Thursday, October 18, 2007

The wage gap from a different angle

Thanks to John Gisogod for this one:

The reasons why is that, statistically speaking, women earn less than men. There is nothing sinister about this, for the figures simply demonstrate the consequences of women's biology and the choices that they make.

Men, on average, earn more than women during the course of their lifetimes, but this is no
terrible injustice done to women. They pay more in taxes than do women. In other words, the average man puts more into the pot than does an average women. Your average man is therefore supporting women!

When it comes to benefits, such as health, pensions and income support, a whopping 70% of the budget is actually spent on women's needs; it is absolutely clear that the support given by men to women is phenomenal, and it shows just how much men truly hand over to women via the government coffers. Further, men also hand money over directly to women when they stay at home to look after the kids. Why should feminists try to make women go out and earn the same as their partners?

Men put a lot more into the pot, and they take a lot less out of it. And it is still the case that while men die seven years earlier than women, they are still expected to work for five more years before receiving their pension. But do notice that, working for five years longer and receiving seven years less of pension, adds up to a massive twelve years of financial injustice. A truly blatant, ongoing act of sex discrimination. An enormous act of discrimination.

However, statistically speaking, compared to men, women just don’t value winning the marathon that much. Therefore, they get paid less. And quite right too, because they work fewer hours and they achieve less. It is also pointless for women to keep moaning about the fact that employers are reluctant to give them special consideration when they have children, and to demand exactly the same pay when they don't actually put in the same number of hours. Why should anybody who works full time (man or woman) have to subsidise other women in the workplace, just because they choose to have children?

Feminists tell us that women who have children should not be disadvantaged in the employment sphere. But, as with everything else, feminists think that the world should cater exclusively for their own selfish needs. They believe that women who have children should not in any way have to curtail their employment prospects or their incomes.

Thus, despite the fact that such women will take leave from work (for years, perhaps) and that they will not be able to put in the same number of hours that their colleagues do, feminists argue that they should be paid the same and be given the same status!


Anonymous said...

masculistman, you are a real man, a man who isnt afraid to speak his mind and I think you are brilliant. Just want your opinion on 2 things; 1. do you think mras need to tell manginas pretending to be mras like socon to butt out of the mrm? and 2. fredx (a hero of mine) has gone again, I think he cares about mens rights and it drained him out. what do you think of him? and duncan idaho? I think they are both legends who were dominant in the mrm blogosphere. other mras av also taken a leave and I think its because they get so tired of misandry that they get exhausted and mentally sick of it. I know i get very very tired (and im only 18) of it and whenever i see fathers rights campaigners get mocked at in the newspapers it makes me angry.

I think the obstacles men have to face suck and even at my college people laugh at me for trying to get fathers rights discussed in my lessons. The only relief i get is knowing that mras care about men and boys rights and wherever you all are in the world, usa, uk, aus etc at least we are all bonded by are care for each other.

Just want to ask a 3rd question, and that is have you ever been attacked for your campaigning of mens rights? I keep getting shouted down when I try to explain that men deserve rights too. I was even pushed by my teacher because she told me only misogynists would question family court and that if I ever divorced it would be my fault as all marriage is patriarchal.

Masculist Man said...

Thanks for the kudos,anonymous.

1. Yes,the faster we are rid of manginas that weigh us down the better.

2. Fred and Duncan are both admirable MRA's who I would like to see continue blogging. I would like to see both return.

From time to time one has to take a break away from what is happening.

I think the obstacles men have to face suck and even at my college people laugh at me for trying to get fathers rights discussed in my lessons.

This is proof political correctness is killing the collegiate atmosphere. You may not be able to incoporate them into your lessons at this time but I'm sure there are other young men on your campus that feel the same way you do and perhaps you can form a group to advocate for men's and father's rights. You can hold rallies and consciousness raising. Let me know of your activities and I'll promote them here.

3. Yes,I have been persecuted for my beliefs by feminists who want the status quo to continue but I stood up to them and refused to back down.

We men have very little choice;we lose the gender war and we are truly fucked. That is the way it is.

socon said...


I never claimed to be an MRA.

Please show me one place where I claimed to be an MRA.