Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fuck you,Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee

When I went looking for a photo of Elaine Donnelly I found two. Not knowing which one to go with I went with both. Just by looking at the two photos you can tell it is the same person.

Elaine Donnelly

Elaine Donnelly

Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, introduced a bill that would prohibit women from being registered for a possible draft requiring military service.

Current law exempts women from registering with the Selective Service, but the issue was thrust back into national discourse following the Obama administration’s decision late last year to open all combat positions in the military to women.

Lee’s bill would reiterate that only men aged 18 to 25 are required to enroll,extending the ban on female registration separate from the administration’s combat policy.

“We simply can’t trust this president or the courts to honor the law and protect our daughters,” Lee said in a statement to The Daily Signal. “We need new legislation making clear that if the United States is going to change this policy, Congress must be the one to do it.”

The U.S. government has not deployed the draft since 1973 after ending the nation’s involvement in the Vietnam War and converting the military to the all-volunteer service it is today.

In 1981, the Supreme Court upheld today’s law barring women from registering for the draft in its Rostker v. Goldberg decision, ruling that the statute was constitutional because women at the time were restricted from combat service.

But the rationale for the high court’s decision shifted in December, when Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced that, for the first time in U.S. history, all military positions would open to qualified women on New Year’s Day.

A Rasmussen Reports poll released Wednesday found that a majority of women—52 percent—oppose being required to register for the draft. Thirty-eight percent support enrollment, while 10 percent are undecided.

What? The queens don't want to give up their civilian lives of leisure to fight in some crummy war? I am shocked. American women don't believe in getting their manicured hands dirty that is why they want men to fight their battles for them. Go to war? That is icky male stuff.

Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, said, “Requiring women to register for Selective Service is unequal and unfair to women and certainly harmful to the military,” Donnelly told CNS News.

Selective Service is unfair to a lot of men,especially if they have legitimate objections but of course they are men they do not count. The only ones that do count are Donnelly and all the other freeloading, parasitical leeches that demand men die so that freeloading women like them can continue to party on the graves of men.

“Ordering women into the same combat environment on the same basis as men is not giving them an equal opportunity to survive,” Donnelly added. “The most recent research backs up that fact.”

News flash: a lot of men don't survive wars either but you and your bitch group have no problem sending men off to die so you can feel like some big wonder bitch but if someone asks you to earn your keep and it's "I'm a girl I'm too delicate for that". If you're too delicate for combat duty then you are too delicate for that high paying CEO position in that prestigious company as well. Choke on that,princess. Noticed men were excluded from this poll. I wonder why? *rolls eyes*

Lee’s legislation would assert that the Constitution gives Congress the exclusive power to legally define who is required to register with the Selective Service, National Review reported.

If Mike Lee is going to come up with bills like this how about he worked on his resignation. Constitution? Look up the 14th Amendment that prohibits discrimination.

Hey guys,Rasmussen didn't care about your input but I do so feel free to weigh in. To let Senator Mike Lee know that he royally fucked up on this one. If you are a resident and/or legally able to vote in Utah let him know this is a bonehead move. Even if you don't live in Utah tell him this is a bonehead move anyway. Otherwise this bill may be co-sponsored by one or both of your Senators and you don't want that. Nobody does.


naveen said...

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Masculist Man said...

Lee is pandering to women by back stabbing men.