Sunday, February 24, 2019

Feminist's son accused in sexual assault

Hollywood Feminist CEO Quits ‘Believing the Women’ After Son Accused of Sexual Assault
By Pluralist | Feb 24, 2019

“All of our actions were fully guided by our support for survivors.”

The CEO of a prominent new anti-sexual harassment organization abruptly resigned after her own son was accused of sexual assault.

Lisa Borders stepped down last week within 24 hours of telling the leadership of Time’s Up about the allegations against her 36-year-old son. The president and first CEO of the group, which came out of the #MeToo movement, she had been on the job for just three months.

Borders and Time’s Up announced that she was leaving in a joint statement posted to Instagram Monday, but they did not mention the reason. Only on Thursday, after the Los Angeles Times reported on the sexual assault allegations, did Time’s Up release a second statement admitting why Borders had resigned.

“All of our actions were fully guided by our support for survivors,” the second statement said.

Borders, a former WNBA president, told Time’s Up that she planned to aggressively defend her son, which put her at odds with the group’s stated ethos of believing women who claim sexual abuse, according to The Washington Post.

An unnamed Santa Monica woman told the Los Angeles Times that Borders’ son, a self-described life coach named Garry “Dijon” Bowden Jr., gave her a sexually inappropriate “healing session,” which left her surprised and feeling “violated.” She accused him of touching her genitals, kissing her neck, and brushing his erect penis against her body through his clothes.

Bowden Jr.’s lawyer, Alan Jackson, disputed the woman’s version of events. He shared with The Post text messages that Bowden and the woman exchanged after the session in which the woman thanked his client for the “gentle and authentic loving.”

In an interview with InStyle last month, Borders described her son as her version “2.0,” a “better version [of me] than I would ever be: more competent, confident and compassionate.”

Times’s Up, which has its own hashtag, was founded last year by women in the increasingly woke entertainment industry . The group been touted by Hollywood actresses at awards shows, with some walking the red carpet wearing black and a Time’s Up pin accompanied by survivors of sexual assault.

The Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, housed by the National Women’s Law Center Fund, has helped employees and McDonald’s and Walmart file sexual harassment claims and dispersed about $750,000 in grants to nonprofits that work with low-wage workers who have alleged sexual harassment and workplace retaliation.

In January, the group launched an initiative – #TimesUpX2 and #4PercentChallenge – to get Hollywood studios to commit to hiring women as directors and to double the number of female leaders in other industries.


That reminds me of this.I wonder if they are the same case?

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Forcing only men to sign up for Selective Service has been ruled as gender discrimination against men

The National Coalition For Men (NCFM) is pleased with the court’s decision in NCFM v. Selective Service. Forcing only males to register is an aspect of socially institutionalized male disposability and helps reinforce the stereotypes that support discrimination against men in other areas such as child custody, divorce, criminal sentencing, paternity fraud, education, public benefits, domestic violence services, due process rights, genital autonomy, and more.

“Women are now allowed in combat, so this decision is long overdue,” said Marc Angelucci, attorney for NCFM. “After decades of sex discrimination against men in the Selective Service, the courts have finally found it unconstitutional to force only men to register. Even without a draft, men still face prison, fines, and denial of federal loans for not registering or for not updating the government of their whereabouts. Since women will be required to register with the Selective Service, they should face the same repercussions as men for any noncompliance.”


Then there is this:

Only Drafting Men in War Is Gender ‘Discrimination,’ Federal Judge Rules
By Pluralist | Feb 25, 2019

“They’re hollering they don’t have equal ‘rights.'”

A federal judge in Texas ruled Friday than an all-male military draft is unconstitutional given that women can now serve in combat roles just as men do.

Judge Gray H. Miller of Federal District Court in the Southern District of Texas noted that the Supreme Court’s 1981 ruling in favor of excluding women from the draft was based on the fact that women could not be combat soldiers. But the Pentagon opened up all military roles to women in 2015.

“While historical restrictions on women in the military may have justified past discrimination, men and women are now ‘similarly situated for purposes of a draft or registration for a draft,’” Judge Miller wrote in his ruling. “If there ever was a time to discuss ‘the place of women in the Armed Services,’ that time has passed.”

Miller said Congress has never fully examined whether men are physically better able to serve than women. In fact, he noted in a footnote, “the average woman could conceivably be better suited physically for some of today’s combat positions than the average man, depending on which skills the position required. Combat roles no longer uniformly require sheer size or muscle.”

Miller’s ruling was declaratory, and it did not specify any action that the government must take to comply. It comes as an 11-member advisory panel, the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service, is studying the draft system, considering whether it should continue and whether women should be included.

The case was brought by a men’s right group, and two men who argued an all-male draft violates the 14th Amendment’s equal-protection clause. Although there has not be a US military draft in 40 years, men who fail to register with the Selective Service System at their 18th birthday can be denied public benefits such as federal employment and student loans. Women cannot register for Selective Service.

The group, called the National Coalition For Men, cheered the ruling.

“We think it’s about time since women are allowed in combat,” Marc E. Angelucci, a lawyer for the National Coalition for Men, said. “If we have draft registration, both sexes should have to register. There’s really no more excuse to require only men to register.”

Many conservatives called the decision a logical result of the feminist campaign for equal rights, which in the #MeToo era has focused on combating workplace inequality.


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Sunday, February 10, 2019


PASADENA, Calif. – Alyssa Milano isn't giving up an inch of the progress women in Hollywood have made since the #MeToo era began.

The actress, who helped spread the hashtag in the wake of sexual harassment and assault allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein, spoke Sunday to reporters at the Television Critics Association along with other female Lifetime actors, producers and directors, about the state of the industry. When asked what happens when men accused of misconduct re-enter the workplace, Milano wasn't concerned.

"That’s going to happen," she said, when a reporter asked about reports that ousted CBS chairman Leslie Moonves has set up a new production company. "We can’t expect that not to happen. We can’t put all these men on an island and expect them to eat themselves. They’re going to get jobs again. We have to figure out (what) re-entering into the workplace looks like. ... We have to set policies."

Milano advocated for strong contracts and internal resources to curb the power of these men.

"I also think that’s contractual as well," she said. "If you’re funding Les Moonves or working with him, I think you need have an ironclad contract." She also suggested using human-resources experts that are "maybe external not internal. ... I think if anything we have proved if you speak up you can hold people accountable for their abuses of power."

Milano isn't worried that progress made since #MeToo began will be undone.

"I won’t allow anyone to go back."


This is Nazism. This is Fascism. This Italiana reminds me of an Italiano by the name of Benito Mussolini. She has declared war on men I say we take steps to maximize our safety. I will not elaborate beyond that.

If I read that right she is endorsing gendercide. She is endorsing concentration camps and prisons like Devil's Island. She is Benita Mussolini. I definitely see a parallel between her vile and the Nuremberg Laws which stripped Jews of their rights. I say we defend ourselves. Do not underestimate metoo.

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

The First Marijuana Hearing Of The New Congress Has Been Scheduled

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