Friday, September 26, 2008

Boycott Macy's

Boycott Macy's for their anti male sexism in sponsering Respect rings. It appears that Macy's believes that domestic violence in done by men against women and never the other way around and to prove it they are selling Respect rings that symbolize their anti male sexism. I'm joining in with Marc Rudov in boycotting Macy's. If you are not a fan of what Macy's is doing you can send your letters of outrage to:

Terry Lundgren,CEO of Macy's

Holly Thomas,Macy's press secretary

Let Macy's know their anti male sexism is neither appreciated nor condoned.

To see the propaganda put out for these Respect rings click here

If you click on this link you will see Macy's anti male sexism.


Marc Rudov said...


Leykis 101 said...

Macy's is a chick store. Guys don't go there anyway. They are simply marketing to their target demographic. Chicks who buy useless junk to try and fill up the empty void their lives have become.

Masculist Man said...

Don't forget Christmas is coming up and some may consider going to Macy's.

The point is that misandry has raised its head and we must battle that beast. Misandry is all over the place,from Macy's on one side to Trojans on the other both bash men and it should not be condoned.

Very Concerned said...

Im sorry but you are all idiots. If you have done any research in the past 20 years you will see that Domestic violence is primarily committed by MEN. Yes, there are some cases where a woman has abused a man but when 6 out of10 women that are murdered are killed by their partner, I believe that says something about who is and who isnt primarily committing this crime.
Most batters who commit the felony of abuse are men, NOT women, and when indisputable evidence says that men are the ones who are physically, psychologically, and sexually abusing their partners, something needs to be done about it.
If anything you should be commending Macys on their multiple programs that emphesize the assistance of abused children and women, victims of disease, hunger, and poverty, as well as their outreach programs that encourage reading and education (which you clearly lack).
I personally can not believe that you have the audacity to create a "Mens Rights" blog. Fuck you and your nilistic views. Step out of the fucking stone age, take your head out of your ass, and take a good look around you.
Again, I will say that abuse can be committed by both males and females, but take a look at the facts and recognize a productive corporation when you see one. The merchandise may be geared towards women, but this does not mean that they can not help men too.

Fucking asshole.

Very Concerned said...

and FYI it was a bracelet they were selling for RESPECT, not a ring.

Masculist Man said...

We do have the facts on our side. Objective research into domestic violence reveals that women do commit more domestic violence than men. Your sob stories that domestic violence is only aimed at women is a lie.