Saturday, March 7, 2009

State of the movement

I've given this a lot of thought and from what I've seen is that the majority of men just don't give a shit about their rights in fact a lot are content just to sit around being slackers and doing nothing and the rest just say "yes dear" just to keep their girlfriends or wives happy. Apparently men aren't learning from the media about what happened to the Duke lacrosse players or somehow they can't put themselves in the shoes of the innocent men or or they just have a "throw them to the lions" mentality or they deride MRA's when we speak up or perhaps it is "save the damsel in distress" that permeates our society and feminists have no problem fostering this myth,as long as it suits them.

But in other ways I see the times they are a changing (Bob Dylan speak) I see advocates such as Marc Rudov,Glenn Sacks and Tom Leykis speaking out on our behalf. I'm confident Leykis will be back on the air again. I'm trying to look at the bright side of this and I've tried to for the last 16 years. This isn't a retirement it is a cleansing. Cleansing in that a lot of misconceptions had been washed away. Intially I thought that the majority of men hadn't heard about men's activism or men's rights but now I discover they don't care. But perhaps like I said things are changing. Let's see what the future brings.


Anonymous said...

I have given it a lot of thought also. For a long time I felt the same as you. After 18 years I think I have figured out the answer. It may sound to simple but I believe men don’t do anything because they don't know how to defend themselves against a woman. Hear me out. I am in my fifties and as a child I was taught how to defend myself against other boys, bullies at school and strangers, never a female. I was never taught that girls could be as bad as boy bullies, and we had girl bullies in our school. I was only taught "boys don't hit girls" "boys defend girls" in short, I was taught to take the crap while my sister was taught to "kick him where it hurts" if a girl kicked a boy he was automatically guilty, no questions asked and girls were never punished for kicking. Those words still ring in my ears; "well you must have done something to make her mad." If I punched another boy for calling me a name I was punished by my teacher and parents for "starting a fight" My sister was a hero for defending herself and I was a troublemaker for defending myself. The double standard was born and boys are still taught not to defend themselves against a girl. Parents still teach their daughters to "kick him," while boys are told to "keep your hands to yourself." I believe men have to be taught how to defend themselves against women.

Masculist Man said...

That's why I deny it when people accuse me of wanting to return to the past because what is there to return to?

Anonymous said...

Glenn Sacks is a coward who bends over backwards to give feminist liars a voice on his blog and then bans loyal MRAs. He's a chivalrist.

If that's the best we've got then we're in serious trouble.

Anonymous said...

This may interest all of you.

Feminism & Violent Women

" *“Women are lauded for encompassing unladylike traits such as violence and assertiveness; especially when they use those traits against men. It is why a lot of young men have developed a stance of indifference towards women, marriage and family.” -- Dr. Helen Smith, Psychologist

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