Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Feminists weigh in on my blog

Feminists are weighing in on my comments. Let's see some of the gems coming from the enemy shall we?:

wow... you people are sick! obviously if an order of protection was placed on the man then he did something that hurt the woman physically or threatened her physically, and if the order of protection is broken then obviously her life is in danger! If GPS tracking systems are the only way to keep her and or her children safe then i honestly dont see a problem with it... how would you like if your wife, girlfriend or mother was being stalked my some random man or an ex husband... you would feel the same way. Its very sad how many women and children get killed everyday because of things like this.


Anonymous you are wasting your time attempting to educate the uneducatable. It seems as though Masculist most likely has a history of DV or will in his future based on his rantings. He lacks insight into the real history and every day experiences of women and picks topics to fit his own diluted version of reality. From an individual who works in this area and knows the truth, this entire blog does nothing more than prove why women have had to fight for their rights and why they must continue doing so. Masculist and like-minded individuals will never have an army big enough to stop my from fight for equality for all human beings.


With endorsements such as these we must be doing something right. It's one thing when your friends endorse you but when your enemies do it it is something else. Like I said I must be doing something right.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever is it ,keep it up. Get under their skin.