What if he is falsely accused? Feminists don't forget who opposed them and they are very revenge oriented. Profits are great,very American but earning 5 cents a day while in lock up is not that profitable.Women are very guilty but Marc wouldn't know that considering Marc was only chastising the men but not the women. That is very suspicious of an MRA and it made me suspicious of him. I asked myself why did Rudov have trouble building an audience for his radio show? I mean Glenn Sacks was very popular at the time. He got his listeners to loudly protest misandry and encouraged successful boycotts. He even had to turn people away but Rudov only gets two callers top. Glenn had a lot of followers. In fact they would have probably done his grocery shopping if he asked them to yet men won't even pick up a phone for Rudov. Also why would FOX broadcast an MRA? Now we are gaining traction but then we weren't. Why out of the blue? Was Marc here to merely make some money or were his motives more sinister? Was he sent in to sabotague the MRM? If it is the latter we will stand up to him if it is the former I told him there is no money in this movement,it went to the guy's ex and her lawyer. If he had heeded my advice he could have saved himself a lot of time,trouble and money. But he didn't and he wasted all three which is just total nonsense.

Mainstream media catches on

Let's clear this up

On the battlefield

On the battlefield,with bombs bursting and bullets flying everywhere men are pinned down. No ammo,no defenses their leader is pleading for help.

We're being clobbered and we need help. Send us some weapons or something. I've already lost 7 men. How many more do we have to lose?

We'd love to help you out but we can't.

Why not?

Because if we use violence we will be playing into their hands and we will become no better than they are. They use violence in fact they use it more than organized crime. In fact more of our guys are dead at their hands than any other group. If we do that we are no better off.

We need to defend ourselves.

Don't you understand? If you defend yourselves they will say you are oppressing them and they will scream "oppression". Don't you understand? Everyone will believe them because the media says that men who don't allow women to kill them are "misogynistic". Do you think that guy over there in the miniskirt is going to support a bunch of misogynists. Certainly not. Besides we have an image to think of. Think of the PR.

That PR makes us look like wussies.

Nonsense,if you are nice they are nice. Look at the accomplishments of blacks during the '30's,40's and 50's. Look at the great accomplishments of Neville Chamberlain. You need to look at the big picture. History will reward us for being nice and everyone will respect us for taking to high road "go along to get along".

What did any of them accomplish?

Blacks were able to finally wag their fingers and say "bad Klanperson","bad Klanperson" and Neville Chamberlain accomplished peace in our time. Remember this: when in doubt take the Walter Mondale route.


The thing is we must think of our PR and our image. Taking the high road of doing nothing we deescalate the situation. You have to trust us. Returning violence for violence is like watching sports. No man wants anything to do with either. Like I said you have to trust us on this. We've been taking this route for a long time and only 500 misandric bills have gotten past us.

Did we at least try to reach out to anyone neutral for help?

And be labeled "misogynist"? Are you kidding? We may never get laid again.

What do we do?

We'll send General George Armstrong Custer to help you. You'll do fine. Trust us.

The leader gets off the phone and one of his men asks:

Sir,what did they say?

They told us to trust them.

What does that mean,sir?

"Trust us" is another way of saying "fuck you".

And the battle and the war rage on and on.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Do not hire this mangina

Aaron Adamski

Aaron Adamski is a mangina coward. He can't even be honest and stick to what he said he would do. Is this someone you would hire? Is this someone you can trust to run your business? Is this someone you can count on to be a team player? No,it isn't. We call upon businesses everywhere but especially in Montana never to hire this guy. Never to give him a job. He is spreading lies so you know he'll lie to your customers and when they find out they've been lied to you will lose your business. He's the type to save his own neck at everyone else's expense and he is a turncoat so you know he will turn on you. He will lie when it best suits him. Would you want a snake like this as a friend? I wouldn't. Aaron Adamski is a douche that shouldn't be hired by anyone. This is what he did:click here.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My heroes

The following video,if implemented on a global basis,can bring about a masculist paradise:

When men are the exclusive winners of the gender war there will be paradise. Once the enemy is subdued we will have a paradise.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Justice catches up with Wanetta Gibson

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) — The Long Beach Unified School District is suing a woman who falsely accused former student and football star Brian Banks of rape, saying it wants to get back some of the money it paid her in a settlement.

The school district wants to press criminal charges against Wanetta Gibson. The district says the lawsuit was filed months ago, but Gibson was finally served Friday.

It’s all possible thanks to one dramatic moment.

Gibson sat down in a private investigator’s office last year and made a startling confession about Brian Banks, the man she once accused of rape. Her recantation was captured on video. Gibson is asked if Banks raped her. She can be seen and heard saying, “No, he did not.” She is asked if Banks kidnapped her. Again, she replies, “No, he did not.”

Soon after, Banks was exonerated.

Gibson had previously claimed that Banks raped her at Long Beach Polytechnic High School while they were both students there. Banks was then a football stand-out committed to play at the University of Southern California. Instead, he spent years behind bars.

Gibson sued the school district and won $750,000. Now the district wants its money back. It is suing her for the $750,000, and more than $1 million in damages.

A district spokesman said in a statement: “Our school district takes seriously our obligation to be a good steward of public funds. It’s important to convey that our school board will take action to recoup any losses if someone attempts to defraud our schools of much-needed resources.”

It’s a happier ending for Banks, who recommitted himself to fulfilling his NFL dream. Last year he earned a tryout with the Seattle Seahawks, and just recently he was signed by the Atlanta Falcons.

Banks was in San Diego Friday night practicing for the upcoming season. He did not return an email regarding Friday night’s development.

But in the past he’s said he’s no longer concerned with Wanetta Gibson and doesn’t plan to sue her himself. He just wants to focus on his life and football.

Source:click here

I hope this fucking cunt does time on top of it. Throw the fucking book at her. Hey feminists didn't you say women never lie about rape. You said it yes you did. Now what do you have to say? Lying cunts. How about that principal that said Brian Banks could never return regardless? I say fire him,take away his pension,starve his ass close to death and throw him in the desert for the animanls to rip his flesh from his bones. It's the only good he can possibly give to any creature. He's just garbage otherwise. No good to anyone.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Misandry from Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter:misandrist at heart

I was watching a Hannity clip which featured an interview with Ann Coulter. I was shocked by the misandry coming out of Coulter's mouth. Judging from the misandry this woman:

Reminded me of this woman:

Coulter should learn the concept of STFU:

I'm not kidding. Check it out for youself:click here

Lying feminist senator caught lying

From our California correspondent:

I was reading at Senator Barbara Boxers' website that women earned less than men. I wrote to her to let her know that that is not true. Here is that letter:

Greetings Senator Boxer,

I read your tweet where you stated: "Women have to work more than 3 extra months to match what men earn every year. That’s unacceptable. Time to close the pay gap." http://www.boxer.senate.gov/

That is incorrect,Senator. Dr. Warren Farrell has proven in his book,"Why Men Earn More" that feminists have fudged the numbers. They were comparing women's part time work to men's full time work and calling them the same. Farrell has also pointed out there are cases where women have earned more however the feminists are silent when this is brought up. In fact here is a link to that book: http://www.amazon.com/Why-Men-Earn-More-Startling/dp/0814472109#reader_0814472109

In fact Farrell points out that there is a wage gap that favors women over men. That is unacceptable.

Thank you for your time concerning this matter.


Men's Rights Activist,Registered Voter
and Concerned Citizen

Good work,bro. We have to keep them honest and correcting them when they make statements that are out of line. The pay gap myth that disfavors women doesn't exist meanwhile the one that discriminates against men is very real.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My take on the University of Toranto MRA situation

I was watching one of the videos on A Voice For Men where John The Other is talking with one of the protesters and that protester said We were going all Merriam Webster on him. Sounds like to me he said to throw the dictionary out the window. Fine. Let's do that. When they were calling AVFM personnel "rape apologists" they must have meant "these are great people fighting for a legitimate cause". I mean if there is no definitions they mean the same thing? Right? When you get down to it "male feminist" could easily mean "child rapist". Is there a difference? No dictionary,no difference. A lot of the protesters also wore disguises. Why? To instigate violence? Perhaps. That is how they operate through intimidation and violence. At the original protest one man who was trying to makes sense of his friends' suicide by listening to Warren Farrell is instead labeled a "rapist scumbag" by some twobit whore whose personality is so acerbic that it could dissolve petrified wood. She's the type of woman that could make a man make a commitment-to remain a bachelor. Also at Farrell's event a male protester is a stoned out asshole. If you're going to take 17 bonghits and still act like you have a stick up your ass then you are a fucked up asshole to the bone,especially if you are going to serve evil and feminism is evil. Then there is big red: ultra obnoxious feminist cunt. This is the type that could turn an unbias man into a misogynist. She's also the type to have a lot of cats,no dates and has vibrator repair on speed dial.

JTO and other AVFM personnel go into the belly of the beast

Join John The Other and other people from AVFM as they attempt to talk to the feminist protesters aka the Toranto Terrorists. One of the Terrorists would like to see harm come to JTO which would make that feminist are true terrorist. Anyway click here for more.

Friday, April 5, 2013

NCFM sues over anti-male bias in selective service requirements


April 4, 2013


Contact: Marc Angelucci, Esq., NCFM Vice President, marcangelucci@hotmail.com 626-319-3081

Or, Steven Svoboda, Esq., NCFM PR Director, arc@post.harvard.edu 925-395-2065


Lawsuit Asserts Department of Defense’s Recent Repeal of Ban on Women in Combat Removes Lone Legal Obstacle for Requiring Women to Register for Draft

Los Angeles (4/4/13) – The National Coalition For Men (NCFM) is a non-profit educational organization that advocates for equal rights for men and women.

NCFM has filed a lawsuit that challenges the legality of requiring only males to register for the military draft. The lawsuit was filed against the U.S. Selective Service System in the United States District Court for the Central District of California on April 4, 2013, Case Number 2:13-cv-02391-DSF-MAN .

The 1981 U.S. Supreme Court equal protection case of Rostker v. Goldberg, 453 U.S. 57 (1981) held that men and women were not similarly situated in the U.S. military because women were excluded from combat, therefore women did not have to register for the draft. Dissenting Justice Thurgood Marshall wrote, “The Court today places its imprimatur on one of the most potent remaining public expressions of ‘ancient canards about the proper role of women’.”

In January, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta announced that women will be allowed to enter all combat positions in all branches of the U.S. military, thereby removing the sole legal basis for requiring only males to register for the draft.

NCFM’s complaint alleges that because men and women are now similarly situated in the military, Selective Service’s requirement that only males must register for the draft violates the rights of both men and women to equal treatment under the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution, and under United States Code, Title 28, Section 1983.

Plaintiffs seek injunctive and declaratory relief, calling for the Selective Service to stop discriminating against men and women by requiring both men and women to register for the draft, or by requiring neither to register for the draft.

Men failing to register for the draft can be fined up to $250,000, sentenced to up to five years in prison, and denied eligibility for federal and state benefits including jobs, financial aid, citizenship, loans, and job training. Only men now face these harsh penalties.

NCFM calls on the Obama Administration and Congress to end the institutional sex discrimination that requires only men to register for the draft. The ancient canard is gone, because women are now eligible for combat roles in all branches of the U.S. military. There is no longer any legal justification for continuing the unequal treatment of our draft age population based solely on their gender. The Selective Service System should treat men and women equally, including imposing penalties against both men and women for failing to register.

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Go NCFM Go. I've been waiting a long time for this and I'm glad it has happening. Why should men be the only ones to die in a war. If women want rights they should fight for them as any man would. Fair is fair.