Friday, July 24, 2009

Beat it

I've been hearing from other MRA's how to successfully hook up with women on webpages and newsletters. Why? In this day and time dating the wrong woman or just merely dealing with the wrong woman and you could end up with a criminal charge and you could end up Bubba's cellmate and that is where you don't want to be and since others have suggested it is difficult to tell the good ones from the bad ones since the good ones don't stand out from the bad ones. You may not get another selection if you choose wrong. What am I suggesting? Boycott women i.e. don't do anything for them,kill chivalry while you can. If you get the urge spank it. It is a lot better than selling your pride and self respect just to get laid and it is a lot easier on the wallet with no legal repercussions. If the gun is loaded against men it is time for men to react and do what we can to starve the matriarchy.


Captain Courageous said...

"... starve the matriarchy."
indeed! This should be the battle-cry of MRA's across the Western world. Pass this one on to Male-Rights-Network ... he'll love it! I just posted an LA Times article from 24 years ago, showing feminists use 'moles' in "corporations, political parties, churches and schools" just got rid of a major long-term mole yesterday. Hooray!!!

Coffee Catholic said...

My husband and I met through his local newspaper when I sent in a letter to the editor looking for pen pals. I wanted to learn about the culture and exchange cultural gifts... ended up with a wonderful husband!

Having to get to know one another through the mail/over the phone cut out all of the pointless, stupid modern dating crap. We just got right down to the wire: "Is he/she what I'm looking for in a husband/wife?"

Now, three happy years later, we've had one daughter and there are twins on the way.

I would not want to even begin to try to function in any capacity in the modern dating scene. No thank you.

Masculon said...

Don't be a fucking pussy. Being a man means you love women. What are you, queer? Manliness is about taking risks. Buck up, Sally.

Masculist Man said...

Don't be a fucking pussy.

I'm not. I am taking a risk by opposing manginas such as yourself who play it safe and appease women.

Being a man means you love women.

Really. So if women mistreat me or other men we are to love our tormentors. That is contray to human nature. Get a clue.

What are you, queer?

I don't hang around gay site like you do.

Manliness is about taking risks.

Going over the cliff with the rest of the lemmings is not "risk taking" it is stupidity.

Buck up, Sally.

Fuck off,asshole.