Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Monkey see monkey do

The CEO of Fox News,Roger Ailes,is accused of sexual harassment. Initially he was accused by Fox news anchor Gretchen Carlson. The timing of the accusations is suspicious. Fox decided not to renew Carlson's contract. I guess this really ticked off Gretchen Carlson because that is when she filed the sexual harassment lawsuit. After that other women have joined in. Fox,along with other media outlets,has been covering the Cosby case because this is starting to mirror the Cosby situation and I'm sure that is by design. Are Cosby and/or Ailes guilty? Who knows,that is why we have a judicial system. To sort these things out. Now I realize there are those out there that believe if you have a penis and you are accused of a sex crime you are guilty. They run amok on college and university campuses. VAWA Joe has seen to that. Court rooms are not that bad. They aren't great but they are better than the shit you get on college and university campuses. Fox has been on cable for the last 20 years with Ailes at the helm. Yet now allegations are being made. If Ailes is this big sexual harasser why did these women wait so long to come forward. Megyn Kelly is the latest Fox personality to join in with Gretchen Carlson in accusing Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. That was the straw that broke the camel's back because that caused Ailes to resign his position at Fox News. Are the same people that are organizing,manipulating and exploiting the Cosby situation be doing this to Roger Ailes. Both Ailes and Cosby are well known conservative men. We live in very misandric times and thanks to gynocentricity the populace is blind to the evil ways of women. The fact that we have Don Quixote white knights proves it. What is the outcome? Who knows. Stay tuned.


David C. Morrow said...

I suspect something along the lines of what happened to Cosby. Cosby didn't act out the black boy stereotype the Left wants -- troubled, addicted, in legal straits in order to compensate and reassure the elite about his being talented -- so they looked up sluts who offered themselves to him hoping for a boost in their showbiz ambitions. (Oddly, though Cosby offered some of the same advice to young black guys as Farrakhan, nobody bothered the Reverend.)
I don't know what anti-left crime Ailes committed but it must be as threatening.
Will they try it again on another famous or influential man?

Masculist Man said...

They did say that Trump had sexual relations with a 13 year old. So that tells me they are going after him too.