Saturday, November 12, 2016

My response to an article at the Huffington Post

This is my response to I Am Gay. I Will Not Be Tortured Again. The author brings up that he was persecuted by an anti-gay society. I am seeing a society that treats homosexual males better than heterosexual men. Gay males do not face false accusations of rape unlike their heterosexual brethren whom are basically condemned without a trial. The author of this article did not mention violence against gay males. There have been violent attacks against heterosexual men falsely accused of rape as well as threats of violence. If you don't believe me ask the Duke lacrosse boys. Also homosexuals of both genders are a protected group unlike the white heterosexual man who has been attacked from the Obama Whitehouse to a Democrat leftist Congress to a widely misandric society that view him as fair game. This society is held hostage by political correctness which is very political but not very correct. According to the Politically Correct (PC) beliefs gays of both genders,blacks,women and other groups other than heterosexual white males are beautiful creatures while heterosexual white males are the devils from hell. Gay males certainly didn't speak up for those heterosexual men being persecuted by rabid feminists,usually with no evidence to their guilt. The people at the Huffington Post are upset Trump won. That is understandable because we at the Men's Rights Blog would be upset if Hillary had won. Let's go with that,under a Hillary Clinton regime heterosexual men would be at the bottom of the totem pole and very marginalized. Somehow if Hillary had won and that scenario were to become a reality I would not expect gay males to lift a finger to stop it. They haven't before so don't look for them to do it now. You would have gloated over our loss so suck it.

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