Saturday, April 5, 2014

Good news

From SAVE Services:

In a MAJOR VICTORY for us, the Dept. Of Education has backed off their Affirmative Consent proposal.

The proposal (partners would be expected to give their explicit consent to sex every step along the way) is silly, yet potentially dangerous. We asked you to oppose it, and you did. Thank you.

Together, we made a difference. On April 2, the DED released its new proposal, and guess what is missing! That's right: Affirmative Consent.


But we're not done yet.

Even though the committee didn't recommend including the "Dear Colleague" letter's preponderance of evidence standard as part of the rule, it's still a concern. Please ask DED Secretary Arne Duncan to replace the "preponderance of evidence" standard (51%) with "clear and convincing" (70-80%) level of proof.

Email Arne Duncan:



PS. If you live in California, contact your lawmakers to oppose SB 967. It's an Affirmative Consent bill!

Teri Stoddard, Program Director
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments

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This is indeed good news. Time to start writing Arne Duncan and tell him to go with "beyond a reasonable doubt" which is what the criminal courts use. Or better yet just turn the cases over to the criminal courts. After all they are the ones best suited to handle these cases. Not a bunch of faculty members and students who look at a rape kit and say:"I have no idea what I'm looking at". Not only that but judges in criminal courts are more impartial than those on some college or university board that may be influenced by the opposition. Affirmative Consent would have brought this monstrosity to life and that may still happen in California if SB 967 becomes law. If SB 967 becomes law it could spread to your state so opposing it now would be the best thing or face it later.

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