Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photographer discriminates against male DV victims

Anti-male domestic violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated

SAVE Elert: Bruised Barbie Photo Proceeds Shouldn't Discriminate

This is a photograph taken recently of television star Heather Morris (Brittany from "Glee") engaged in mock domestic violence with a male model.

In a series of fashion photos, Tyler Shields shows a black-eyed Morris dressed as Barbie, staring seductively into the camera, and later merrily pressing a hot iron to her partner's crotch. The photos depict a getting-what-he-deserves storyline that reinforces serious misconceptions about domestic violence. Men are stereotyped as abusers, and Barbie supposedly strikes a blow for victims everywhere.

The truth is that men are just as likely to be the victims of domestic violence as women (although they are much less likely to report the crime) and most of the time, domestic disputes result in mutual violence. Predictably, reactions to the photos have focused only on the abuse to Barbie: her assault of Ken has been ignored, even though it is the more serious crime.

Rita Smith, director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), was asked about the photos, but it was as if she had seen a different set of photos. "I don't know if Tyler is aware but I'm quite sure there are plenty of women who have been abused by these kinds of household appliances and children as well being hit with electrical cords," she told E! News, disregarding male victims everywhere.

Even worse, nothing has been said about the photographer's donation to an advocacy group that disregards male victims of domestic violence. Shields told the Daily Mail that he would donate the proceeds to Glamour magazine's Tell Somebody campaign, which focuses exclusively on violence perpetrated against women.

We want you to ask Shields, politely, to select a different beneficiary-one that serves all victims, whether they are female or male, gay or straight-so that proceeds from the sale of a photo making light of domestic violence victims will not go to a project that stereotypes men as the only abusers.

Write to Tyler Shields:



Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

Let's tell Tyler Shields that male victims of domestic violence do exist and they are just as deserving of our compassion just like any other victim of violence would be. Let's tell him now and the more of us he hears from the better.


Anonymous said...

I doubt politeness will work on someone who is clearly possessed by a sadomasochistic kink, and physically NEEDS to make it publicly acceptable, regardless of the added problems it brings to an already sick society.

Anonymous said...

Watch this video. Abuse/torture of men is considered politically correct and something funny to many women.

Our society is beyond sick.

Note Sharon Ossbourne's words and reactions.

Masculist Man said...

From the British site:

“I personally think that she felt guilty about having sex with me because she had a boyfriend."

All she has to do is cry "rape" which she hopes resolves her of any responsibility for what happened. She threw a man under the bus. Look at Casey Anthony,she threw two under the bus and they were related to her. This seems to be SOP with women these days.

“She will now have to live with what she did."

Think she gives a fuck. If she gave a fuck about anyone other than herself she would have never done this in the first place.