Friday, October 22, 2010

Misandry at Hamilton

Mangina professor Keith Edwards

Rape culture is a term used within women's studies and feminism, describing a culture in which rape and other sexual violence against women is common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media condone, normalize, excuse, or encourage sexualized violence

That is just one of the definitions for rape culture I found online. It is as good a definition as any for something that does not, and never has, existed. And it has been taking its rightful place alongside a nonexistent gender wage gap, nonexistent employment discrimination, nonexistent media bias and a nonexistent domestic violence crisis that only affects women, continuing the litany of nonexistent feminist outrages.

This collection of imagined slights and hurts form the basis of Lie Culture. And it is nothing new. We have been lying to women since the first one asked, “Does this mastodon hide make my ass look fat?” Rather we have been lying to women since the first one started crying and getting cold in the bedroom when being told the truth. And that trump card, issued in the name of survival biology, has long ensured that for the most part, women will not be inconvenienced with reality. And nor will men who want to remain on their “good” side.

In that light, feminism has succeeded, by and large, by counting on public willingness to accept two mutually exclusive realities at the same time. First, women are exactly equal to men in capability, aptitude, strength and every other measure of human potential. And two, women are the weaker, unsupported victims of stronger, more aggressive men, requiring government and all other manner of intervention to give them a helping hand. Yes, people, when you buy the lie, they are both at the same time. It’s like saying Pee Wee Herman could beat the crap out of Mike Tyson in a fair fight, but we need to give him a .45 auto before he gets in the ring.

Thus every area where feminism has shaped public perception has forced intellectual integrity into the shadows.

Rape culture is just the latest offering in string of imagined curses on the lives of our all powerful, yet strangely helpless women. We don’t just have a problem with rape as a crime, but we are all complicit in it. The culture itself wants women to get raped. The criminal justice system, from police to prosecutors to judges and juries, all smile and wink and look the other way as already traumatized women get raped a second time by a system that is indifferent and uncaring. The media is in on the action, glamorizing sexual violence against women. And our colleges? They’re the worst. We might as well leave mattresses and handcuffs between the bushes on campus to make things a little more convenient on the rapists.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Rape is hawt, dude, it’s all the rage. We hear this all the time now from the same people that say chivalry is a patriarchal conspiracy, while demanding that men still practice it. Never mind that the simple and often false accusation of rape will destroy a man’s life. Never mind that it happens all the time because women can count on the system to react with mindless vengeance on their behalf. Forget about all the men who have unjustly served the lion’s share of their adult lives behind bars because we are desperate to convict somebody, anybody, when a rape has been alleged. Just accept it. We all want women to get raped and we have built an entire culture that will ensure it happens.

Just ask Keith Edwards, feminist blowhard and Indoctrinator-in-Chief at Hamilton College. He has developed a new program for all freshman males (read: rapists), who attend that school. It’s a class called “She Fears You.” The intent of this program is to combat rape culture, by branding innocent students, all male, as sexual deviates in waiting, and treating them that way from the first day they attend school at that institution. Edwards is hell bent on proving to young men how unambiguously dangerous they really are. All men are potential rapists, and Edwards is going to by God set them straight.

Oh, and according to the good professor, they are also racists and homophobes, a couple of bonus pejoratives he tossed in for good measure. Perhaps it was to give his reeducation camp a well rounded effect, or maybe to cover what few men attend that aren’t actually rapists. Hell, they’re men, there has to be something wrong with them, right?

Obviously this is a political operation, and one that seeks to invade and destroy the very consciousness of any man that chooses to get his education at Hamilton. Despite objections from students, many of the faculty, the Hamilton Alumni organization, and other concerned groups, the elite powers to be at that institution backed the crusading Edwards, and pressed forward with the class- even sending out threatening emails to male students, warning them, in bold red letters, that the event was mandatory.

It is hard to fight off the knee jerk reaction to grab Edwards by the scruff of his neck and give him an earful of reality, like the fact that only a microscopic fraction of men are rapists. Even better, one might press him to answer, if such alarm is warranted from the mere presence of males in the university setting, then where were the equally strident warnings that should have gone out to all the female students and their parents? Why are they not being warned about the dangerous “rape culture” that awaits them in the school they have chosen to attend? I mean, shouldn’t women be damned afraid to attend Hamilton?

Aside from the fact that you would not get a credible answer to any of those questions, there is actually a more important and less pursued concern in the midst of all this contrived hoopla.

What about all the men in those classes who have already been sexually abused and victimized by female teachers in the elementary schools, middle schools and high schools they attended prior to attending Hamilton? The fact is that there is an all but silent epidemic of female teachers in America that are sexually abusing, raping, young male students. And they are getting away with it, either at the hands of a judicial system that seldom delivers more than a slap on the wrist to the perpetrators, or the media that is as likely to play the “hot for teacher” angle as it is to covering it like the crime it is. This, and much worse is fostered by an indifferent and misandric culture that ultimately either finds blame with the male victim, or sees him as just another guy who got lucky, or both.

Oh yeah, 12 year old Johnny should be high fiving it because his 36 year old math teacher groomed him into satisfying her perverse sexual needs. Maybe his celebration will end when she comes back pregnant and sues him for child support, and wins because the same judicial system that convicted her for raping him now thinks he is liable for the child that rape produced.

There’s your fucking rape culture. The only one that ever existed. It targets men, not women. And it continues unabated while feminists caterwaul and shriek about a problem that only exists in their imagination.

We should have been paying attention to this, doing something about it. But instead we begin an era of marching young college men into academically disguised indoctrination camps, targeting their innate masculinity as a social evil, and insisting they become something more appealing in the eyes of gender ideologues. In doing so we reveal another of the many realities that we are so often loathe to examine.

It is not the students we need to worry about, but the teachers. Whether it is the perverted schoolmarm with a secret taste for little boys, or the ideologically depraved and effete academic activist with an administrative pass for ax grinding, the educational environment is now one that can only be described as predatory.

This might offer some insight into why our boys and young men have been falling ever by the wayside in school, or how they so often end up in chemical handcuffs like Ritalin for sake of an autocratic teacher’s convenience.

But hell, without the truth we are going to have a tough time addressing those things as well.

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If your son,nephew and/or male cousin go to Hamilton this awaits them or if you go to Hamilton and you're a male this is what awaits you. Why does this insanity exist? Because men don't stand up to it. If a large portion of men were to oppose this misandry then it would stop. If men stood up to feminists and their crap this would stop immediately. Don't just complain on a blog do something about it. Contact the media, oppose misandric people whether they are entertainers or politicians and support the ones on our side.

I know in this case a lot of organizations opposed this indoctrination on the male students of Hamilton and anything short of a court order or threat of removal is not going to stop them so the previous paragraph meant generally men do nothing. Perhaps the alumni could withhold donations and other means of financial aid to Hamilton until they fire this asshole Keith Edwards and those that support this misandry.

And like I said at voice for men how do we know that Edwards isn't a rapist. Who has investigated him? How do we know he's safe? Some questions to fire back at him.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

An alright candidate

Colorado Senate candidate Ken Buck

I know more times than not we usually go after a misandric politician but here's one we can give the thumbs up to. What makes Ken Buck special? Because he wouldn't prosecute a man for rape based on flimsy evidence. He said that the so-called "victim?" invited the accused,her ex-boyfriend, up to her place and in an effort to get back at him she accused him of rape. Buck saw through this and didn't prosecute when he was the DA. This as you can imagine has many feminists stirred up and bitching royally about this. Why are they so upset? Because someone actually applied the law fairly and saw what he describes as "buyer's remorse" coming from the "victim?". I guess feminists go ape shit when someone safeguards a man's rights, knows a con job when he sees one and doesn't do the feminazis bidding. For that Ken Buck seems like a better candidate. So if you live in Buck's district and you're an MRA you may want to remember Ken Buck this election day.