Sunday, March 26, 2017

No man is safe

I was listening to the 3-21-17 Tom Leykis Show in which Leykis had on Los Angeles attorney Adam Sacks. Sacks is usually on Tuesdays where he gives legal advice to the men who call in. Sacks defends men from the gynocracy that seeks to destroy them. This time was different. This time Sacks himself was a victim of the gynocracy. What happened was that Sacks was in the hallway of a court building in Los Angeles where he was conferring with a client. Out of no where some woman walks up to them and gives them a hassle. Sacks said this only happened for a few seconds and that he doesn't remember what she looked like. After she stormed off Sacks and his client went back to the courtroom. While in the courtroom Sacks said that there were a lot of Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies in the courtroom. They asked to talk to Sacks in the hallway. To the best of my knowledge he went with them. They accused him of battering and hitting the woman who argued with him and that they have the evidence on video. Sacks denies this. Stating he did nothing wrong. I guess his client went out and saw what happened because he backed up what Sacks had said. The thing was since Sacks stated he was innocent this didn't sit right with the cops because they called for reinforcements to intimidate Sacks. Sacks asked if he was free to go. The lead cop played some bullshit drama game but let Sacks go. Like I said his client backs what he is saying. The thing is that gynocentricity is running rampant. Cops are acting like her big brother instead of neutral 3rd parties. The thing is this happened to an officer of the court in a courthouse with judges and defense attorneys walking around. They are not afraid of them. Not anymore. The LASD,the Frankenstein monster,is ready to turn on its creator.

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