Sunday, October 20, 2013

Anti-male article from Time magazine

One of the most pernicious biases in the media is the bias against men. Time today published a piece by Jeffrey Kluger titled: “Women Make Better Doctors Than Men.”

In a new report released by the University of Montreal, investigators found that women outperformed men on certain metrics of patient care.

Kluger suggests, ironically, that the difference may be due to some of the oldest stereotypes of the sexes.

It’s possible the female doctors were simply more willing to devote more time to their patients.

No fear, though, because no anti-male, sexist article can be complete with out a bit of ageism thrown in for good measure.

…there’s hope for improvement. The younger the doctors in their study were, the narrower the divide between the sexes, suggesting that hurry-up male doctors are aging out of the system, being replaced by a newer, gentler generation.

One need not wonder whether a similar story might have appeared in Time had the results been inverted. A quick search of the Time online archives reveals the following titles:

"Women at the Auto Repair Shop: Better at Haggling, Yet More Likely to Get Ripped Off" – a piece that celebrates women for being good at shopping, and then blames men for their failure to protect themselves from being ripped off.

"Do Women Make Better Traders than Men?"

"What Stereotype? Women Are Better Than Men at Parking, Study Finds"

"Why Women Are Better at Everything"

"Study: Women Better at Using Social Media to Keep in Touch"

"Survey: Women More Satisfied With the College Experience"

All of these titles return on the first page of results. The search criteria: men better than women!

Not surprisingly, there were no exact returns for that criteria.

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More bullshit at Crime uh er Time Magazine. Watch them become irrelevant. The same irrelevancy that the New York Times was looking at. In fact it got so bad at the NYT that they had to actually print genuine news stories without the usual liberal bias. They were looking at their finances going into the red. The same will happen with Time Magazine: it's either sink or swim.

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John said...

TIME seems to post many female chauvinist articles.
Here is an older article that claimed claimed only men are to blame for the American financial crisis.
TIME magazine seems to be a feminist propaganda outlet.