Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Wife Swap" star receives death threats

A male star of the series "Wife Swap" has received death threats because some felt he was rude to a female that switched places with his wife for a week. Websites encouraging his downfall are springing up. This has been discussed on Fox News with Megyn Kelly and two mangina lapdogs that grovelled at Kelly's feet. When it was suggested that perhaps the female was just as rude (the voice of the female in the clip they showed said in a stern voice to this guy that he had to conform to an agenda then it was cut off) was dismissed. To see the video go to here.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Another word from Roy (Judicial corruption)

Federal Court of Appeals trying to coerce lawyer into giving up on anti-feminist lawsuits.

Staff Counsel for the U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals, Stanley Bass, is using his power as a gatekeeper to the Court to prevent the appeal of two anti-feminist cases. The two cases challenge the denial of equal protection and other constitutional rights to men.

The Ladies' Nights case challenged as unconstitutional charging guys more for admission than ladies in NYC nightclubs. The Violence Against Women Act ("VAWA") case charged violations of due process and equal protection by secret Federal Government proceedings in which American men are found to have committed felonies and misdemeanors against their alien wives so the wives can become permanent residents and citizens. The proceedings are kept secret from only the husbands, not the alien wives, various government officials or various Feminist groups.

Mr. Bass, acting on behalf of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, (1) threatened that possible "sanctions" would be brought against attorney Roy Den Hollander if he pursued the appeals and "you [Den Hollander] may be subject to … other disadvantageous action"; (2) tried to have a defendant in the Ladies' Nights case pay Den Hollander monetary damages in return for dropping the case; (3) initially gave both appeals the same briefing schedule, which may end up as the final briefing schedule so as to assure Den Hollander, a sole-practitioner, doesn't have enough time to adequately appeal both cases; and (4) engaged in the usual personal insults by saying Den Hollander was "remiss" in not suing in state court. Mr. Bass also called the cases "absurd" and "offensive"—I've heard that word before.

In addition, Mr. Bass says as to the VAWA case that the plaintiffs should not be allowed to "inject [themselves] into a proceeding where neither the claimant [alien wives] nor the agency [Immigration] welcomes [them]." Of course the American husbands aren't welcome, since then it would be much harder for the Federal Government to find them responsible for felonies and misdemeanors against their alien wives.

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals, once the court of renown judges such as Learned Hand and Henry Friendly, has forgotten on this Valentine's Day weekend: "The heart of the matter is that democracy implies respect for the elementary rights of men, however suspect or unworthy those men may be; a democratic government must therefore practice fairness; and fairness can rarely be obtained by secret, one-sided determination of facts decisive of rights." Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee v. McGrath, 341 U.S. 123, 170 (Frankfurter J., concurring)(1951).

Where's Felix Frankfurter when justice needs him?

Mr. Bass made the demands of the Second Circuit in a contentious telephone conference call on Wednesday, Feb. 11, and in his following email: Hollander v. U.S.A., 08-6183-cv Fri, Feb 13, 2009 at 4:56 PM
Cc: To: Den Hollander, Esq.

In thinking further about this pro se appeal, I can see no point in your further wasting the resources of yourself, the Department of Justice, and the judges of this Honorable Court. The idea that a non-party has a legal right to be a spoiler witness in a claimant's administrative hearing seeking immigration benefits seems not only absurd, but also offensive and mean-spirited. It's one thing for you to offer relevant testimony to the agency if they want it. It's quite another to assert a constitutional right to inject yourself into a proceeding where neither the claimant nor the agency welcomes you.

There is no precedent supporting your position. Common sense and fairness warrant its rejection. Apart from a summary affirmance, you may be subject to imposition of costs or some other disadvantageous action. And, importantly, by persisting in arguing a meritless case, you risk losing credibility when dealing with an truly arguable subject, such as the meaning of "state action".

I recommend that you promptly submit to me a stipulation withdrawing this groundless appeal.

Attorney Roy Den Hollander told Bass, "Go ahead and disbar me, I don't care."

Roy Den Hollander
Attorney at Law
New York, N.Y.
(917) 687-0652

Sunday, February 15, 2009

More observations

I've noticed that When Marc Rudov was on Neil Cavuto's show that Cavuto started psychoanalyzing Rudov giving him the "poor baby,treatment" and some clown on the Jaeger show did the same thing. Whenever we bring up our issues we get "women must have hurt you in your past somewhere." Do these gutless assholes say the same thing to feminists calling for castration? Hardly,they just laugh with them. These are the same assholes that laugh at extreme anti-male mutilation such as the Bobbitt incident,which could be described as psychotic behavior and then have the nerve to psychoanalyze us. Get a clue manginas such as Cavuto and O'Reilly you are the sickos not us. I didn't initially believe a lot of manginas were fucking things up for us until I heard some of Marc Rudov's radio clips where a lot of manginas believe it is their job to provide for women with no reciprocation but it does remind me of MRA history where western men especially British and American men are afraid of their women,prefering to kowtow to them with "Yes,dear" and "No,dear" as they sell out other men. Most of these manginas are so useless they can lick my hariy balls and they would probably like it. Perhaps they can kiss my ass,pucker up Cavuto and O'Reilly.