Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I've been banned from from a voice for men

That is right. I've been banned from a A Voice For Men by a female moderator. No warning no nothing just a ban straight out. This proves my point. Women have no business in the Men's Rights Movement. I call upon all real MRA's to boycott A Voice For Men. Here is what I mean: "We need to make some noise."
Are you fucking serious? Where have you been this past week? Glad we finally banned your clueless ass. DriverSuz,3:39 a.m., Tuesday Oct. 28

No warning. No nothing. Just a straight out ban by a female,it felt like I was banned by a feminist. That is the way they operate or is that the way all women operate? Pretend to be your friend gain power and boom seize control. If anyone disagrees with the staff at avfm they are banned. That's okay,it just validates what I've said about women in the movement and why it's not a good idea. Useless? I was pioneering this movement back when you were taking your cues from your sistern sugartits. I shouldn't be worried. All the real men left avfm a long time ago. The only thing left are women and fags. Neither of which have a sense of humor that is why when they make an attempt at satire they fail miserably. You can tell when I'm being sarcastic and if there it isn't blatant I make other attempts to let the reader know it is sarcasm. Which is something avfm fails to do and if the reader misunderstands what they are saying and questions them on it the reader is attacked. I supported what avfm used to be. I wrote emails to CBS concerning Sharon Osbourne's misandry. I wrote to protest the Dear Colleague directive at the U.S. federal level and SB967 in the State Of California. I joined with them in other campaigns. That is back when they were a real MRA site. Now they are a shell of their former selves.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Australian men's rights group discriminated against

University of Sydney men’s society first group to be blocked in over ten years

October 12, 2014 By Robert O'Hara —66 Comments

Late last month the University of Sydney Student Union blocked the establishment of a new student group named The Brotherhood, Recreation and Outreach Society (BROSoc), whose focus was to provide a safe space for men on campus and address mental health issues specific to men. Subsequently, the Clubs and Societies (C&S) program, an administrative agency at the university, approved BROSoc’s formation and granted them probationary status as a society. However, at its monthly meeting, the Student Union Board voted against allowing BROSoc to formally join the C&S program, with many directors voicing concerns regarding its “narrow focus on traditional masculinity.”

It was the first time in over 10 years that the Student Union Board had blocked the establishment of a new student group.

The BROSoc had intended to set up a Men’s Shed on campus, linking it to the popular not-for-profit mental health program Men’s Sheds for men and boys that has been broadly successful since it was founded in 2007.

Queer Portfolio holder and USU Board Director Liam Carrigan argued that allowing the formation of BROSoc could cause “significant damage” to the queer community, especially among trans and genderqueer members.

This should prove that gays are not the friends of MRA's. Gays are in the feminist camp.

Kate Bullen, Women’s Portfolio holder and Board Director, took a similar line, stating that BROSoc was “clearly not about breaking down gender roles” and would be potentially exclusionary toward women.

Board Director Liv Ronan expressed discomfort at potentially voting down BROSoc’s application, saying that the founders seemed “well-intentioned” and that she felt it was inappropriate to predict that they would automatically create an exclusive and unfriendly space.

Board Director Kate Denton, the only dissenting member, argued that the board was wrongly characterizing BROSoc as a “men’s rights club” rather than seeing it as an opportunity to meaningfully engage men on campus and help them with mental health problems.

The board instead passed a supplementary motion empowering Honorary Secretary Eve Radunz to consult with BROSoc’s founders in view of them redrafting their constitution and refining their aims to be explicitly non-exclusionary.

There is no reported indication as to what the board meant by “non-exclusionary.”


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vote Neel Kashkari for Governor of California

Neel Kashkari

Meet Neel Kashkari. He is the Republican candidate for Governor Of California. I don't know who he is but I know he isn't Jerry Brown. The same Jerry Brown that royally fucked us by signing SB 967 into law. Brown signed this bill to screw over college and university men over tremendous protests and now the state is going to be compensating these men royally when they win their lawsuits. The punch line is that these same men will use that money to continue their education-in another state. So if you are registered to vote in California vote Neel Kashkari for Governor and get rid of feminists such as Jerry Brown.


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