Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pelosi looks out for women;men are on their own

Sun Spots on Nancy's Brain?

By Carey Roberts
December 19, 2009

For sheer entertainment value, nothing beats a United Nations global warming
conference, especially if you were one of millions of Americans holed up in
sub-freezing temperatures this past week.

We knew it would turn out this way two weeks ago when local prostitutes,
disgruntled with a proposal to keep them under wraps during the high-profile
eco-fest, threatened to offer their wares for free to convention-goers. (One
only wonders if liberated female attendees would also avail themselves of the

The carbon-neutral week kicked off according to plan as Global
Warmingist-in-Chief Al Gore, citing the research of Dr. Wieslav Maslowski,
warned summit attendees the Arctic could become completely ice-free in five

But hours later Gore's claim was refuted by the good scientist himself, who
noted, "It's unclear to me how this figure was arrived at. I would never try to
estimate likelihood at anything as exact as this."

On Tuesday it was revealed that Rajendra Pachauri, head of the UN
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is tied to a multi-national
industrial conglomerate that stands to take in hundreds of millions of dollars
by cashing in on unused carbon-offset credits:\

And later that day outnumbered Danish police began clubbing rock-throwing summit
protesters like baby seals stranded on a wayward Arctic ice floe.

The following morning, Connie Hedegaard, Danish minister of climate and energy
and president of the UN conference, announced her resignation following
revelations of a secret "Danish text" being negotiated by industrialized

On Thursday morning, world leaders trudged through ankle-deep snow and
sub-freezing temperatures into the gleaming Bella Center to give their blessing
to a multi-billion dollar global transfer deal. Thereupon they gave a standing
ovation to Hugo Chavez, socialist president of Venezuela, when he blamed
capitalist avarice for the global warming menace.

All this was mere prelude as the eco-zombies awaited the arrival of House
Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her two Air Force jets, accompanied by 20 other House

Leaving Washington the night before, Pelosi explained to reporters, "We see
Copenhagen as a meeting about job creation — how do we move forward to create
millions of clean energy jobs and new technologies to keep America number one?"

But turns out she was only interested in job creation for women.

Because shortly before her Thursday afternoon press conference, Pelosi banished
from the room the six Republican congressmen who had joined her on the trip.
Then she stepped to the podium to offer this ode to global warming hysteria:

"Women have the most to gain and the most to lose in the climate crisis," Pelosi
declared. "The impacts are not gender-neutral; as the primary users, managers,
and stewards of natural resources, women feel the consequences first."

The first female Speaker of the House continued with her eco-feminist musings:

"Changing agricultural conditions will hit women hardest. In most developing
countries, women produce the vast majority of the household food supply. It is
the world's grandmothers, mothers, and sisters in most countries who fetch
water, gather wood and prepare meals. As resources become more scarce, so do
opportunities for these women to attend school, tend crops, and lift themselves
out of poverty."


What consensus-driven UN report appointed women as "the primary users, managers,
and stewards" of natural resources? What data-enhanced document concluded "women
produce the vast majority of the household food supply"? And when the ice caps
melt and the Napa Valley vineyards whooshed away in a climatological apocalypse,
will men somehow manage to escape unscathed?

I'm hoping Congresswoman Pelosi will answer these questions. Here's her email: or Fax: 202-225-4188. And telephone:

Madame Speaker, I await your response.

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That's not a bad idea. How about we all contact Polosi and protest this sexism reminding her that while she is an elected official she is to represent ALL the people not just women. Also notice how she kicked the male lawmakers who were Republicans out while she spewed her misandric hate,the mark of a coward.


Anonymous said...

I posted this at The False Rape Society. MRAs need to get together soon.

Bob said...

ALL cunts elected to public office are feminasties who ONLY represent cunts. When a female is elected the MEN of her district lose our representation entirely.

No MAN ever votes for a cunt, not ever, no matter what political party she belongs to. To vote for a cunt is to vote against all MEN.

Proof: any non-feminasty female is not be running for public office trying to hold power over men. A non-feminasty female is home taking care of her husband and family.

Masculist Man said...


That is why I'm not a big Sarah Palin fan. Everyone is so gaga over this bitch and buying her book looking for answers. I'll tell you the answer but not in a book but a paragraph you don't have to read all day. I was listening to Rush when he turned it over to McCain campaign headquaters for McCain's nomination for vice president and Palin spoke. As soon as her speech thanking feminists of old was completed I broke the story on my blog warning everyone,especially MRA's,about the real Sarah Palin. If we put pressure on these bitches then they'll learn or they'll be voted out with us helping their opponents if that is way it is to be.