Monday, September 3, 2007

Bounty cunts

There is a show on Court TV called "Bounty Girls" which has 4 females bringing in predominantly male suspects who allegedly violate their bond agreement but with these feminazis with guns who knows what some of these items in the agreement are. From what I've seen they have been known to let female violators go,even those that have committed domestic battery against their husbands while holding male violators accountable. I would love to see what these cunts do when men,whom are heavily armed and have a "fuck you,cunt" attitude,resist being taken in by them. I mean really RESIST,ROYALLY. ROYALFUCKINGLY. What would these cunts do? I'm betting on the men and hopefully they leave none of these cunts living. Some of the tactics these cunts use are deception and when they have the man cuffed they nag them. Who the fuck wants to go through this shit? This is the future,men. Now they are fast becoming their own gestapo and the way society at all levels is slipping into a morass. A morass that is coming for all men. We are losing our rights and it is only a matter of time before courts just openly mock the law without any pretense of respect for it and they will rubber stamp what the matriarchy wants to do and then look for these all female kidnap gangs to spring up all over the United States and other western countries. "Bounty Girls",coming soon for YOU.


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MikeeUSA said...

When one is the subject of arrest it should be considered your duty to slaughter all parties involved in the attempted kidnapping and imprisonment of yourself.

There should never be an arrest of a man where nobody gets killed.

Unfortunalty fear exists and compromise is compelling.

Just remeber: you're going to jail if the arrest is sucessful: you are a man: men go to jail.

Jail is hell.
Take your chances by fighting and murdering your attackers.

Death To women's Rights.