Friday, May 18, 2007

This guy doesn't like MRA's

Apparently this asshole doesn't like us because he deleted my posts from his comment section. Apparently he wants only those who subscribe to some santized view where men's rights are not allowed. Give him a piece of your mind on this.


Luke Skywalker said...

Masculist Man:

Did you listen to the music on my blog? Did you like it?

Also, I like your name "Masculist Man", because it shows how you are a hardcore masculist. It's funny, though, that there is no feminist named "feminist woman". I have, however, seen somebody's screen name as "feminist girl", which I suppose is very close to that.

And what if there was a mangina who named himself "feminist man".

And what if Feminist Man then went over to your blog and wanted to debate you.

Then it would be:

Masculist Man vs. Feminist Man.

And what if on Feminist Man's profile picture, he was holding a bouquet of flowers instead of a gun, and he was wearing a bow on his head.

Essentially it would be you, the strong, tough man versus the weak pussy man.

Dude, you would destroy him LOL.

Masculist Man said...

Thanks for the kudos,bro.

Dude, you would destroy him LOL.

You know it,bro.

Luke Skywalker said...

You're welcome, but did you like the music?

In case you forgot, the blog address is

Masculist Man said...

I checked out Helloween's "I'm alive" and it is interesting. They do seem to be doing old school metal,the kind I haven't seen since the '80's. The other song I wasn't able to fully download so I could get the feel of the full song so I really can't comment.

Who are their influences?