Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good news

MP Dominic Raab

Kate Green

25 January 2011 Last updated at 03:51 ET
MP Dominic Raab says men victims of discrimination

A Tory MP has defended comments he made accusing feminists of "obnoxious bigotry" and adding that men were the victims of "flagrant discrimination".

Dominic Raab said men had a raw deal in the workplace, working longer and being at greater risk at losing their jobs.

He told the BBC it was sexist to claim men had caused the recession and "equality had to cut both ways".

Labour said the comments showed the Tories were out of touch and progress in equality was under threat.

The MP's remarks came amid a row over sexism in football and the media after two leading Sky Sports presenters were disciplined for making derogatory comments about a female assistant referee.

In an article for the Politics Home website, Mr Raab said that despite the UK having "some of the toughest anti-discrimination laws in the world", society was often "blind to flagrant discrimination against men".

'Gender warfare'

Citing what he said were "trite generalisations" about male bankers causing the 2008 financial crisis and the subsequent recession, he added: "Feminists are now amongst the most obnoxious bigots."

Standing by the comments, he told BBC Radio 4's PM programme that he was opposed to discrimination of all kinds including what he said was "pretty obvious" bias against men.

“I think blaming the recession on men is an obviously sexist comment”
Dominic Raab

Conservative MP
"You cannot have a situation where, rightly, Sky Sports presenters are being picked up for sexist comments they make about women knowing the offside laws and on the other hand say that when there are blatantly sexist comments in the media regularly and no-one blinks - that is wrong."

"If you believe in equality, it cuts both ways."

Citing comments by Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman in 2009, in which she suggested the scale of the financial turmoil may have been reduced if failed investment bank Lehman Brothers had been run by women, he said "subtle" discrimination against men often went unchallenged.

"I think blaming the recession on men is an obviously sexist comment. We should be as tough on all forms of sexism and, frankly, try and get away from gender warfare and the politics of difference."

Retirement age

Mr Raab - MP for Esher - said huge progress had been made in reducing the gender pay gap in the past 40 years and remaining inequalities were less a product of "endemic sexism" than the challenges facing working mothers and couples trying to juggle work and family responsibilities.

Workplace discrimination could only be fully tackled by looking at working conditions "in the round", he added.

"Men work longer hours, they die earlier but they retire later than women. That is not a problem we are going to fix for seven years. How can that possibly be justified?

"The fact is that men working longer hours, enjoy their jobs less - according to the surveys - commute from further afield and are more likely to face redundancy."

Kate Green, chair of the Women's Parliamentary Labour Party, condemned the remarks.

"This is exactly the kind of attitude that shows the Tories are out of touch on issues of importance to people across the UK and are not a family friendly party.

"The equality and diversity agenda put in place by Labour has been hugely important in levelling the playing field for millions of people in the work place and we need to ensure we continue to build on its success."

Equality campaigners say women will bear the brunt of the £81bn in government spending cuts planned over the next four years but failed in a recent legal challenge to last year's Budget.


This is great. Hats off to Dominic Raab hopefully the next prime minister of Great Britain.

NCFM’s huge landmark sex discrimination case now final
January 25, 2011

The Daily Journal, California’s leading daily newspaper, recently published in Verdicts and Settlements the verdict obtained by several NCFM members and their NCFM attorney for a recurring Ladies Night at the Century Supper Club in Los Angeles where men were charged up to $20 for entry while women were allowed to enter for free.

This trial court verdict follow these same NCFM members victory at the California Supreme Court case of Marc Angelucci v. Century Supper Club, wherein the Court ruled that men do not have to affirmatively assert their right to equal treatment to the offending business in order to have standing to file a sex discrimination claim. The Justices commented that the Supper Club’s behavior was “startling” and “absurd”.

The NCFM members are Marc Angelucci, NCFM Vice President, and Elton Campbell who were represented by NCFM Board Secretary and attorney Al Rava. The Plaintiffs were awarded substantial judgments which need to be collected. The Century Supper Club is out of business.

This is a huge landmark victory because it firmly establishes that men are entitled the same rights as women and they don’t have to lower themselves by ask for equal treatment. This would be akin to a Woman/Black/ Homosexual having to ask for equal treatment at a Men/Caucasian/Heterosexual Night promotion in order to sue for discrimination

Harry Crouch
President NCFM


This is indeed great news but we have a lot more to do to achieve our goals.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

The fraud of feminism

If one were to take an objective look at history one would find that women were never oppressed in the western world and in the non-western world their yoke is lighter than males. But for this post we will stick with women in the western world. In the 19Th century women were given leeway that men never got (i.e. if they committed a crime a male relative: husband or if the woman were unmarried her father would take her place or another male relative would). It is misrepresentations of the past that feminists groups in the 20th century and today use to further their agenda,whether it is monetary or legislative gain. Feminists have used what they knew to be fraudulent methods to achieve these aims. They have deliberately lied to congress,while under oath, to gain money,usually by a democratically controlled congress. They've lied to get legislation passed,everything from rape shield laws which denies the accused man a fair trial to domestic violence legislation which ignores male victims and female batterers to VAWA that will take even more rights away from men. Feminist groups have made sure that they were the lone voice on gender issues for many years and thanks to the net that is changing. Feminists have tried to make themselves into "gender advisers" but when you get right down to it it is the same feminist monster under a different mask. These "gender advisers" went on to advise those in power to make laws they like (something MRA's must do now as well) while avoiding the word "feminist". Since feminists have lied to congressional leaders feminists leaders,past and present,should be arrested and brought up on fraud and perjury charges and have the full weight of the law thrown at them. They squandered tax payer money on things they knew to be scams and they wasted congressional leaders time which could have been put to more productive use. When these things occur then we will have gender justice.