Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Luke Skywalker has received an proposal for a tactics change. Here is what Luke had to say:

The leader of MENZ (Masculinist Evolution New Zealand) has contacted me with a proposal suggesting a tactical adjustment with respect to Blogger's Choice Awards.

Here is his proposal:

I think voting for Feministing and NYMOM as Worst Blog/Most Obnoxious is back-firing on us.

Both these blogs are now on the first page of the negative categories due to our efforts.
We've unwittingly given them free advertising. Angry Harry's lead has started dropping for the first time.

What we should be doing is voting for all blogs below Feministing and WomenAsMothers in all categories. The aim is to push both of them onto the 2nd page where no-one will see them.

I suspect the fems have already figured this one out, as they haven't launched any kind of counter-strike against AngryHarry.

And here is my response to his proposal:

I appreciate and take note of your concern.

However, a policy change from getting feministing and NYMOM as many votes as possible for Worst Blog and Most Obnoxious blogger to getting them kicked off the front page of those categories (to eliminate any free advertising that they might be getting as a result) is a major decision change, and one which we would all have to talk about before pulling the trigger on it.

But as for me, my vote would be a "no" on this, because:

1.) NYMOM is not a threat to Harry because she isn't in the running for Best Political Blog, really only feministing is the threat.

2.) We've already worked hard to get NYMOM and feministing on the front page for Worst Blog/Most Obnoxious, and there are a lot of negative comments from antifeminists on their vote pages, and it is helping to show people what horrible blogs those really are.

3.) Angry Harry still maintains an 89 vote lead over feministing at the time of writing this email, and his lead has been hovering around 90 votes for the past couple days. It hasn't really "started dropping", as you say, it has just leveled off, that's all.

4.) If need be, we could get in contact with some antifeminists who haven't been part of the blogswarm yet, and get them to vote and participate in the blogswarm.

5.) A more probable reason why they haven't unleashed a bigger counterstrike is that they aren't as coordinated as we are, and they aren't as energized as we are. There are a lot of feminist bloggers who know about this, but aren't doing anything more than casting their own vote, because I've seen their names on the feministing vote page.

--Anyway Rob, I'm still going to run your proposal by some people who are higher up on the chain than I am.

If they agree with you, then that will be that, and I'll send a notice to everyone on the blogswarm that policy has changed, and we are now going with your new plan. However, if they do not agree with you, then policy will stay the same as it was.

Like I said in my response, this is a major decision change, and should only take place (if we decide that it ought to take place) after full discussion...

The following is my response to Luke about this:


I did some checking on femintamponstring and NY loud mouth mom and found that they both moderate the comments on their blogs so I would imagine the MRA/masculist view would not be allowed on either of their blogs so masculists/MRA's have to post on the blogger's award comment section to be heard on these issues.For instance from feminsting's rules about comments:

(If you haven't left a comment here before, you may need to be approved by the site owner before your comment will appear. Until then, it won't appear on the entry. Thanks for waiting.)

and from NYMOM'S rules about comments:

Comment moderation has been enabled. All comments must be approved by the blog author.

How about a quote about how NYMOM really feels about fathers and their role in their children's lives:

Dare I say the unthinkable: the person who purchases and prepares the food is the one most responsible for whether or not children gain weight and that is still the mother. Fathers are bit players in this regard as they are in many other areas involving children not ‘on the frontline’ as they wish to paint themselves, but backup and support to mothers.

And if any father's rights activists have a problem with her line of thinking then she has this reply:

Too bad if they don’t like it…

Source: here


Dick Masterson said...

Good attention, bad attention, the worst kind of attention, women love them all.

I think you'd like my site.


Anonymous said...

I am he that suggested a change of tactics re voting on Blogger's Choice.

Just for the record, I'm not the 'leader' of MENZ as indicated by Luke Skywalker.

MENZ (http://menz.org.nz) is a community forum for father's and men's rights, based in Auckland's North Shore.

Rob Case

Masculist Man said...

How's it going,Rob?

I'm willing to listen to new ideas to hasten the return of our civil rights and glad to see other MRA's weigh in on this subject. If we can further Harry's votes and influence then I'm all for it since this can possibly get our issues on the front burner and that is something I have fought for for a long time now.

Tell you what,bro,link to me and I'll receipocate.

Masculist Man said...


Link to me on your site and I'll receipocate.