Friday, June 27, 2008

Will he get a refund?

If you ever go to a Tim McGraw concert with your woman you better be showing bliss otherwise Tim will boot your ass out. Yes it's true. If you get into an argument with your woman and this mangina piece of shit sees it he will take it out on you. I saw it on O'Reilly where he had security escort an man out of his concert. Did it ever occur to McGraw that this man may have plopped down his hard-earned money to see this mangina. No,McGraw saw a chance to play Sir Galahad for some spoiled princess and he took it. Speaking of manginas O'Reilly praised McGraw. Apparently O'Reilly is full of shit too but that should come as no surprise to anyone reading here because O'Reilly is a mangina extraordinaire.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Usually when the term "wimp" is implied it is directed at men who don't live up to traditional roles such as being her unpaid bodyguard or handyman and if a man balks at this or fails in living up to these expectations he is labelled a "wimp". What if a woman doens't live up to past expectations demanded of women or she shrugs them off and she is labelled "independent" and "liberated" while he is labelled a "wimp" or "gay". It seems that women can ignore their roles while demanding men remain in theirs. In this column I'm going to be addressing female wimps-those are the women who have abandoned their traditional roles or are not good in them. I'm tired of men being labelled as "wimps" if they are not that good mechanically and it is usually said by women who can't even boil water right. I'm tired of the term "real man" being used by less than real women. If they are going to jump our cases then let's jump theirs. The next time she attacks you and says you're no Bob Villa then you jump her case and say she is no Racheal Ray. It seems today's women is a "wimp" by those standards. In fact one billboard showed a woman in lingerie with the caption across her "I can't cook". What if that were a man that said "I can't protect you" or "I can't fix things"? It wouldn't be tolerated or it would be protrayed negatively. If a woman demands traditional things from men (and let's face it they do) but they will balk at any behavior that you display that may be deemed "liberated". I guess "liberation" is for girls only,right? Bullshit. I'm going to have a "liberated" attitude as well,just like them and like them I'm going to do what I want and if women don't like they can take a fucking flying leap. Same goes if society can't handle it either. Fuck them.

Beware of Obama

If anyone is thinking of voting for Barrack Obama then they should read this by Marc Rudov. It is very telling about Obama and that is like Hitlery he doesn't give a shit about men either. You want a candidate that won't give into the matriarchy and that candidate is Ron Paul who is better than the rest,McCain included.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boycott the movie "Sex and the City"

I'm joining in with Marc Rudov in boycotting the movie "Sex in the City" which is very misandric in nature. This is a chick flick that is as revolting as the series itself. They did a survey and found only 22% of men would come to see this movie and I believe we know which segment of the population they would be comprised of (gay and or retarded,just like my detractors) and I believe it was Margret Hoover on O'Reilly that said that these "men" would be hitting on the women there and I disagree because they are gay. Speaking of O'Reilly,one time on his show he had some woman who wrote a book about being an escort and O'Reilly came off like a mother hen and moralizing about it. O'Reilly the mangina. Men can join together in this boycott and send a message to Hollywood that we won't take it anymore.

About the comments

I'm sure by now you've noticed the comments section has been moderated. That is due to some joker(s) posting shit. Comments that disagree with me are no problem comments that have substance to them are no problem.Comments that continue to call me "gay" and "retarded",which are uttered by gay retards,are old and tiresome and tells me a lot of the intellectual void which is their brain(s). One of those comments was sent by someone who knew more about the gay lifestyle than I ever could and he's insinuating I'm gay. Talk about hypocrite.
These comments are uttered by some mangina(s) who assume I've never been laid. The truth is I'm not a mangina about it. That is what probably have them pissed.