Sunday, August 31, 2014

Time to say goodbye to a voice for men

ShlomoShunn • 4 days ago
Howzabout WOMEN learning to be more respectful of men...and not be so slutty, manipulative, passive, blame-mongering, childish, irresponsible, etc....hmmmm?

Frodo Mod ShlomoShunn • 4 days ago
Comment is bordering on misogyny sir.
Do not do it again.
I suggest you read the new TOS


One would think this was posted on the NOW website or any other feminist website. It is not. The source is the A Voice For Men website. What has happened to this site? For one thing they let women and fags become moderators thus putting them in control of what real men can post. It has been demonstrated over and over again that women in the men's movement is a bad idea,even worse to put wannabe women in charge. If you are an MRA (by that I mean male MRA dedicated activist) then desert A Voice For Men and and instead work with us at the Men's Right's Blog. Here there are no female nor gay moderators and they're never going to female or gay moderators here. This is a dedicated men's rights site. No fags nor female cowshit here. Join us.


Anonymous said...

Way to make the MRM look bad and feed the feminists that scream "muhsogamist" at everything. Take this shit down.

Masculist Man said...

I'm not taking anything down. Neither you nor the feminists are going to make editorial decisions for this board. If neither of you like it that is not my problem.

Wasted McSpacian said...

Being anti gay will hurt the MRA. It's interesting that you'd promote one of my videos of feminists trying to fuck me out of a job (which they failed horribly at BTW) and then tell the world that people like me aren't welcome to help with this blog?

Alright, that's fine, but you won't find a person that hates feminists more than me. I'm like fucking kryptonite to them cunts.

Maybe you should consider the fact that not all gay men are bitch sympathizers.

That's fine though, you can say whatever you want, I'm even already with being called a fag or a faggot. At least you're not some cunt going around raping gay men and getting away with it.

Just do me a favor and smack a bitch for me.