Thursday, August 30, 2007

Meet the new sow,just like the old sow

Court TV may have lost a misandrist when Nancy Grace left. However they have a new one and that is Star Jones. Jones is a former prosecutor and current misandrist. She jumped on the case of an NFL star whom had a lot of children with different women, 9 to be exact but she said she would ask 3 of those women why they did sleep with him. Yes,they slept with him voluntary so I'm guessing he didn't rape them but Jones practically compares the two nor is there any mention of the quality of the relationship between the NFL star and his children but it must be good otherwise Jones would have said something about it. She also comes down hard on prostitution-hard on both prostitutes and their customers,making women out to be victims and men out to be predators. She talks to two authoresses about young girls getting sexual in their teens and conviently forgot the whores that the media glamorizes and when girls do this boys pay,but I'll guess Jones and the whore authoresses don't understand this and/or they don't give a shit. They did say that a rendezvous between a teen girl and teen boy ended up with the boy going to jail and this was in a New England state but I don't know which one because it wasn't mentioned so obviously boys and men don't count with these cunts. She also talked about seriel killers and their survivors and guess what? They were all MALE seriel killers. No mention of Aieleen Wuarous or Karla Faye Tucker or their ilks. Nope,just men were profiled,she even meniton Ted Bundy and I believe none of his victims survived. But he is a man and only good for dumping on as that is apparently Jones' attitude. Finally she concludes her show with girl power cowshit on how women should go to college and not be beautiful and not be nice to men. Yada yada yada. Roll credits.

These are usually the same cunts that have a problem getting a guy (sarcasm) gee,I wonder why(/sarcasm) and usually call these men "wimps" and other names because men won't date these castratrixes. I wouldn't put these men down as they seem to demonstrate high intelligence.

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