Thursday, June 19, 2014

SB 967 update

SB 967 has been amended again. I will give you the good,the bad and the ugly about these amendments:

The good: this amendment lost a sponsor and the word "women" was crossed out. The accuser can no longer be exempt from the anti-drinking rules on campuses.

The bad: it is more misandric allowing for more privileges given to women at the expense of men including third party reporting.

The ugly:a third party can turn you in on a sexaul assault,domestic violence and/or stalking complaint on and off campus. That's right. If this passes your college is no longer an institute for higher learning but a feminist inquisition out to crucify men for their alleged action(s)-regardless of where they took place. Just think: someone who doesn't like you can now swear out a complaint about you or they can do it just to be sadistic.

The rest of the amendment was just a semantic shell game and a waste of California tax dollars. I wonder how they feel about that.

This bitch is going to the Assembly Committee on Higher Education so let's let the Assembly members know where we stand.

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Laura said... -I just put up this petition. I'm hoping your readers will sign it!