Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rethinking rape

There is an old saying,"all is fair in war and love" or is it? It seems that the rape of women is considered "war crimes" but castration and other crimes against men are not. Does this take into consideration that the females in question may also be combatants? If it does then doesn't it handicap you in a time of war to limit yourself while an enemy is not only allowed to use every weapon in her disposal but encouraged to do so. Under such conditions wouldn't it also benefit men to update their thinking upon engaging women today and throw out the old rule book since it is a detriment today. Perhaps "rape" rethought would show some justifiable uses for it,such as in war upon a female adversary. Women point out that vaginal and possible anal rape hurt tremendously pointing out that it would be a very effective weapon and since women don't limit themselves why should we? I can honestly say that the only WWII nation to have it right was the Soviet Union as they gave as good as they got and returned the favor to Germany. I was watching one of the Death Wish series movies and I noticed that the good guys don't rape female combatants while the enemy raped their women. The only thing it demonstrated to me was that the the so-called "good guys" are actually ball less wonders who were afraid of exploiting an advantage or returning the favor and visiting justice upon the enemy. Has removing the rapist from his natural environment caused other changes? Yes it has. Removing the rapist from his natural habitat has caused an even more uppity attitude in women.

As we can see those who try to thwart the rapists are the chivilaristic. Chivalry is an old outdated custom that has to become part of the scrapheap of the past. Chivalry is a practice that is killing the western nations and is encroaching upon the eastern world with help from the U.N.. Women outnumber men and women outlive men so the notion of chivalry is definitely outdated. Chivalry must be stamped out world wide for men to thrive,which we should be allowed considering we are the ones that built western civilizations. In course of every civilization there occurs change,in fact change is the only constant in the universe. In the changes of that society things that people took for granted are reexamined and possibly recatorgorized. Why not have "rape" be one of them? Rape sounds like an excellent means of subduing an female enemy but can it legally be done during peacetime in a domestic (as opposed to foreign) situation? Yes,in what I term "justifiable rape". "Justifiable rape"
can occur if the man were cock teased into sex and the woman at the last minute changes her mind "justifiable rape" would be allowed. Men who have been humiliated by women would also have this on their side as well. "Justifiable rape" laws would go a long way to evening out the scales of justice.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Misandric cinema

There is a new movie coming out on Friday 1-18-08 called "Teeth" and it has nothing to do with dental hygiene. It is basically about a vagina with teeth. As though there isn't enough misandry in society and enough men sick of it they have to create this shit. It just seems that everyone gets a nut off on misandry and the spreading of it. I'll tell you this,if we were doing something they don't like they would have their enforcers upon us real quick. Imagine this,there is guy who is fed up with female cowshit and when he ejaculates in women instead of it being sperm how about if it is sulfuric acid that shoots off in her and it burns her insides like a well done steak and we can call it "acid head" or whatever and championed it just as the feminazis will do with "teeth". I'm getting sick of their shit and if "acid head" ever came to fruition that would be our response and I would certainly champion that movie.

Anyway here is more about "teeth": here.