Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kennesaw State University opens men's center

MHRM Now an Institutional Presence at Kennesaw State University

January 18, 2014 By VFM News and Commentary

Collegiate Activism Director Sage Gerard has successfully institutionalized the MHRM in the southeast United States.

At Kennesaw State University (KSU), student organizations (SOs) are organized into two tiers:

•Registered Student Organization (RSO) - A RSO is a SO that can freely set up table events and represent the KSU community. RSOs do not have much pull, but RSO status can only be achieved by demonstrating demand in the student body. Sage was able to generate this demand with your help.
•Certified Student Organization (CSO) - A CSO is a sought-after status that grants a SO the right to reserve space on campus and request funding from the Student Activities and Budget Advisory Committee (SABAC) for events of any scale, including entire conferences.

Sage founded KSU Men (KSUM) back in November, but KSU could only grant KSUM RSO status due to KSUM’s uncertain future. For that reason, KSUM could represent men’s rights, but had limited capacity to act.

After much effort, Sage secured CSO status for KSUM, making KSUM an integral part of the KSU community.

KSUM will now begin deliberations with KSU and AVFM regarding space reservations for a conference and speaker’s circuit for late 2014 or early 2015, depending on space availability and other factors.


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