Sunday, April 26, 2009

Roy,part 2


Here's the latest--more of the same from another judge scared of the feminists. His 2 page opinion is attached.

April 24, 2009

Ruling in Favor of Columbia’s Women’s Studies

A Federal Judge dismissed a lawsuit challenging Columbia’s Women’s Studies Program for violating Title IX and the Constitution. The attorney and one of the plaintiffs, Roy Den Hollander responded, “When it comes to Men's Rights, judges act with an arrogance of power, ignorance of the law, and fear of the Feminists.”

Judge Lewis A. Kaplan mischaracterized the central claim of the case as a violation of the Establishment Clause which he called “frivolous… absurd and without merit.” Den Hollander, replied, “The only thing frivolous and absurd is men looking for justice in the courts of America. It’s time we find justice elsewhere.”

Judge Kaplan irrationally ruled, “Feminism is no more a religion than physics.” Den Hollander replied, “Feminism believes that the differences between the sexes are the result of social conditioning. Science, which includes physics, disagrees.” Den Hollander added, “Religion means an irrational belief system. What’s more irrational than believing sexual roles have nothing to do with genetics or evolution or that because of sex, one group is entitled to preferential treatment. The Judge obviously never studied science, but clearly believes in Feminism.”

“What do you think his decision would have been if a college offered only Men’s Studies but no Women’s Studies?” Den Hollander asked.

In accepting the Magistrate’s decisions, Kaplan concluded that the two plaintiff alums, attorney Roy Den Hollander and recent Columbia College graduate William A. Nosal, suffered no harm because they did not enroll in a Women Studies’ course or were denied admission to one.

“Judge Kaplan obviously ignored the equal protection and Title IX arguments to give us and the class of men the bum’s rush out of court,” said Den Hollander.

Roy Den Hollander
Attorney at Law
New York, N.Y.
(917) 687-0652


Anonymous said...

This looks like a good men'sactivism site. Keep up the good work Roy.

Anonymous said...

It is no secret that lots of judges are scared of feminists. If you have ever visited the false rape society, you will notice very few females get punished in a manner that is fair, considering what their crime has put many males through

Masculist Man said...

Thanks bro.

Masculist Man said...

Yes I have been to the false rape society blog and I commend the attorney for taking the time to document these cases. There is a start of women being punished. Like I said it is start and very far from where we want to go. If she lies she does the time.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that judge must have forgotten, or ignored, the ninth amendment to the U.S. Constitutiion.

Anonymous said...

It may come back to haunt him later.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome MasculistMan. Thank you for this iste (Y)

Anonymous said...

" Judge Kaplan irrationally ruled, “Feminism is no more a religion than physics.”

I see feminism as a cult of self worshipping women who demand the submission of all males and societies as a whole.

Anonymous said...

I look very much forward to more of your brilliant postings Roy.