Saturday, August 8, 2009

Raped by Dr. Phil

Man-bashing psychologist Dr. Phil accused of sexual abuse!

By David Usher Aug 7, 2009

Sexual abuse claims that appear out of nowhere 25 years after the alleged abuse supposedly occurred against rich and famous men are impossible to aver — usually monetarily motivated — and a favorite con feminists apply to quickly elicit loads of hush money.

But this is one rare case we see no reason to investigate or defend.

Dr. Phil is a male-feminist psychologist who built an illegitimate empire improperly blaming men for women's feelings, problems, and personality disorders.

Unfortunately for Dr. Phil, being a shark does not protect him from being eaten alive by other sharks possessing the physical gender advantages he pretends to assume. Feminist women do not care which rich men they blackmail.

The man is getting what he truly deserves — a large dose of his own poison patent medicine. Perhaps this will jolt him to reality? If not, let the shadenfreude roll!


"Dr. Phil is a monster!" Those are the angry words of a former patient of Dr. Phil McGraw, who is revealing the shocking story of the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of the TV shrink!

Sara Morrison is speaking out in a world-exclusive ENQUIRER interview - divulging sickening details of how talk-show titan Oprah Winfrey's former protege repeatedly fondled her, sexually abusing her while she was being treated by him.

The 44-year-old mother of one also reveals authorities were called in to investigate the abuse, threatening Dr. Phil's career as a psychologist and his marriage to wife Robin, who was outraged by the charges.

"Not a single day has gone by when I haven't been affected by what Phil McGraw did to me," Sara told The ENQUIRER.

"He profoundly affected the course of my life. The world should know this man is a predator and a bully. He shouldn't be telling Americans how to live their lives, how to improve themselves."

Sara was a college sophomore home for the summer when she sought treatment from Dr. Phil in Wichita Falls, Texas, in 1984.

"I suffered from low self-esteem, and Iwas depressed, lonely and suicidal," recalled Sara. "Phil was extremely insistent that I call him all the time, and he would call me.

"He wanted to see me three or four times a week - as a patient."

While treating her that summer, Dr. Phil did nothing improper, she says. But his attitude changed completely the following summer when, in a highly unethical move, he paid Sara to work as his intern, while charging her as a patient at the same time.

"The first day I showed up for work, Phil had his hands all over me," she recalled.

At the time, the then 34-year-old psychologist and his second wife Robin had been married for eight years, but that didn't stop his sexually aggressive behavior, Sara said.

"Phil would pull me down to sit in his lap while he talked on the phone to patients, other doctors, even his wife! He'd be running his hand up and down the inside of my thigh all the way up to my panties."

For the full shocking story pick up the new ENQUIRER - now on sale!

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Anonymous said...

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER is your source on this? Are you really that dumb?

Masculist Man said...

They have been sued in the past and I'm sure are more careful now. Are you a jackass who runs their mouth just to run your mouth.

Anonymous said...

I almost want to laugh. I wonder how Dr Phil feels to be betrayed. Like so many other men who thought they were in good graces with feminists, he was just another tool.

Masculist Man said...

Poetic justice.

Clarissa said...

You really think Dr.Phil is a feminist?? He is a perfect example of a profoundly patriarchal ideologue. For me, everything he says could be included in a patriarchal manifesto. I even recommend that my students watch his show to understand what patriarchy is all about.

His attempts to present all men as insensitive, unfeeling, immature, stupid slobs are NOT feminist. In fact, this is as anti-feminist as you can possibly get.

Masculist Man said...

Now that he has been accused the harpies are coming out to tar him. Oprah was one of Dr. Phil's biggest supporters when he was introduced. He caters to women,their fear,pride and prejudices. He sacrificed men on the altar of feminism and now he's about to be sacrificed on the same altar. Poetic justice.

Clarissa said...

"He sacrificed men on the altar of feminism "

-Could you please give me one example of where he did that? I'd honestly love to know. I've been puzzled by your vision of Dr. Phil as a feminist for days now. It's such an unusual idea that you have to provide some proof for it.

I am a feminist and whenevr I see Dr. Phil on television I want to spit because of the nasty patriarchal propaganda he peddles. I'd love to see his feminist side, if it indeed exists.

Masculist Man said...

I've seen him cater to women a lot of the time and blame the man solely for the problems when in fact it was her selfishness that did this. That is what Dr. Phil has done.

Here is an exaple of where Dr. Phil sides with women.

Clarissa said...

"blame the man solely for the problems when in fact it was her selfishness that did this"

-Totally agree. And doing that is profoundly anti-feminist. Seeing people just as their gender and treating them as representatives of a gender and not human beings is as anti-feminist as it gets. As I said, I am a feminist and I hate it when people do that.

Masculist Man said...

Don't try to whitewash feminism because no one here is going to buy it.

Clarissa said...

Providing a definition doesn't equal whitewashing.

I see, however, that you have no proof for your statement that Dr.Phil is feminist. Sad, I had high hopes for your blog.

Masculist Man said...

Feminism,in practice,is female supremacy. That is what Oprah and Dr. Phil push upon their guests and the rest of the world. I don't buy the dictionary definition of feminism because that is not what is practiced. It was feminists such as Andrea Dworkin who said she would like to shove an apple in a man's mouth. It was Catherine McKinnon who said that all sex is rape unless intiated by the female. It was Naomi Wolf who said she would castrate her new born son. These are some examples of true feminism. Also don't play the shame game.

Clarissa said...

"It was feminists such as Andrea Dworkin who said she would like to shove an apple in a man's mouth. It was Catherine McKinnon who said that all sex is rape unless intiated by the female. "

-I think it's wrong to condemn the whole movement because of some fringe elements. You are doing exactly the same thing as Dworkin and McKinnon. If SOME men are rapists, they generalize and say ALL men are. If SOME people who identify as feminists are agressive freaks, you generalize and say ALL feminists are like that. So how are you any better than Dworkin and McKinnon?

I also don't understand what shame has to do with any of this. People's expectations are their problem, don't you think? :-)

Masculist Man said...

I am very aware of femspeak and that words have more than one meaning,especially to feminists.

Let's not forget Valerie Solanas,leader of Society for Cutting Up Men or SCUM. She was championed by NOW. Also Lorena Bobbitt was championed by NOW as well. So-called "moderate feminism" is just a smoke screen for the real rabid kind.

Hagouchonda said...

I agree with Masculist Man feminisme is Bad and bad and nothing but bad. And even worst than that.

Saying things like 'moderate' feminism are good is like saying moderate racism are good. Feminism is a form of racism against men nothing else.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would take before this happened. True or false I was confident that at some point it would happen.

Feminist men (sorry Clarissa that's what he is and you are the odd one out) sort of believe that because they are one of the 'good guys' as far as women are concerned then they have licence to do what they like. So they over reach themselves and then find out that they where riding the tiger.

Now Clarissa the names and organisations that others have mentioned above are not in any way a lunatic fringe. They where amongst the founding women of the movement.

You appear to me as someone who has an idealistic idea of feminism. I suggest you look at Wendy McEnroe and others who call themselves Independant Feminists.

Masculist Man said...

Funny thing about McEnroe is that she believes that men's anger at feminism is unjustified and that men have no right to be angry at women. Feminism is feminism is feminism. Feminism is poison.

Anonymous said...

Plain & simple dr. Phil is a man-traitor & I use the term dr. loosely according to him when a mans been faithful & a woman cheats on him it's still his fault just like in the way feminisim is practiced, I have no problem with women wanting to be treated as equals but I do have a problem with them wanting special treatment at the same time. Now you so called feminist that are here trying to validate the second largest load of hypocritical bs there is try using common sense & logic instead of listening to people who were either to ugly or pathetic to get a date in high school