Monday, December 30, 2013

Department of Justice hit with a lawsuit over dear colleague

Falsely accused student sues Delaware State University

December 18, 2013 By Robert O'Hara

A Delaware State University student is suing that school for defamation of character and violation of his civil rights reported yesterday.

Andre L. Henry was brought up on criminal charges after a woman with whom he had consensual sex on October 24 falsely accused him of raping her. The charges were dropped on November 1 according to his lawsuit but around that time the University notified him that he was barred from campus pending an investigation and hearing provided by the school. He was not allowed on campus grounds or adjacent areas for 45 days.

“For 45 days he was kicked out of his home, … he was kicked off campus, he was kicked out of school, all based on an allegation” said Daniel C. Herr, Henry’s attorney. “You can’t do that for 45 days and then finally say ‘Oh, we’ve come to our decision. He was found not guilty.’ ”

On Nov. 1 Henry was informed by DSU’s Director of Student Judicial Affairs, Paula Duffy, that a hearing would be held in front the General Judicial Council on Nov. 6. The suit says that he was not informed of his right to have an attorney present.

The suit also says he was not informed of his right to remain silent and that he was not given the right to face his accuser who was not present at the hearing.

A separate hearing, of which Henry wasn’t informed, was held especially for the alleged victim.

Jesse Allen, Henry’s roommate, testified at his hearing saying he had been in the apartment’s common room the evening Henry and the woman had sex and testified the woman did not scream for Henry to stop, as she previously alleged.

Henry’s suspension was lifted upon the conclusion of the hearing.

“We found out yesterday that his on-campus disciplinary charges were found to be ‘not responsible,’” said Herr on Tuesday, referring to DSU’s General Judicial Council’s investigation.“We are still moving forward for damages because he was suspended for a total of 45 days pending a full investigation and full hearing, which we allege is a violation to his right to due process,”

The lawsuit comes at a time when the Department of Education and Department of Justice has come under fire for recent developments in the way they expect schools to pursue alleged sexual assaults and sexual harassment. On November 14 the Department of Education, in a letter sent to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, renounced it’s overall support of the “blueprint” letter drafted by the Department of Justice in which it was deemed appropriate to suspend students, as well as meting out other punishments, before hearings were even held.

“The lawsuit looks good on DSU, and this sort of thing is way overdue. Colleges and universities have been blatantly violating the civil rights of male students since the Obama administration issued the ‘Dear Collegue’ letter’,” said Paul Elam, a men’s advocate and founder of A Voice for Men. “If they won’t stop it for the sake of decency, then perhaps financially bleeding them will do the trick.”


I wish Andre L.Henry well and may he be victorious against this injustice called "dear colleague" which demonizes men and make women damsels in distress regardless of the facts. We at the Men's Rights Blog salute Mr. Henry and wish him well. If he is reading here he should go to the Community of The Falsely accused at COTWA where he can gain valuable information which should hopefully serve him well.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Filner versus the feminazis

SAN DIEGO (AP) — San Diego taxpayers could be on the hook for $4 million if the city settles all claims involving the actions of former Mayor Bob Filner, who has been sentenced to home confinement for the unwanted groping of women.

U-T San Diego, which has obtained nine claims filed against the city, saysamong those seeking money is the National Women Veterans Association of America.

The group hopes to recoup more than $100,000 for an event at which Filner was to be presented a lifetime achievement award.


Some women's veterans group (veteran what? What are they "veterans" at? Bitching?) is suing this ex-mayor as well. Are they saying that sexual harassment is worse than front line duty? But then again what women are on the front lines of a war in combat positions? None. Those that are thrown into hell's fury of war are always men as they have always been men. We often hear about how women prostitute themselves for promotions or the get out of hazardous duty. That shouldn't be too surprising. A few nights ago I was watching Hannity,he had a liberal female and a conservative female talk about gender issues but when it came down to it they were both women firsters. IOW women's issues trumped everything else. It's like I always said: feminism has two wings: a right conservative one and a left liberal one. Or we can paraphrase the Who's Won't Get Fooled Again: meet the right wing feminist same as the left wing feminist. But the main thing is that men don't get fooled again.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Feminazi professor endorses androcide

Professor Elizabeth Sheehy

Professor of Law seeks legalized murder

December 14, 2013 By John Hembling (JtO) —30 Comments

Elizabeth Sheehy is a respected law professor working at the University of Ottawa, and on 15 December, UBC press will publish her recent book, Defending Battered Women on Trial.

The thesis of the book, stated explicitly in the final chapter, is that murder should be legitimized for women who kill their spouses or partners.

Yes, you read that correctly.

She told The Ottawa Citizen that “battered women can justly kill abusive partners ‘because a woman in that circumstance has already lived in captivity’”

Setting aside, just for a moment, the depravity that a Canadian professor of law is publishing a book arguing for the legalization of murder – specifically of men – we must wonder how someone this rabid can be “respected”.

Sheehy argues that women, unlike anyone we might think of as adults, or even as “people”, are so weak, so infantile, and so free of self-actualization, will, or personal volition that when they suddenly find themselves (as if blown by the wind) caught in a dysfunctional, abusive sexual relationship they are incapable of leaving.

Women, apparently, are merely the possessed dolls of their spouses or romantic partners. A woman in an abusive relationship, mystically becomes incapable of finding her shoes and walking out the door, dialing 9-1-1, contacting the police, or locating a publicly-funded shelter.

According to Stats Canada, in 2010 “there were 593 shelters for abused women operating across the country”. However, because Sheehy finds women so completely incompetent, incapable, and feeble, hundreds of shelters, relief organizations, government and non-government agencies, specially trained police departments, gynocentric courts, and twenty four hour support services are inadequate. The legal murder of a sleeping partner must be added to the options.

It reads like a hoax.

Remember that this murder-advocate is a professor of law at a major Canadian university. In a secondary article, The Ottawa Citizen even characterized Sheehy’s work as “rife with trenchant observations” after informing us that she is the recipient of “a prestigious award from the Canadian Bar Association for her scholarship on” none other than “women and the law.”

In Sheehy’s asinine fantasy world, she likens women in abusive relationships to prisoners of war. “We would never say of a prisoner of war that it’s not just that she or he kill their captor to escape. It is just to kill to escape that kind of enslavement.”

While the Canadian public understands that prisoners of war are generally kept in actual prisons – the kind with locking cells, guards, and layers of razor-wire topped fences – some Canadian lawyers are unclear on the difference. Civilians in Canadian society, even those with abusive or violent partners, tend not to live in guarded, secured prison facilities. They live in houses or condos or apartments.

The only person actually needing this to be pointed out is one sociopathic academic in an ugly dress: Elizabeth Sheehy, professor of law at the University of Ottawa.

Sheehy appreciates that previous experience of violent abuse (or simply the claim of such experience) is already recognized as a legal defence for murder in Canada. She was “pleasantly surprised by the higher-than-expected number who were either acquitted or had charges dropped. But she said it was ‘disappointing and worrisome’ to see how many women had pleaded guilty.”

Her solutions are to refine the definition of “excessive force” so that battered women can claim self-defence, give women a “statutory escape hatch” so they have no mandatory minimum penalty if found guilty, and only charge them with manslaughter so they aren’t afraid of fighting it in court. Why? Because Elizabeth Sheehy thinks charging battered women with murder is “so arbitrary”.

I think Sheehy has a different definition of “arbitrary” than the rest of us do.

Laws, as a professor of law should know, are not whimsical. A legal defense in one instance becomes applicable to other, similar, situations. For example, if a woman can use past abuse to reduce a murder charge then, if your son is bullied at school, he can legally bring his dad’s glock to school the next day and gun down his bully. Oh, whoops, no he can’t.

Let us not forget that men are roughly half the victims of reciprocal domestic violence, and are MORE than half the victims of adult, non-reciprocal domestic violence. However, a man abused in a violent relationship can not use past abuse to lessen the legal penalty of murdering another human being.

Here’s an alternate solution: If your spouse or partner hits you or abuses you, DON’T MURDER THEM, STUPID!!! You are supposed to remove yourself from that abuse – like a fucking grown up!

But according to Sheehy:

“While the legal system sometimes excuses battered women who kill abusive partners by accepting a verdict of manslaughter on compassionate grounds, that does not go far enough”

She absurdly argues that it is “unfair” to call women first-degree murderers because “[m]en can kill women with their bare hands, and they do. Women almost never kill men that way. They can’t”. Apparently, Sheehy seems to think we should forget there was a weapon used because women have trouble killing without one.

But she’s not really talking about fighting for your life against a violent aggressor in the heat of a desperate struggle. Shes defending the murder of a sleeping man, rather than simply using the opportunity to get the fuck out of the house.

And that is what UBC Press is publishing.

What level of blatant, depraved and malevolent corruption is required before a “respected” academic is treated correctly by the public as an evil and violent sociopath? This murder advocate, Elizabeth Sheehy, should properly be persona non grata in any area of civilized society but, instead, she gets a book deal.

When, three years ago, I posted a satirical article on AVFM announcing a new tourist industry for women traveling to Canada – namely, murder-tourism – I did so not expecting to be right.

Normally I like to be right.

Source: click here

Sheehy is one nutty bitch. Fuck Canada,it is truly a castrated nation. How can I say that? The improvements that occured in the United States did not occur in Canada just as the misandric tyranny is more harsh in Canada than it ever was in the United States,the only exception would be the Bobbitt case. If Canadians are going to champion some nutty cunt like Sheehy then why don't they just endorse Hitler while they are at it. It wouldn't be much of a leap between Sheehy and Hitler as we have seen.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Misandric witchhunt led by Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo has stooped to a new low. He is trying to get Jameis Winston thrown in prison to satisfy his perverse sense of chivalry. He touched on it briefly on O'Reilly last night (see preceeding post) but on his show tonight he devoted 38 minutes to the topic. He interviewed Winston's attorney who not only presented the facts as outlined by the prosecutorial team that investigated the case but he also refuted the lies Geraldo was spewing. He even told Geraldo that he is not entitled to his own facts. But in Geraldo's world his opinions are facts. Next he had a panel discussion which featured a male defense attorney,whom Geraldo was very rude to. Feminist prosecutor Wendy Murphy,some airhead from Take Back The Night and an alledged rape victim. Geraldo and Murphy were the lead inquisitors in vehemetly making unfounded accusations against Winston. Both were very rude to this male defense attorney who is trying to make sense of this situation. Murphy comes off a self righteous cunt I would love to see her get locked up and see how she reacts. I'll bet she freaks out royally. Anti-male zealots are the reason that a lot of young men have their lives turned upside down,from Brian Banks to the Duke lacrosse boys. Asshats like Geraldo don't care if someone gets hurt because of them. All that matters is that they get ratings.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Prosecutors decide not to charge Jameis Winston with a rape charge

The prosecutors investigating the charges against Jameis Winston have decided not to go to trial. I was reading up on it here and like most he said/she said situations it is difficult to find out exactly what happened on the night in question. All the rest of us have is second hand information. The investigators did talk to witnesses at the party amongst others including the complaintant whom kept changing her story. To top it off we have asshat galore Geraldo Rivera shooting his mouth off on the O'Reilly Factor about how Winston is guilty and how evil he is. Let's not forget that Geraldo is the same assclown who sided with Jodie Arias when she murdered Travis Alexander. Apparently Geraldo is a self hater or he feels inadequate compared to other men that he feels glee by putting on the chivalry act by siding with women no matter how savage their crimes are. Of course when we take into consideration the stupidity of Rivera it is easy to see why he does the things he does:

Geraldo does have sons and if one of his sons were falsely accused of rape would Geraldo ease up on the chivalry crap or does his gallantry know no bounds? Most of all thank you to the State of Florida and Florida State University for having the integrity that Duke University and the County of Durham North Carolina lacked when the Duke lacrosse team was not only falsely accused but truly harassed even threatened by both students and faculty staff;had their play schedule cancelled even before they were arraigned in court. Perhaps we've reached that point where we realize that prosecutorial witchhunts accomplish nothing but destroyed lives and are now seeking justice instead.