Sunday, February 15, 2009

More observations

I've noticed that When Marc Rudov was on Neil Cavuto's show that Cavuto started psychoanalyzing Rudov giving him the "poor baby,treatment" and some clown on the Jaeger show did the same thing. Whenever we bring up our issues we get "women must have hurt you in your past somewhere." Do these gutless assholes say the same thing to feminists calling for castration? Hardly,they just laugh with them. These are the same assholes that laugh at extreme anti-male mutilation such as the Bobbitt incident,which could be described as psychotic behavior and then have the nerve to psychoanalyze us. Get a clue manginas such as Cavuto and O'Reilly you are the sickos not us. I didn't initially believe a lot of manginas were fucking things up for us until I heard some of Marc Rudov's radio clips where a lot of manginas believe it is their job to provide for women with no reciprocation but it does remind me of MRA history where western men especially British and American men are afraid of their women,prefering to kowtow to them with "Yes,dear" and "No,dear" as they sell out other men. Most of these manginas are so useless they can lick my hariy balls and they would probably like it. Perhaps they can kiss my ass,pucker up Cavuto and O'Reilly.

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