Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dave Futile is at it again

I don't always pay attention to Dave Futile because I have better things to do. Besides debating a feminist is like debating a monkey: nobody is impressed when you prevail because they are both morons and everyone knows it. But I could not let this go, especially when it concerns a documentary on the men's rights movement and it's not a hit piece but actual journalism. You can read Dave's hit piece here. Here a couple of things that I want to bring up:

But I knew you had a good reputation as a filmmaker, and heard good things from several feminists who knew you better than I did. So I held my tongue and tried my best to give you the benefit of the doubt, even when you posted clips from your film that portrayed AVFMers as heroic underdogs rather than the misogynists and malicious harassers that they really are.

Translation: You have betrayed the sisterhood and you will be dealt with in no uncertain terms.

Futile is bitching about the filmmaker taking money from us and bitching about taking money from a bias source when he himself is a bias source and a lying asshole.

On to the next one:

One thing I have learned in five years of watching, and writing about, and dealing with, the Men’s Rights movement, is that if Paul Elam is happy about something, that thing is almost certainly terrible.

I'm not a big Paul Elam fan but I'll take him over you any day. When Futile is upset I'm a very happy man and so are a lot of other MRA's so let keep pissing off Dave Futile.

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