Friday, July 27, 2012

Dan Matthews on the radio

From an email:

Want to hear Dan Matthews in a live Candidate Forum this weekend?

You don't even need to leave your house...

Listen in to Saturday Morning Live on KGMI 790 AM

from 8:15 to 8:45, this Saturday, July 28
to hear a live and moderated discussion of the issues with Dan Matthews,
incumbent Congressman Rick Larsen and other Primary Election opponents.

If you aren't getting good reception, try listening online.

Hope you have the chance to listen in, thank you for your support!

This is the show Dan Matthews is going to be on. Let's call in and let him know that men's rights is something safe to bank on and that he will receive support if it's symbiotic.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tackling domestic violence at the state level

From SAVE:

Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE) recently asked their Domestic Violence Legislative Project (DVLP) members to take on a one year challenge: Get state-level DV reform legislation enacted into law by June 30, 2013.

As of this writing, twelve states have signed up: Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New York, Oregon, Texas, and Wisconsin. Good thing, since Americans are fed up with fraud, waste, discrimination and false allegations.

Visit to join the DVLP.


Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

This sounds like a great challenge and one I believe we are up to. To find out your state officials go here. This sounds like a project to get started right away.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

HR 459 passes the House

From Campaign For Liberty:

Minutes ago, the U.S. House voted to pass our Audit the Fed bill!

For more information, and to find out how your representative voted, be sure to check Voting Roll Call.

Thanks for your help to achieve this historic victory!

Only a few years ago, few would have believed that two thirds of the U.S. House would support a complete audit of the Federal Reserve.

It’s time to further shock the establishment by carrying our momentum over into the Senate.

And that’s where Audit the Fed faces its toughest test yet.

Ben Bernanke and his bankster pals know they can count on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and their other allies to do everything in their power to stop our transparency effort.

With your support today, we can unleash a grassroots tidal wave of action and show these “Wall Street Senators” that who they really should be worried about serving is their constituents – instead of providing cover to the Fed’s destruction of our money and economy.

Any amount you can give today will help us spread the word through email, direct mail, ads, and more!

The energy, enthusiasm, and passion are on our side – and so is a major victory in the U.S. House.

You and I CAN win this fight.

Thanks again for your support!

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

P.S. H.R. 459, our Audit the Fed bill, has passed the House!

Ben Bernanke and his bankster pals know they can count on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and their other allies to do everything in their power to fight our transparency effort.

So C4L must be able to unleash a grassroots tidal wave of pressure on the Senate right away.

You,me,we did it. Way to go and give yourselves a pat on the back. The fight is far from over now we have to the Senate to contend with. There will be more on HR 459 so stay tuned.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Vote on HR 459 is tomorrow

From Campaign For Liberty:

This is it.

Tomorrow’s the big day!

As Audit the Fed heads to the House floor under suspension of the rules, it’s vital all C4L members take action immediately.

Needing two thirds of Congress to vote “YES” on your bill is no easy hurdle to clear.

If you contacted your representative last week, thanks for taking action!

If not, it’s critical you do so right away.

With such a high threshold to meet, I’m afraid this could be a very close vote, one we could even lose if only a handful of representatives vote against us.

So you and I can’t afford to let up on the pressure now.

Not only do we need the support of every cosponsor, but we also must pick up at least sixteen additional votes.

To help C4L as we verify our vote count, please contact your representative one more time on Audit the Fed.

First, verify they will be in attendance for Tuesday’s vote.

Second, confirm their position on Audit the Fed.

Afterward, let us know where your representative stands on Audit the Fed.

Verifying your representative will be in attendance may sound silly, but it’s based on firsthand experience.

Last Congress, a cosponsor actually missed the vote because he was too busy campaigning for another office.

That was unacceptable.

We simply must reinforce to every cosponsor how crucial their support is tomorrow.

I know when this vote is over, I don’t want to look back and wish there was something more I could have done.

I’m sure you feel the same way.

So please, pick up the phone one more time. Click HERE to find your representative's contact information. Verify they will be at the vote and confirm their position on Audit the Fed.

After you’ve done that, let us know what you’ve found out so we know exactly which members are still on the fence.

Passing Audit the Fed under suspension with a veto-proof majority in the House will help send a clear message - one that does not mince words - from the American people to the Senate: PASS AUDIT THE FED NOW!

Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do in the fight for liberty.

Onward to victory!

In Liberty,

Tim Shoemaker
Director of Legislation

P.S. With Audit the Fed heading to the House floor tomorrow under suspension of the rules – meaning you and I need a two-thirds majority for victory – it’s vital all C4L members take action immediately.

Not only do we need the support of every cosponsor, but we also must pick up at least sixteen additional votes.

To help C4L as we verify our vote count, please contact your representative one more time on Audit the Fed.

Be sure to let us know where they stand as we head into the final hours before the vote!

You can also contact the Speaker of the House and the House Majority Leader and tell them the same thing. We don't have much time until Tuesday's vote so act now to get your views across. Send in those emails right away.

UPDATE: I just received word that the House vote on HR 459 has been moved to Wednesday July 25 with debate to begin tomorrow. But still get the word out so tell your friends.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cleveland DJ's speak their minds

This happened a few days ago but I still want to cover it. It seems that a couple of Cleveland disc jockeys held a book burning of the controversial novel 50 shades of Grey citing "men will find themselves alone" and "it caused a divorce". Good for these guys sticking up for men and letting their views be known and for that we thank you. Women speak out on issues they are concerned about and we should do the same. My hats off to Chad Zumock and Alan Cox of WMMS for organizing this event and speaking out on men's issues.

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Male friendly candidate starting to flip-flop

It seems as though Dan Matthews is flip-flopping. He's taken down his webpage where he states he wants to hold women accountable for falsely accusing men of crimes. This is the site in question:click here Now let's go to my site,especially the words in blue which quote Matthews: click here Some feminazis may have gotten to him so it is up to us to counteract what they have done. Dan Matthews can be contacted here: click here

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Audit the fed up for a vote in the House

From Campaign For Liberty:

I have some very exciting news!

After years of C4L’s hard work to secure a standalone vote on Audit the Fed in the U.S. House, our day has arrived.

C4L has learned that Congressman Ron Paul’s H.R. 459, our Audit the Fed bill, will be voted on next Tuesday, July 24!

But this also means I need the help of each and every C4L member more than ever before.

Audit the Fed will be brought up under a “suspension of the rules.”

So the Fed’s allies won’t be able to offer ANY amendments to try to water down this historic bill!


It also means we need two thirds of the House in order to win - instead of just a simple majority.

You and I have come so far, and we simply can’t afford to just “assume” our congressmen have gotten the point.

All of our hard work over several years now comes down to this final week.

We need to reinforce our message loud and clear through phone calls, faxes, and if you’re able, personal visits to your representative’s Capitol Hill or district office.

Campaign for Liberty is working with Congressman Paul’s office and the Republican leadership to make sure we have the votes and can set up a simple majority vote should we not succeed under suspension.

But don’t let the two-thirds threshold discourage you.

We CAN win - and this gives us a chance to make an even BIGGER statement heading into the Senate!

Already, almost two thirds of the House has signed on as cosponsors.

We need to urge them to stay the course, and we also need to secure the final votes necessary for victory.

Leave a message tonight and then follow up with a call while the staff is in the office tomorrow.

Even if they’re already a cosponsor, they need to be reminded to do everything possible to pass Audit the Fed.

I’m proud we can report this exciting news.

But I’m also counting on you to help us clear this final hurdle in the House and carry our momentum over into the Senate.

Let’s finish this fight and make history in the U.S. House!

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

P.S. The U.S. House will vote on Congressman Ron Paul’s H.R. 459, our Audit the Fed bill, next Tuesday, July 24.

But the vote will come under a “suspension of the rules.”

That means the Fed’s allies can’t offer ANY amendments to water down our effort, but it also means we need two thirds of the House in order to succeed!

To find and contact your Congressperson:click here

You may also want to get in contact with Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and get them to cosponsor HR 459. The more House members we get on our side the better so get in contact today.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Justice with Jeanine

I was watching FOX's Justice with Jeanine they were talking about Wayne Treacy and how he attempted to kill Josie Lou Ratley. Treacy and Ratley were texting each other. Let's rewind to a few months earlier when Treacy's older brother committed suicide by hanging himself and understandably this had an big impact on Treacy and his state of mind. Now fast forward to where Treacy and Ratley are texting each other and Ratley texts:"go visit your dead brother". It is at this point that Treacy became enraged and rightfully so so he set out to fubar Ratley which he did. "Justice?" Pierro couldn't seem to wrap it around her skull that perhaps a line had been crossed when Ratley said what she said so disregards Treacy's fragile state of mind,expecting him to get over his brother's death which occured only five months prior to this. She tries to make him culpable either way. This kid is looking at 50 years,thanks to some entitled princess who decided to shoot her mouth off at the wrong person at the wrong time on the wrong subject and just like if a guy had said that she got fucked up. That is equality. Apparently Pierro is a misandrist who believe men have no emotions and that they don't count. Pierro is actually a genuine former judge,I'm glad I wasn't one of the men to go before her and I feel sorry for those that did. I hope he is acquitted because he would be if he were a female. This is also taking place in Florida and if he is found guilty it would really be a shame because this is the same state that acquitted Casey Anthony and her victim was an innocent child who didn't deserve what happened to her while Treacy's victim brought it on herself.

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The good doctor and the professor of evil

Meet Dr. Greg Canning,skin cancer doctor and men's rights activist. He's an M.D. who is also an MRA. Recently he rightfully protested the lenient treatment of a feminist colleague who violated the rules of conduct at their employment,James Cook University in Australia. I'll let Dr. Canning take it from here:

A Voice For Men featuring Dr. Greg Caning

Thanks to Christian J for this expose of Professor Betty McLellan who happens to be an active SCUM member. My middle finger is given to Professor McLellan and her slimy ilk,may they pay for their evil ways. On a positive note my hat is off to Dr. Canning,may his future be bright as we oppose misandry and bring the feminist fiends to justice.

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On Daniel Tosh

It seems that Daniel Tosh is in trouble for offending a woman in a comedy club. It seems that Tosh was making light of rape and a pissed off woman heckled him and he said she should get raped by 5 guys. Now if you've ever talked to women about male-on-male prison rape they will find that funny and I'm sure that if Tosh joked about male-on-male prison rape she would be rolling in the aisles. Besides what definition of "rape" are we going to use? The old definition where the rapist uses physical power? Or one of the newer ones where he was a nanosecond too long in pulling out? Or he looked at her a nanosecond too long and the thought police determined that he was guilty? Which one? While we are looking at rape,this will take it from another perspective. Or perhaps Tosh pissed off an overgrown toddler princess who can't handle the facts of life or perhaps he was flipping off the matriarchy,which is a fun thing to do. I'm not going to worry about women being subject to this,which is a joke.Now compare that to these real life tragedies that were suffered by men:here and here. I've heard female comedians bag on men all the time and they were never held accountable so why should Daniel Tosh be? If it's only a joke when it effects men and men are told to get over it then it happens to women and everyone must show her some sympathy. It's either men deserve sympathy as well or women stop complaining over nothing.

Fellow comedians support Daniel Tosh:click here

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Geo Safe House

Domestic Violence Shelters For Pets But Not Men: If you are a male suffering from abuse, your dog may have a better chance than you of finding shelter.

Short Summary

Hello, my name is Geo Peterson, and I'm a Survivor of Domestic Violence. I want to open Geo Safe House For Abused Men in Austintown, OH. Men trying to end relationships or seeking coping strategies for dealing with their abusive spouses and partners find there aren’t that many services available to them. My mission is to provide a safe harbor for domestically abused men.

For more info go here

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

U.S. Government persecutes U.K. subject

Join Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales: Protect Internet Freedom And Seek Justice for Richard O'Dwyer

Hi, I am Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, and if you care about justice and the future of Internet freedom, Demand Progress and I need your help. This will only take a few seconds, but you can really help us change things for the better.

Richard O'Dwyer is a 24 year old British student at Sheffield Hallam University in the UK. He is facing extradition to the USA and up to ten years in prison, for creating a website - – which linked (similarly to a search-engine) to places to watch TV and movies online.

O'Dwyer is not a US citizen, he's lived in the UK all his life, his site was not hosted there, and most of his users were not from the US. America is trying to prosecute a UK citizen for an alleged crime which took place on UK soil.

The Internet as a whole must not tolerate censorship in response to mere allegations of copyright infringement. As citizens we must stand up for our rights online.

Please sign on at right here to join me in demanding that British authorities refuse to extradite O'Dwyer, and that US officials cease persecuting him.

When operating his site, Richard O'Dwyer always did his best to play by the rules: on the few occasions he received requests to remove content from copyright holders, he complied. His site hosted links, not copyrighted content, and these were submitted by users.

Copyright is an important institution, serving a beneficial moral and economic purpose. But that does not mean that copyright can or should be unlimited. It does not mean that we should abandon time-honored moral and legal principles to allow endless encroachments on our civil liberties in the interests of the moguls of Hollywood.

Richard O'Dwyer is the human face of the battle between the content industry and the interests of the general public. Earlier this year, in the fight against SOPA and PIPA, the public won its first big victory. This could be our second.

This is why I am petitioning the UK's Home Secretary Theresa May to stop the extradition of Richard O'Dwyer, and asking the United States to end his prosecution. I hope you will join me.

- Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder

Source:click here

I'm not a big wikipedia fan so you should know that I would rather let the blind master from Kung Fu shave my pubes with a straight razor in a pitch black room than be on the same page as wikipedia. If it was staff at wikipedia getting fucked I would have no problem but in this case it appears that the U.S. Government is overstepping its bounds. This is the same government that doesn't do shit in the middle east,ignores Pro-American sentiment amongst the Iranian youth yet they can persecute some guy running a tv guide style website. This is rediculous and the U.S. government should just hang it up on this one. If you feel the same way sign the petition.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dan Matthews sticks up for men

Dan Matthews

“Violence against women is morally repulsive and totally unacceptable. Shame on Rick Larsen and his Democrat colleagues for unnecessarily politicizing such important issues to gain political points.

The habit of Rep. Larsen to pander about with talk of a non-existent “war on women” clearly demonstrates why there is so much gridlock in Washington, D.C. There are a broad range of reasonable concerns with regard to the VAWA. When are we going to have an adult conversation over the challenges we face without demonizing those with other points of view? It’s time for some leadership.

The VAWA offers women both a 'tactical advantage' and a 'powerful weapon' when they want to 'get back' at a man, have regrets the next morning, or want out of a marriage for any reason at all. Allegations of abuse can cause men to lose their homes, jobs, children, and reputations in the community. Once they've been thrown in jail because of mandatory arrests and have been assumed guilty, where do they go to get their reputations and their jobs back when the accusations are proven false? "...get used to seeing these kinds of re-directions throughout the coming weeks as Rick Larsen ducks the central issues of this campaign..." In the past, even the ACLU had problems with some Constitutional protections being lost in the Act. The right to face one’s accuser certainly comes to mind. We need to examine the mindset that all men are guilty and all women are victims. Law enforcement officials observe that at times it is women who are perpetuators of domestic violence. A balanced and objective review of the Act demonstrates that the Act does not adequately protect men from false allegations.

With regard to the provisions for illegal immigrants, Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, argued during a hearing that those accused of abusing women should be interviewed to check if the victims are trying to game the system. "Currently, there are no safeguards in place to prevent fraud or to prevent an immigrant from fabricating tales of spousal abuse," Smith said. "Claims of battery and abuse go unchallenged. The immigrant is presumed to be the victim." Immigration law should not be a means for abusers to attack their victims, and this Act should not provide an opening for immigrants to play the system. Due process is still a central tenet of our Constitution – for women and men alike.

In addition, this is but another example of constantly turning to federal control rather than local control of issues, thereby creating or expanding another federal bureaucracy. Reauthorization of the Violence against Women Act ignores the fact that those in state and local government are better caretakers of these types of victims and better punishers of these types of criminals. The knee-jerk reaction of Rick Larsen to remove this issue from local control and give more power to Washington DC betrays his mistrust of our own citizens -- and of our local law enforcement officials -- to take care of our own.

Finally, get used to seeing these kinds of re-directions throughout the coming weeks as Rick Larsen ducks the central issues of this campaign: his miserable record on the economy and jobs, and his appalling abandonment of veterans."

Source:click here

About time someone spoke out in favor of men's issues and that someone is Dan Matthews. If you live in Dan's district and you're tired of the same old feminist crap and want a breath of fresh air vote for Dan Matthews. Dan Matthews definitely takes men's concerns seriously.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More on Mary N. Kellett

ADA Kellett Strikes Out in Two More Cases

Robert Franklin, Esq.
July 1, 2012

In less than a week, Maine Assistant District Attorney Mary Kellett lost two trials in which she had charged men with sex crimes. Kellett is the ADA who’s conduct is being reviewed by the Maine Board of Law Overseers for disciplinary action. Earlier this year, an attorney for the state bar recommended that Kellett be disciplined for her repeated acts of prosecutorial misconduct.

In the first case, Kellett charged and brought to trial Mark Colantonio of Pennsylvania (Bangor Daily News, 6/20/12). He had been vacationing in Maine during the course of divorce and custody proceedings against his wife. His wife’s sister lived in Maine and in due course accused Colantonio of sexual abuse, sexual assault and sexual abuse of a minor (she was 18). Colantonio said the claims were fabricated and intended solely for his wife to gain an advantage in his custody case.

Kellett leveled seven charges against Colantonio, but three were dismissed outright by Judge Ann Murray.

The defense attorney said the presiding judge at the trial, Ann Murray, dismissed the three unlawful sexual touching charges after the victim testified that Colantonio had touched her waist but not other parts of her body. A sexual touching charge applies only when someone touches the groin, buttocks or inner thigh of another person, Toothaker said.

The jury found Colantonio innocent of the three assault charges and the one sexual abuse of a minor charge, the attorney said.

You read that right: “the victim testified that Colantonio had touched her waist but not other parts of her body.” That’s the type of case Mary Kellett takes to trial on charges of sexual abuse. He touched her waist. According to Kellett, the waist is part of the buttocks and therefore a sex crime occurred. Judge Murray knew better. In what has to be the last refuge of a bad trial lawyer, Kellett took solace for her defeat in the fact that “the jury was out for a long time.”

Interestingly, defense lawyer Jeff Toothaker was allowed to tell the jury about the connection between the charges and Colantonio’s custody battle. That wasn’t allowed when Kellett brought Vladek Filler to trial, but apparently is now the law in Maine. Because of the Filler case, when criminal charges arise in connection with divorce or custody matters, juries will be told about the divorce or custody case and allowed to conclude that the charges are fabricated to gain an advantage in the family law matter. The jury acquitted Colantonio on all remaining charges.

In the second case, Kellett charged Steve Kane with sexual abuse of a girl over a two-year period (Bangor Daily News, 6/22/12). It took the jury just 30 minutes to acquit him of all 14 charges against him. (So, according to Kellett’s own measure of how well she performed – how long the jury takes to decide – she did terribly.) The problem with Kellett’s case against Kane is that there was literally no evidence of guilt apart from the girl’s word.

During his closing arguments Friday morning, [Defense attorney Daniel] Pileggi highlighted not just the lack of physical evidence but the number of people known to come and go from the Kane family home, where Kane ran his retail clam business and where the assaults supposedly took place. He said no one besides the alleged victim ever told police about his client being left alone with her, and there was no indication of any escalating inappropriate behavior from Kane toward the girl.

Pileggi also told the jury it was odd that the alleged victim could provide few details about the incidents. She could not provide police with physical descriptions of what she saw during the alleged assaults, he said, nor could she provide details about what happened immediately before and after they supposedly took place.

“What is there to support the story she told you [Thursday]? Nothing,” Pileggi said. “This case is full of holes.”

In her own defense to bringing such a patently meritless case, Kellett told reporters “we have an obligation to prosecute.” No, Ms. Kellett, you don’t. Actually the Maine canons of ethics for prosecutors is very clear about their duty to evaluate the merits of a case before deciding to charge a person with a crime. Put simply, prosecutors are required to drop cases not supported by probable cause. Touching another person’s waist is not a sex crime; the wholly unsupported testimony of a complaining witness does not constitute probable cause.

Mary Kellett has again used her position as a state official to attempt to imprison two innocent men. Into the bargain, she used her office to assist a mother in her custody case against Kellett’s defendant. She’s violated the canons of ethics of the state bar in doing so. She’s done the same or similar things in at least 10 other cases including Filler’s. One of those men, Michael Weber, said this of Kellett’s conduct:

“I was continuously put through the system for no reason”. He was charged with 14 counts of gross sexual assault, found innocent on all 14 counts, then tried again for unlawful sexual contact and, again, found innocent. “There was no circumstantial evidence” reports Webber.

Mary Kellett is a woman on a mission – to imprison as many men as possible, rightly or wrongly. Over many years she’s showed a blatant disregard for the rights of those she accuses, criminal procedure and the canons of ethics. She should be disbarred. It is long past time.

Source:click here

Kellett is an anti-male bigot that should do hard time for the abuse she has heaped upon the men she knew to be innocent and their families. May she rot in hell.

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Federal agency to draft anti-male domestic violence policy and how we can stop it

From SAVE:

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force has just released its draft recommendations to screen for intimate partner violence (IPV) in healthcare settings. The panel says all women should be assessed for IPV:click here

But if you're an abused man.... you didn't make the cut.

There's hope: the Task Force recommendations are just a draft, so if enough persons complain, maybe they'll change them to include men.

Here's how to email your polite comments: click here

Take 5 minutes today - you may save an abused man's life.



Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

It looks like the government is trying to shaft us again. Don't let that happen let them know to be inclusive of male victims of domestic violence. Sign the petition.

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More on Audit The Fed

From Campaign For Liberty:

You don’t have to be a sports fan to feel bad for the athlete who’s leading a race the entire time, only to get passed right before he reaches the finish line thanks to a last second burst of energy from his opponent.

Our battle to Audit the Fed is nearing the finish line for this Congress.

You and I have led the entire way, with the Fed scrambling to avoid the spotlight we’ve turned on it and desperately playing catch up in the court of public opinion.

Now the end is in sight, with a vote in the U.S. House this July.

If we can stay ahead there, it’s on to the Senate, where we can expect every obstacle to be thrown into our path.

So C4L needs your help now to expand our grassroots forces by reaching millions more Americans with our message of transparency.

Please take just a moment to listen to the special Audit the Fed update Congressman Ron Paul and C4L have prepared for you, and do whatever you can today to help us cross the finish line in victory.

In Liberty,

Matt Hawes
Vice President

P.S. Congressman Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill passed out of committee and is headed for a vote in the U.S. House this July.

Please take a few moments to listen to the special audio update Congressman Paul and C4L have prepared for you.

To sign the petition:click here

It looks like it is going down to the wire on this one. Now is the time to strike otherwise it may take years before we get this chance again.

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