Monday, October 6, 2008

Sarah Palin is what a feminist looks like

Sarah Palin will tell John McCain what to do like take out the garbage.


Anonymous said...

Masculist Man, I just wanted to show you this:

This is a rare video where men are standing up to women on the street.

Okay, the downside is that these guys are using religion to take the women to task, and they are a bit racist/black nationalist.. BUT its interesting to see a group of men standing up to a group of aggressive women.

Anonymous said...

Mr. VAWA will be VP, and he'll make Palin look like the consummate anti-feminist.

Harley said...

I hate how so often a group of people who believe in a cause become judged from a small portion of extremists. When will people realize there are wackos in all groups?

For example, Feminists Vs Femi-Nazis.
Feminists believe in "the doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men"
Femi-Nazis believe in "female superiority, as opposed to gender equality. A gender-feminist. A male-hating or male-bashing woman"

Sadly many people confuse the two very different groups. The Femi-Nazi's discredit the ideals of feminism. It frustrates me even more because Femi-Nazi's aren't usually feminine at all, and seem to reject anything estrogen-based. They may as well just scream "WE ADMIT MEN ARE BETTER THEN WOMEN AND WE WANT TO BE MEN" because that's the message they're putting out there.

Real feminist wear pink proudly.

Masculist Man said...


Your attempts to whitewash feminism will not work. We know that feminazism is the true defintiton of feminism. Most men that post here are very aware that the "moderates" work very close with the extremenists but try to distance themselves PR wise. It may fool a lot of people but it doesn't fool those of us that have been the victims of feminist persecution. Look at the 3 Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape and how their lives were turned upside down. They were threatened with FEMINISTS carrying signs saying to CASTRATE THEM. No evidence,no trial but then again feminists believe that men are evil anyway and are guilty if a woman says so. When it was discovered that the stripper lied about being rape nothing happened to her,no arrest,no charges,nothing. If they did hold her accountable the FEMINISTS would have a shit fit. What was protecting Mangum from cross examination or scrutiny? The rape schield laws that FEMINISTS enacted.

No,Harley what you are saying is wrong. Don't piss on me and tell me it's raining.