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Vladek Filler stood up to persecution and won

NCFM Heroes, Vladek Filler and Tatyana Roberts, extraordinary people

May 24, 2015

vladek fillerHeroes are hard to find. Vladek Filler and his sister Tatyana are two of them. They believe, that here, in the United States of America, the word “justice” means something, and they risked everything to prove it. Their epic journey also shows “innocent until proven guilty “is a sham.

Roughly, eight years ago, Ligia Filler, Vladek’s unhinged mother of their two children, feared losing custody of their children. To gain advantage in their divorce case, she began making unsupported allegations of child abuse, sexual molestation, even spousal rape.

Nevertheless, there were sustainable reports Ligia abused the children, threatened to harm Vladek, and even threatened to murder police officers. One incident report revealed, “Ms. Filler chanted about ‘cutting up’ the defendant [Vladek] while laughing and crying hysterically, swearing and kicking a door.”

Child welfare workers conducted and extensive investigation. Accordingly, not only did Vladek gain custody of their two sons, they were allowed to move to Atlanta where all three now live. The family court judge said,

“[Ligia Filler] accused Mr. Filler of molesting the children. That allegation was false and known to be false. She has shown a capacity to manufacture claims…”

Hancock County Assistant District Mary Kellett knew of Ligia’s disreputable reputation, Vladek gaining custody of the children, and even the Family Court Judge’s finding that Ligia lied and made false claims. Yet Kellett, seemingly obsessed with Vladek’s’ downfall, mercilessly pursued him.

Since then, and through several trials, Kellett suppressed evidence that supported Vladek’s claims, and misrepresented and fabricated information against him. In one trial, Kellett convinced the court to disallow Vladek an opportunity to discredit Ligia or introduce information about their contentious divorce, key aspects of Vladek’s defense. Kellett then told the uninformed jury there was no evidence to prove a contentious divorce existed! She, like Ligia, blatantly lied. Everyone involved knew it except the jurors, including the judge and Vladek’s flabbergasted attorney who immediately moved for a mistrial.

Moreover, “During her initial closing argument, ADA Kellett told the jury, ‘there has been no evidence presented to you as the jury that would suggest that a sexual act hadn’t occurred…’” In the absence of evidence, Kellett attempted to shift the burden of proof to Vladek. Such behavior and disregard for evidence, law, constitutional protections and fundamental fairness, stem from a societal shift from rights of the accused to victim rights; plus, feminist judicial re-engineering, which promotes the idea that allegations by women trump factual evidence to the contrary.

Vladek Filler
Except, Vladek and Tatyana forgot to give up…

Kellett was but one of four female attorneys wielding feminist jurisprudence like a bloody man-hating sword, who in concert perverted Vladek’s innocence and the evenhanded administration of law, including a Maine Supreme Court Justice.

Vladek, Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAFE) and the National Coalition for Men (NCFM) filed complaints against Kellett with the State Board of Overseers. A Voice For Men and other groups later joined the fight to free Vladek and jail Kellett.

The Board of Overseers found Kellett responsible for gross misconduct and recommended suspension from the practice of law. Trial was by Maine Supreme Judicial Court Justice Ellen Gorman. The Maine Attorney General’s Office under Attorney General Janet Mills (Co-founder of Maine’s Women’s Lobby) represented Kellett. The Assistant Attorney General representing Kellett and Counsel for the Bar agreed that Kellett would admit to violating bar rules thereby negating a full-blown public hearing.

Kellett apologized, “I want to acknowledge that I made errors in the prosecution of the Filler case. I regret the harm that my errors caused.” Justice Gorman suspended her for 30 days, and then suspended the suspension.

Inexplicably, absent any explanation, Justice Gorman found that Kellett “did not intentionally attempt to violate Bar Rules or Vladek’s rights.” Yet, Justice Gorman’s findings clearly show an opposite fact pattern. Kellett’s “mistakes” had to be deliberate. Either that, or ten-year prosecutor Kellett was incompetent and married to idea that all woman alleging sexual assault, no matter how crazy and unreliable, are the victim, even if it means sending innocent men, the true victims, to prison. It appears Justice Gorman gave Kellett another get out of jail free card to help protect her Bar card; and, perhaps, to shut the lid on an overflow of judicial dirty laundry. (See:

That same video reports an involved attorney saying, “it’s the first mistake she’s [Kellett] made in a career prosecuting more than 10,000 criminal cases. The same, or another attorney, which is not clear, said, “[D]uring the ten-plus years that she’s worked as a prosecutor she’s been a faithful and dedicated public servant.” Nonetheless, a random sampling of Kellett’s 10,000 cases will show more “mistakes” [sic]. In fact, enough reason exists to believe such mistakes may show a pattern of inexcusable prosecutorial misconduct resulting in wrongful convictions and the destruction of more innocent men. If making such “mistakes” is what makes a faithful and dedicated public servant, we need a serious rewrite of the job description…

Throughout Vladek’s persecution, District Attorney Carletta M. Bassano, did nothing to prevent Kellett’s pummeling of Vladek, in fact, she had to have insisted on it. Vladek’s ordeal revealed Bassano’s office swept up a dozen of so other men whose situations were similar to Vladek’s, which could only happen under the watchful eyes of boss Bassano. Even after Kellett’s suspended suspension, Bassano’s office continued Vladek’s persecution eking out a misdemeanor conviction.

Vladek appealed. Superior Court Justice Robert Murray, also the presiding judge at Filler’s second trial, vacated the conviction thereby clearing Vladek of all charges, including those he suffered before the misdemeanor conviction. Consequently, Vladek has no criminal record, as it was before Kellett and Bassano.

He won! Vladek caused the first trial of a corrupt Assistant District Attorney in Maine and took feminist jurisprudence to the woodshed for some serious schooling. He even brought down DA Bassano who chose not to run for reelection. Vladek successfully used the law to reveal the truth, serve up justice and change how a criminal justice system did business. Incredible.

To our knowledge, Kellett never missed a day’s pay from the day the Board of Overseers recommended suspension to the day Justice Gorman mocked her own court by suspending Kellett’s suspension. Kellett went unpunished and is reportedly now in private practice.

Year after year local media stories painted Vladek a serial abusing monster. Even video tapes of Vladek’s ex-wife raging at police and making murder threats did not cause the press to question the validity of her allegations, one irrational episode after another made good press, but bad reporting.

On May 15, 2015, Bill Trotter, Reporter for the Bangor Daily News, wrote a summary article, “Assault conviction vacated for former Maine man acquitted of raping wife.” Instead, why not something like, “Vladek Filler free after Hancock District Attorney’s office ten-year campaign of horrific persecution over false accusation of deranged wife;” which puts the guilt where it belongs, on the prosecutor and false accuser. Unfortunately, the press pretty much parrots the all-men-bad and all-women-good ideological drivel, which was glaringly obvious during Vladek’s persecution, and implied in Trotter’s title above, “man acquitted of raping…”

Trotter wrote, “But his legal battles are not over. Filler, 45, is suing more than a dozen people in federal court over the matter, most of whom are prosecutors or police officers who were directly or indirectly involved in the criminal case against him.” It will be hard for Trotter and other reporters not to report on those cases, except perhaps if they favor Vladek.

Vladek’s epic journey is no less arduous than the millions of immigrants who risk life and limb coming to America for freedom, opportunity, and above all perhaps, justice. His story is the story of determination, a commitment — a demand — that prosecutorial tyranny, surrender to the honest administration of the criminal justice process and fundamental constitutional protections.

Elitist feminist driven judicial tyranny intentionally destroys tens of thousands of American males every year, most of whom lack the strength, support, resources, and determination to survive the system. Gaining significant control of the judicial system was a huge victory for elitist feminism and a tragic loss for humankind.

Vladek and Tatyana rose above it, battered, bruised, and victorious, true heroes they will forever stand. Unfortunately, their saga firmly establishes guilty until proven innocent applies. Kellett, Ligia and maybe even Bassano belong in prison, and might be if they had penises. We trust Vladek’s federal lawsuit will be the ruination of the true bad actors.

NCFM played a small part in this saga, through which, I became privileged to befriend some of the best people on the planet.

Harry Crouch

President, NCFM


As did the Men's Rights Blog. We too have been on this since beginning and we've seen a lot of courage from Vladek Filler and Tatyana Roberts endured a hell that lasted for years. The prosecutors office is a powerful one. One that must be used only for genuine criminal cases. When it is perverted for political or personal gain it is a tool of persecution and oppression. Kellet escapes justice but perhaps poetic justice will visit Kellet real soon. Vladek Filler has demonstrated that you don't have to sit back and accept oppression. That you can fight back and for that we congratulated him.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Join with the NCFM in fighting CASA

There is a misandric draconian bill,the Campus Accountability and Safety Act or CASA for short,S.590. The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee are going to hold hearing to discuss CASA. The panel that will testify at this hearing does not include those favorable to men's rights,especially due process rights. We need to make our voices heard. For more information go the National Coalition For Men website.

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

There is nothing pretty about chick music

Sometimes music is not pretty. A good example would be Fifth Harmony. If you subtract the ones that look like bad examples of drag queens and are fat then you probably are down to one girl,if that many. We're guessing it's a girl we're not really sure. As for the rest we speak to them in an language they can understand: moooo.

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On John Russel Houser

This past week there was the Lafayette theater shooter John Russel Houser who shot up a theater full of people before turning the gun on himself. I've read some of the things he wrote and one of the things I've concluded is that this is a man who had enough. Perhaps shooting up a theater causing 11 victims-2 dead and 9 wounded was not the best way to get your frustrations out and hoping to get some sympathy. The one thing Houser wrote made me understand him better and that is:

If you are male, fight until the end, and enjoy it.People are good at what they enjoy, and your Maker would want it that way.


Regular readers of this blog know that there is a war on men in the United States and the rest of the anglosphere. When women can murder men with impunity then yes there is a war on men. When men can be dragged into court on flimsy charges by any woman then there is a war on men. Now you have men responding some in drastic fashion. With cause there is effect or for every action there is a equal reaction. People who haven't caught onto this concept are in for a rude awaking time and time again.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Senator McConnell says gender is not an issue in the 2016 election

McConnell: 'Gender card' alone not enough for Clinton

Associated Press

SHEPHERDSVILLE, Ky. (AP) — The Senate's top Republican said Monday the "gender card alone" won't be enough to propel Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton to the White House.

"I don't think arguing 'vote for me because I'm a woman' is enough," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said while sizing up next year's presidential race during a speech in his home state of Kentucky. "You may recall my election last year. The gender card alone is not enough."

In 2014, McConnell's Democratic challenger, Alison Lundergan Grimes, claimed the longtime Republican incumbent was insensitive on gender issues such as pay equity. McConnell trounced Grimes in the election, capitalizing on President Barack Obama's deep unpopularity in Kentucky.

McConnell said Monday there are millions of Americans who want a woman as president.

"The question is, a woman president to do what?" he said. "And I think inevitably, Hillary Clinton's campaign will be four more years of the last eight."

McConnell said Clinton, his former Senate colleague, is smart and capable but added there's "not a dime's worth of difference between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in terms of policy." He said he expects she will be the Democratic nominee.

"She's going to run straight left, just like the president did," McConnell said. "And their gamble is that the country is farther left than it used to be."

He called it a flawed strategy that the Republican presidential nominee can exploit.

"I think our nominee ought to say something like this: 'She's right, if you're happy with the last eight years, she's your candidate. But if you think America can do better by taking a different path, I'm your choice,'" McConnell said.

While McConnell discussed next year's presidential race during a speech in which he condemned Obama's record on an array of domestic and foreign policy issues, the senator was silent on this year's pivotal race for governor in his home state.

Later, McConnell told reporters the lack of comments about this year's top-of-the-ticket election in Kentucky wasn't a slight toward GOP nominee Matt Bevin, his one-time rival. Bevin, a Louisville businessman, last year tried but failed to wrest away McConnell's Senate seat in a bruising Republican primary.

"I certainly am enthusiastically supporting the nominee of our party," McConnell said. "I think we have an excellent chance of winning."

Bevin faces Democratic Attorney General Jack Conway in November.

Current Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear is in his second term and can't serve again because of term limits

Asked why he didn't talk more about Bevin, McConnell said his speech was focused largely on national issues and his new job as the Senate's top leader.


Senator McConnell is taking a brave stance by sticking his neck out like this so let's reward him for having the courage to do so. I think it is great to see one of our elected officials stand up to feminist bullies. I'm going to contact him and thank him for taking a pro-male stance. If you believe the same as I do then I invite you to write to Senator McConnell as well.

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Friday, July 17, 2015

Urge the Victorian government to take male victims of domestic violence seriously

Domestic violence is a growing epidemic that affects everyone. Within Victoria there are no supports specifically catered for men/fathers who are the victims of domestic violence. We ask the government to provide funding to an organization that is capable of serving these men/fathers and children that are fleeing violent partners and their specific needs.

The Government of Victoria have provided $100,000 for animals fleeing domestic violence but next to nothing for men/fathers and their children fleeing family violence.

To sign the petition

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Canada:misandric hellhole

A Canadian man, Gregory Elliott, faces six months in jail for having a disagreement with feminists on Twitter. He has been charged with criminal harassment.

The case involves two feminists (originally it was three) who claim they were harassed in 2012 by Elliott on Twitter. They are currently in court in Toronto. One of the complainants, Stephanie Guthrie, met with Elliott three years ago to interview him about working for her organization "Women in TO politics." But according to The Toronto Star, Guthrie was "creeped out" by the man and said he was "really intense" and so she decided not to hire him.

Court documents show that the two remained cordial through e-mail correspondence after their meeting and also continued their casual relationship via social media for almost 10 months. But things took a turn when Guthrie went after an online video game that allowed players to virtually punch the face of a feminist blogger. She joined other feminists who made it clear they wanted to publicly shame the game's creator. Guthrie had written on Twitter: “I want his hatred on the Internet to impact his real-life experience."

Seeing this message, Elliott reacted creating the hashtag #FascistFeminists and attacked their viewpoints, without once being threatening or violent. Yet, he was arrested in November of 2012, fired from his job, and now faces jail time.

In court this last week, Guthrie rolled her eyes during cross-examination by Elliott's attorney who asked about her "left-leaning politics." He then asked, "Why would you roll your eyes at a trial where my client faces serious charges of criminal harassment?" She said she didn't see the relevancy of such a question.


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Tell the Univeristy of Minnesota to abandon anti-male draconian practice

From SAVE Services:

The University of Minnesota President, Eric Kaler, is attempting to enact an affirmative consent policy at the school. Members of the University's Board of Regents asked him to hold off until they could review such a serious change at their next meeting. Now, the President is getting pressured into enacting the policy by media, even though affirmative consent would result in draconian and overbroad definitions of sexual assault crimes. Such definitions would require the school to call innocent students 'criminals'.Please contact President Kaler now and tell him to NOT pass an affirmative consent policy, and to instead stick with state definitions of crimes.

Call: (612) 626-1616

Or Email:

This is a good sign. They are proceeding with caution. 15-20 years ago they would be enthusiastic about a pro-feminist policy change. Hell they would be shouting it on top of roofs so that everyone could hear that they take women's complaints seriously and they didn't care if the complaints were genuine or not they just went with them. Gushing all over themselves about how sensitive they are to women's concerns. Today that is not the case. Today they are proceeding with caution and rightfully so. We are no longer sitting back and taking it. We are no longer sitting on the sidelines wondering when the misandry would end because as long as we did nothing nothing would change. We finally got fed up and decided to push back and that is when things got turned around. Men's Rights Activism works don't let anyone tell you it doesn't.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Junkie cop

Little Miss Dangerous has resigned.

Disgraced NYPD cop Stacey Staniland quit the force just one day after she was arrested last week — the third time she was collared in eight months, police sources said Wednesday.

Staniland was nabbed most recently July 1 after she rammed her motorcycle into two cars in the West New Brighton section of Staten Island, cops said.

Wearing a helmet that read “Little Miss Dangerous,” the troubled cop was turning her Honda CBR600RR from Davis Avenue onto Henderson Avenue just after 11 a.m.

She allegedly spun out and smashed into the vehicles at a red light, sources said.

But police made a shocking discovery as she sifted through her purse to pull out ID when they spotted needles, a silver spoon and drug residue, sources said.

She resigned on July 2, a day after the arrest, police sources said. She was suspended three times, once for each arrest.

The not-so-Finest’s first run-in with the law was in December 2014 while she was working at the 122nd Precinct in New Dorp.

She was busted for allegedly breaking into the home of her boyfriend’s mother in Elm Park, where she swiped jewelry, sources said.

She was arrested again in May while her criminal case was still open when police discovered she was doped up on duty at a police facility in Brooklyn, cops said.

Staniland was charged with possession of a hypodermic instrument and criminal possession of a controlled substance in that case, police said.

She still faces charges for possession of a hypodermic instrument and criminal possession of a controlled substance from her latest arrest, according to police.

Staniland earned $94,153 in 2014.


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