Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've often said it because it's true we are living in a matriarchy. Feminism has permeated the culture and spread its poisonous filth. Everyday we are bombarded with messages that say you are nothing if you don't have a woman meanwhile women are told they are to be independent and in charge and lead (except if it's a 2 am sound in her darken home then she runs to men to save her worthless feminist hide). These messages are mainly propagandized by women and manginas. They won't make movies depicting men as independent because that will piss off women and we all know that most western men are manginas who do what their wives tell them to do. The reality of the situation is or should I say the result of it is men shunning women. Using them for sport fucks or other uses and then dumping them. I think you'll find this reaction among men gaining more traction. In an All State insurance commercial there is a female dumping a male at a dance. If they switched the roles of dumper and dumpee this commercial never would have been made and if it had it would have caused young girls self esteem to go down (this from the same society that has been told that young men successfully commit suicide more than girls and this society don't give a fuck). This society trashes masculinity except when it needs that masculinity to save itself. Let's go back to 9/11/01 in New York city when the trade towers collapsed. It was fireMEN and policeMEN who were trying to put out the fire and keep order. These men risked their lives to save others I don't recall anyone putting down masculinity at this point. Women talk shit about men when no threat is present but when one emerges they all run for help for someone to save their worthless cowardly lives. This,this is what I need in my life this thing called "woman". It sounds like a lot of trouble to me. Care for it and it will walk all over you and rape your soul. Treat her like shit and she'll love you forever. Damn illogical this beast and yet this society tells me I need one or I'm nothing. To whom am I nothing? To the cowardly women who wouldn't accept this themselves and be crying over it if imposed upon them. Fuck them,don't need them. To the manginas that were too stupid to see their plight coming and misery loves company. Fuck that shit. Yet we see this in movies when the protagonist has to have a love interest. Why? Why can't he just hang around with his buds and do what he wants. You'll never see the protagonist resolve the situation and then end it with him having some beer with his friends. No,there always has to be a bitch involved. The only way there would make a movie like this is if it were a female protagonist and it were a chick flick otherwise the femihags would take to the streets and scare the manginas. In the movies and old music it is the male needing the female and the female not needing the male. Quite the opposite of reality.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wife sets up man

Joanne Hale

Wife 'lured husband to woods for drug-fuelled sex... then slit his throat so she could meet internet lover for first time'By Luke Salkeld
Last updated at 10:46 PM on 13th October 2009

A poet lured her husband into woodland for a drug-fuelled sex session and then slit his throat, a court was told yesterday.

Joanne Hale, 39, left him for dead so she could see a man she had met on the internet, a jury heard.

Hale gave her 43-year-old husband Peter a dose of a natural aphrodisiac called 'horny goat weed' before she blindfolded him and led him into local woods to act out her fantasy, it was alleged.

The couple kissed and 'rolled about on the leaves' as part of a 'playful game'.
Then Hale sat astride her husband as he lay face- down on the ground and slit his throat with a knife, before plunging it into his neck and chest several times, a jury was told.

It is alleged that she abandoned his bleeding body when she was disturbed by a passer-by, and drove to a nearby railway station for her first meeting with a man she had befriended on the internet. But police arrested her when she returned home.

She denies attempted murder and wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Hale publishes her poetry on the internet and, according to her website, likes to write verse about 'people, animals, love and everything that people care about'.

The couple, who married in February 2000, were watching television on December 27 when Mrs Hale suggested her husband take 'horny goat weed'.

Made using extracts from a leafy wild plant, the herbal drug is legal and is widely available to buy in capsule form.

It is used to treat erectile dysfunction and increase sexual desire.

Legend has it that its qualities were first noticed by a Chinese shepherd who observed an increase in promiscuous behaviour among his goats after they ate the plant.

Horny Goat Weed: Said to be named by goat herder 100s of years ago who noticed constant sexual behavior in his goats whenever they ate a certain weed
It is said to have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

Mr Hale told the jury that he and his wife discussed how to prepare the drug - and that a mask used to relieve headaches was put over his face.

'Jo said it was quite unpalatable and I said I would like a drink with it,' he said.

At 6pm they left their home in Stapleton, Bristol, and walked to Stoke Park in the dark.

'I think, probably, a migraine cap was put on my head,' said Mr Hale.

'It was just a kind of sexual game. I enjoyed the game but I lifted it up because I wanted to see.'

He said he believed a sexual act was about to take place because it was his wife's fantasy which they had never acted out.

'We had a cuddle and a bit of rolling about in the leaves,' he said. 'I was happy at that point.'

He said his memory was 'hazy' from this point onwards but he remembered seeing his wife and a man before waking up in hospital.

The court heard that after slashing and stabbing her husband, Hale, was disturbed by a passing motorist.

Timothy Walker spotted two figures in his headlights - 'one on the ground, and one standing over'.

Hale is alleged to have fled the scene seconds later.

She is said to have then driven to Bristol Parkway railway-station where she had arranged to pick up postal worker Philip Sudol.

Hale allegedly told Mr Sudol, whom she was meeting in person for the first time, that she was separated, but that her husband had injured himself and she would get the blame.

Mr Hale had 'lifethreatening injuries' and was taken to hospital, the court was told.
The Hales were said to have been affected by stress after Mr Hale 'totally messed up' his PhD studies. He was also due to be made redundant. The trial continues.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Duke 2: no prosecution for liar

The lingering spectre of Hofstra's false rape claim
on Thursday 08 October 2009

by Wendy McElroy

I have been waiting for outrage over the decision by District Attorney Kathleen Rice (Nassau, N.Y.) not to file so much as one criminal charge against Danmel Ndonye – the Hofstra student who falsely accused five men of gang-raping her. Four young men were arrested on $500,000 bail, jailed for days, publicly IDed and villified. A fifth man was being sought by police when a videotape appeared and confirmed the consensual nature of the sex act in question. Ndonye recanted immediately.

What did Ndonye receive? She was sentenced to undergo mental health counseling and to perform 250 hours of community service. Rice explained ‘the walk’, “This agreement is the only way we guarantee that this woman gets the help that she needs and is held publicly accountable for what she’s done to our community." This is the same D.A.’s office that rushed to judgment about ruining the lives of 4 young men, hardly pausing for due process. As one of the men commented, "I think they should have gathered more evidence . . . looked at camera footage and tried to match up times and things like that before throwing us in and letting the wolves get us." Now the D.A.’s office is oh-so concerned about helping a "troubled" perjurer whose lies could have sent 4 innocent men to prison for decades, where they would have been raped, brutalized and then, afterward, forced to register as sex offenders in perpetuity.

My read on the situation? With elections for D.A. looming in November, Rice (a Democrat) was trying to avoid the explosion of racial politics that would have likely surrounded the prosecution of a black woman for accusing five Latino men of rape. In this, Rice may have miscalculated. Her main opponent Joy Watson (a Republican) is using the ‘free pass’ given to Ndonye against Rice. Watson told Newsweek that “Rice ‘avoided the judicial process’ in deciding not to prosecute the woman who falsely reported she was gang-raped at Hofstra University two weeks ago.”

It will be interesting to watch an election spin out which is based largely on whether or not to prosecute false rape accusers. I hope the outrage I've been waiting for arrives in the form of a voter backlash against Rice and her ass lands on the cold, hard N.Y. pavement.


Kathleen Rice is Mike Nifong in drag. I think racism is a flimsy excuse not to prosecute but apparently it exists everywhere prosecutors don't prosecute perjurers. It shows that women,particulary black women can falsely accuse someone of rape. First it was a black stripper at Duke that accused 3 white men of rape and now a black female student accuses 4 latinos of rape. But I guess as long as she don't accuse any "brothas" of rape the black community will still accept her. Where was Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on this one?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Double standardism

Female sex offender returns to teaching at all-boys school
By Kimball Perry • THE CINCINNATI ENQUIRER • October 2, 2009

CINCINNATI -- A woman who was fired from a previous teaching job for having sex with a student and who pleaded guilty last month to a sex crime with a minor is now employed at an all-boys Christian school.

Mary Ems, 44, of Springfield Township, is working at the Union Christian Post Graduate Academy, an uncertified school for males at least age 17.

“I have no comment and I will be contacting my attorney,” Ems said Thursday when The Enquirer called her for comment.

Calls to the school and the person believed to be its founder, Phillip “P.J.” Wilson, weren't returned.

Ems was a special education teacher at Winton Woods High School when she had sex with a student.

She pleaded guilty last month in a plea deal to unlawful sexual conduct with a minor. She initially was charged with sexual battery, a felony that would have required her to register as a sex offender and could have sent her to prison. But because her victim refused to cooperate with authorities, prosecutors allowed a plea deal to a misdemeanor that, the judge indicated last month, likely will allow her to escape time behind bars and get probation.

That plea deal also required Ems to give up her certificate to teach in Ohio.
Despite that, Ems is working as a teacher at the all-boys school.
“We will certainly bring that to the court's attention at the time of sentencing,” said Julie Wilson, spokesman for the Hamilton County Prosecutor.
“We wanted to make sure she didn't have her teaching certificate because of that (conviction).”

The school is not certified by the Ohio Department of Education because it accepts students who are college age and isn't a public high school.
The school identifies itself on its Web site as having “outstanding faculty and staff, prides itself in developing young men into ‘Champions in Christ.“’
The Web site doesn't list a street address for the school, noting only that it is “located in suburban Cincinnati.”

Ems is to be sentenced Oct. 29 before Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Melba Marsh. She faces up to six months in jail but the judge indicated she'd impose probation.


Contrast that to this:

McAllen teacher gets 15 years in student sex case News
By Katie Lopez
Friday, October 02, 2009 at 6:44 p.m.

A state district judge from Hidalgo County sentenced a McAllen teacher to 15 years in prison in a student sex case during a Friday morning decision.

Former IDEA Academy teacher Ricardo Garcia, Jr. was first accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old female student back in May.

On Thursday, a jury found him guilty on three counts of having an improper relationship between an educator and a student and three counts of sexual assault of a child.

Garcia was acquitted of six other charges: three counts of aggravated sexual assault of child and three counts of improper relationship with a student.

“You have children and teachers...that's such an explosive emotional issue,” said defense attorney Jesus Villalobos. “These types of cases are different from other cases you'll see."

Garcia waived his right to have the jury decide his sentence

State district Judge Noe Gonzalez sentenced Garcia to 15 years in prison.

Garcia accepted the sentence and waived his right to appeal the guilty verdict.

"At this point, I think it brings closure to the case,” said Villalobos. “By accepting responsibility and accepting 15 years in prison--it'll bring closure to the family and close this matter out."

Villalobos said this type of case is hard on everyone because of that trust factor students should have with teachers.

"Anyone out there…administrators… school teacher… having thoughts such as that (sexual in nature toward a student) need to think twice about it,” he said.

As the final piece of this case is put to a close, families on both sides can start to rebuild their lives.

Garcia will have will to register as a sex offender upon his release from prison.


Notice the two tier justice system in this country,one for him and one for her.