Monday, June 28, 2010

The Myth of Women's Oppression

Paul Elam nails it better than anyone else has,enjoy listening I know I did.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feminitized thinking helps unemployment

I was reading Yahoo this morning and I came across an article about unemployment. No, it didn't talk about unemployed men it said something else interesting enough to make this blog. No,it talked about a female mindset in the employment decision making and one that can make someone unemployed go "what's the use"? This involves a female mind set in hiring practices today. It seems that the only way to get a job is if you already have one this brings me to the the female mindset about boyfriends; they always want the other girl's guy. They will do this over taking a single guy. This is however about the economy and just how did this mindset seep its way into the business world? I didn't get the answer until the last paragraph of the article:

Thompson said he also thinks ruling out the unemployed is a bad idea. But he said that part of the problem is that recruiters and human resource departments are being overwhelmed with applications for any job opening that is posted. So they're looking for any short-cuts to get the list of applicants to consider down to a more manageable size.

Source:click here

Now if you read a lot of MRA blogs as I have you notice guys in this business world talk about human resources and how they are staffed by WOMEN. That's right,the female adolesent mentality of covetness is probably keeping you from finding work and feeding yourself. But then again this is what women and manginas wanted: a matriarchy and now people will see that the matriarchy is monstorous and if they don't feel it themselves their families or other dependents might.

Monday, June 7, 2010


It seems that a troll has popped up by the handle Jax or as I call it Jaxass. Jaxass has sent me a lot of messages and I will answer them here:

Wow. A female senator. Good thing people voted for her, despite her being female.

I've noticed a lot female leaders look out for women,look at Hilliary Clinton and Sarah Palin. It is very rare that a woman does stick up for men.

Don't you find it a little odd and contradictory that in your previous post you applaud a female senator for spotlighting the male victics of DV? And in this post, you ask your readers to "vote male" specifically to keep women out of power? You're asking your readers to ignore political platforms and just vote for the penis?

I said vote male to keep the feminazis out of power despite what poltical wing they are from. Take a look at Sen. Barbara Boxer D-CA to get a good look at what a feminazi is.

These are the only posts Jaxass said anything of substance. The rest were either "you're gay" or "you're stupid" and that just takes up space without offering anything of value.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Not so hidden matriarchy

There is a movement afloat,a movement to get more women into positions of power. We see women in power in such states as California,Arizona, Texas and Michigan. One is running for office in California. Some democrat some republican but all in allegiance to the sisterhood that Sarah Palin launched when she launched her drive to national political office and that she has been able to get her name and face in front of the media again by exploiting the tea partiers. One thing about Palin that I saw on yesterday's O'Reilly factor was that a reporter moved in next door to her and she made a death threat against him. Women in positions of power are very dangerous to men since they will look down on any man beneath them and we've seen examples of how dangerous women in power are. Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina who now running for senate against incumbent California Senator Barbara Boxer has the endorsement of Sarah Palin. This is a feminist shell game. All the right wing feminist has to do is sound different than the left wing feminist,that the left wing feminist will scare people so bad they will vote for the right wing feminist. Not a bad move; rig the deck. Either way a feminist is in power and they meet their goal and either way we are fucked especially the men.

Meet the right wing feminist same as the left wing feminist.

If like Nevada you are having major elections this year join me and vote male.