Saturday, October 8, 2016

Scott Baio is the man

I was watching Judge Jeanine on Fox News. She had on Scott Baio who commented on Trump's comments in 2005. If you're wondering if there are any men left in America rest assured Baio is one of us. Baio spoke like a man-unashamed and unapologetic. He even said women do the same thing to men. If you're ever heard women talk you know they make Trump look like a choirboy in comparison. So for women to scream about their faux outrage is a sure sign of hypocrisy. The white knights on Fox following Judge Jeanine were pathetic. Speaker Paul Ryan (whom Baio rightfully called "a punk") joined forces with Senator Kelly Ayotte,who brags about being a woman first which probably means that she is apathetic to the men in her state,along with other losers who are trying to discredit and distance themselves from Trump. Hopefully this move will cost them their jobs come November. Trump has dug in and we fully support him. His campaign manager has to decide if she is going to think with her cunt or is she going to support the man she was hired to become President. Trump's running mate has had reservations on supporting his boss. It wasn't so long ago that feminists were targeting Pence too so maybe Pence should get off the high horse.

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